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I was in the huddle waiting for the last play.  There was only ten seconds left. My team used up all the timeouts. When everybody was waiting for the last play to get called in, our legs where shaking and was … Continue reading

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What should their wives to do during the World Cup

The World Cup has started. Many people have been waiting for this moment for a long time. People who like soccer will watch the match everyday. And most of them are men. So what should their wives do for there … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Champions: Creative Non-fiction from My Morning Pages

         Immediately this morning an explosion of “I get to stir the pancake batter! I get to pour the milk! He got to mix the egg! It’s not fair!!” And Kenji — at two — for his part saying, “Kenji’s … Continue reading

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Long time ago, there were 7 islands separated from other lands and mixed up and made a new land that now one knows. The land was covered with white unclear mist and it was not found for thousands of years. … Continue reading

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A Bushwalk

Twenty five kilometers west of the city is a suburb that once housed the military barracks. From the middle of the 1980’s, the barracks were knocked down and affordable housing was built for military personal and their families.

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          Since I was 4 years old, I wanted to become one of the top skaters in the world. I saw my mom praising my older sister, Melanie every time she succeeded in her jumps and spins. I had to be … Continue reading

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Cowardly, Annoying and Loveable.

     He had promised. And yet there he was, his tight grip on his precious blanket, looking like he could burst into tears at any moment.      “Jamie, we’re not supposed to be here!” my little brother said cowardly, holding … Continue reading

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