Bear 36 Right!

 1940, one high school’s American football club became famous in America because they won the America High School Bowl. The team’s name was called “Marshall”. All the other teams were scared of its team captain, Roy Bowser, which played QB. Until one day…

 “Huddle up! Bear 36 Right! Break!” Roy shouted. It’s Summer of 1941, he was practicing football at the school ground, as usual. Offense team and Defense team got on their sets, and Roy shouted. “Hut!” The play started. The Center, Bob Campbell snapped the ball to Roy, and he tossed the ball to Andrew Beck, which plays RB. The Offensive line mans including Bob were powerless, and so Defensive line mans rushed to Andrew. He was too late to run outside when he saw those Deffensive line mans.

 “Damn it!” Andrew shouted after the day’s practice. “How weak are our line mans? Did you see them? They can’t even block the Deffensive line mans for 2 seconds!” Roy and Bob were listening to that, but he didn’t say anything back. Roy was thinking about what happened last year.

 1940, Marshall was the champion team in America, and Roy was there, too. But the plane that they were boarding to go back to their state, the plane crashed because of the stormy weather. Luckily, where the plane crashed was in the sea. The survivors were only half of them including Roy, Bob and Andrew. From that accident, many teammates quitted the Marshall. But Roy didn’t even thinking about quitting.

 “What’s up, bro?” Bob asked to Roy in the school’s shower room. Bob was the only black player in Marshall, and he was a big, tough but kind Center. “I was thinking about the Bear 36.” “Bear 36? Man, we should delete that play. I mean, we can’t complete it without the players that were on the plane.” There was a short silence in the shower room, and then Roy went home.

 “Well, we have to complete it. It’s the play that we used to win the Bowl last year, don’t you remember?” Roy said to the team on the ground.  “Ofcourse I remember. What I’m saying is, WE can’t do it. Marshall is not powerfull enough to use that play yet.” answered Bob. “Then we  will get powerfull enough to use it.”

 Roy had a pure leadership in his heart and believed Marshall could be the champion of America again. Andrew was a good RB, but he didn’t trust his team enough. They practiced through the Summer, but the Bear 36 wasn’t completed as Roy had expected. It was time the Bowl.

 Roy huddled up the team and talked to them. “Today is the first game of the Bowl. We will be using Bear 36 and…” “What? Bear 36? You must be joking. You want me to get killed?” Andrew shouted in the huddle. “Well, we are going to use it. Now, let’s…” “If you use that play, I won’t receive your toss then.”

 The first game, Marshall won by 14-0. Roy didn’t use Bear 36 for the team. Bear 36 is the play that Roy tosses the ball to Andrew, and Bob dashes out to be the leadblocker for him. The problem was, Offensive line mans still didn’t have enough power to use that play.

 Marshall won the second game aswell, by 3-0. The next game-if they win, they will be the champion again.

 “Are you ready fot tomorrow’s game,bro?” Bob asked Roy in a low tone, in their locker room. “I don’t know… Maybe I’m ready, but the team isn’t.” Andrew got out of the shower  and said “Do you still think we can use Bear 36, huh? If we use that play, we’ll just lose. Don’t even think about using it.” “You saying we can’t block them idiot?” The Offensive line mans shouted at Andrew. “Ofcourse I mean that, you punks!” “You wanna die right here, idiot?” “Shut the hell up, all of you!” Roy shouted. Everybody was silent then, and went home.

 Next day. The last game started. It was a bad day. The weather was raining, almost going to make the field into sea. In the halftime, score was 0-3. Marshall was losing.

 “We’ve got 2 more quaters left, team. We can win.” Roy said to the team, but everyone were scared to lose. Their performance was foing down in the 3rd, 4th quater, the score didn’t change. The left time was 12 seconds. 80 yards to touchdown.

 “Huddle up!” Roy shoted. “Okay, we’ve got few seconds left, so we’ll take a deep pass and…” “Wait. If we could get that pass, we can’t have enough time to make another play.” It was Andrew. Patiently, he continued. “Let’s use Bear 36.” “Are you serious? This play will be the last play.” “I’m damn sure. Are there anymore good ideas, anyway?”

 Marshall Offensive team got set up, and Roy was making a calm face. He was feeling lucky.

 “Hut!” Bob snapped the ball to Roy, dashed to rightt outside to be leadblocker. Roy tossed tha ball to Andrew. The rain made it hard to see, but he saw the route that was made by Bob and other line mans.

 He was like thunder. Then he was running an open field-no defenders at all in his sight.

 Touchdown. They won.

 After that Bowl, some people heard that Roy, Bob, Andrew were scouted by the Pro Bowl-.

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4 Responses to Bear 36 Right!

  1. YY says:

    The story was well written. But, there were few grammar mistakes. Structure was easy to follow. Using converstation made the story more easier for the reaeders to read and it maid it more realistic.

  2. Takashi says:

    I play football so I was very interested in your story. I could see how Andrew feels, but trusting the team is important. If you don’t trust the team, you can’t win. I think Roy was a great QB. He thought about the team till the last second. He made a really good choice bringing the team into one at the last second. I wonder what kind of play Bear 36 is.

  3. dihskoji says:

    Hey, I really like your story! 🙂
    I like how the team got together at last after the conflict within it, and leading to victory.

  4. sssnaosuke says:

    Hi keiandyboy!
    Your story is very easy to read and it’s also nice!
    From middle of the story, i can feel you write this when you are in harry. So if you write the story more ditale, it become more nice.
    I like your story. Plese write about football again. I’m looking forward to reading it:)

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