The Reflection

     In  the old,  deserted town there lived an old aged woman and her cat. Her clothes were too filthy to imagine, like a piece of cloth wrapped around her body. She wore nothing on her feet and her hair had gotten as long as it wanted. She didn’t know to dress up or to be fashionable, though she had been thinking that she dresses normally. She had thousand of wrinkles on her worn out face and she was completely out of vitality. She was the only human who lived there, and as for the cat he was friends with other alley cats which were left by non-sense owners. The old lady lived in an old, ragged shack which was left by the former resident, and it had no light, no water, no gas and of course no electricity. It was an unbelievable condition for humans to live. Although she was very satisfy Continue reading

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Maddie’s Great Adventure

 On one cold and cloudy day, there was a girl walking home from school. Her name was Maddie. She is a bit different from most 7 year olds you see. The thing that makes her a bit unusual than other girls is that she is strongly interested in frogs. She is so interested that she always reads a book about frogs on her way back from school.

 Maddie’s house is so far that, to reach her house from school, you have to use the shortcut through the woods or it will probably take more than an hour to get to her there. So, on her way back to her house from school, she always has to go through the dark and spooky woods.

 Suddenly the sky got very dark as if it were about to rain. However, she didn’t realize it because she was so into her book. When she was walking, suddenly, “Baaaaaaaam!” a big sound echoed through the woods and before she knew it she was hit by lightning and Maddie lost consciousness.

 After about an hour had passed, Continue reading

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My Dream

“Maddy wake up or you’ll be late for school!” I heard my mom screaming down stairs. I opened my eyes and got out of my bed. I walked to the mirror and washed my face. Again, I saw the strange dream. I’ve see this dream since I came to this town.

 My name is Maddy and I moved to this town called Cardiff about 2 years ago. I started to go to the high school near my house. In my dream there is always Continue reading

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Just Like “Something” has Changed


The wind was blowing ferociously. The rain was falling like a waterfall. The noises which were coming into from the windows showed how strong the typhoon was. Today school was canceled because of this horrible weather. I had to kill time because there was nothing that I needed to do. All of the time was left free for me, so I decided to spend a calm and easy day. Sitting still for hours might look boring, but I did like it. I could do anything I wanted to do. I could stare at the rain drinking tea or just daydream, or I could read books. Listening to music made me feel good, too.

From the earphones my favorite song started. I started to hum along the song. The song was about dreams and wishes. It was about making your dreams true. The best part of the song Continue reading

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              He was frightened of himself. He was scared of what was happening in his mind. He was anxious to know what the message was.

              He kept seeing the same dream regularly, but an unfinished dream of a hole in the woods next to his home and of a cookie jar buried in it. Every single night, he would see himself walking towards the woods, blank-minded and terrified, but destined Continue reading

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Tales of Music


The moon was the color of blood.
The sky was always dark and gloomy.
There is no sun here.
I heard that a million years ago there was a real sun.
Now, suns are for rich people who can afford to pay expensive tax to live near them.
The others like me lives far away from the sun,
In the deadliest land in the universe.

The Vineyard.

No. 1

I let out a deep sigh. I was starved to death, but I couldn’t get anything to eat. In Vineyard, the disparity between the rich and the poor was severe, and most poor people had to fight over food with their fists to live. The strong ones lived and the weak ones died. That was the way it was in Vineyard.
I was wandering the roads searching for something Continue reading

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Lindsey’s Choice

The loud sounds of the sirens of an ambulance filled the peaceful afternoon of Evergreen City. Well, it “was” supposed to be peaceful, but unfortunately it turned out to be a tragic day no one would ever forget. Continue reading

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Mail Delivery Fairy

Riley kept looking at the clear blue sky that spread forever in the space above her. She was just now thinking about how she could become more successful in the new job she started three months ago. Riley held up her right arm and tried to reach for the sky but she knew she couldn’t reach it because she didn’t have wings like her other friends who also work as a mail delivery fairy. She lives in a world where only fairies live, and it is very peaceful there. The houses that are shaped like mushrooms Continue reading

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             2041- I’m now 25 years old and working as a pilot.  I dreamed of being a pilot someday, and right now I happen to be  one of the pilots in ANA.  But it has been a long way till this job.  There were people who were trying to keep me from being a pilot and made my life 100 times more complex, and people who supported me so much that made my life a bit better.  I know.  Many people have gone through a rough ways as they get old.  But now I am pretty sure that I have had the most rough, dramatic, and fantasy life ever in this life.  But this story is secret.  If you can keep this secret, you may go and read along Continue reading

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The Move

I was handed a pink meishi that was embroidered with pretty flowers. The printed letters were small and hard to read, but they were enough to make out an address. If you just look at the meishi itself, you would think that the person handing it to you was  a cute girl. But it isn’t. Instead, it’s my friend Mizoguchi. Continue reading

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