I Had a Pet Chicken

     When I was in China, I had many pets such as dogs, birds and fish. One of them I had was a pet chicken. He was very cute. He was found by my aunt when she was eating food in the morning, and she heard something was crowing. She looked at a box which was filled with many eggs. Those eggs were there to be eaten. She opened the box to find where the crow came from. Finally, she found the small chicken. He just gave birth broking the eggshell in that morning. My aunt wants to take it to me, so she brought it. Because she knows I like animals. That was October and the weather is become cold. I got it from my aunt and I put it in a small box, and I put towel in the bottom. He was too small, so the box had many spaces for him to play. I put the box on the heating pipe and he liked to stay in the box. At the beginning of the days, he always crowed in the night. I think he was looking for his mom. He was lonely. But even when we knew that, we couldn’t sleep well, so I had to look for him until he slept. And I often play with when I came home. He walked after me and he often bit my finger. I gave him some food that he could eat. But he always shit on the towel and floor. I was lucky because I put it in the bathroom. So it was easy to clean. I had to wash the towel everyday. But I didn’t think it was tiring because I liked him. Day by day, he grew up and his plume change to white. He became strong so I had to find a bigger box to put him in. He walked when I was not in the house. I think he wanted to go out to play. He was very cute. I put a insect model in the box and my cousin opened it. She shouted loudly and wanted to cry. Because of that she didn’t talk to me for one week. I liked to play with him. When winter came, I had to go back to Japan to see my family so I wanted my grandmother to take care of him. I missed him when I was in Japan. “Who would take care of him as good as I do when I not there? I hope he stays healthy” I thought. I wanted him to be a hen not a cock because hen can lay eggs. But when I went back to China and saw him again, he had a cockscomb on his head. I knew he was a cock. But I loved him. On the next day after I saw him again, I had to go to Dalian’s school and after that I didn’t see him. And I heard from my grandmother that he was killed by her. I cried and I was sad for some days. That was my pet chicken. I liked him very much and sometimes I remember him.

     People who has pet, please take care of them carefully and don’t treat them just like a toy. They also have emotion and love. Even if you are very angry and he is playing around you, please don’t hurt them so easily. They will feel sad. If you loved them more, they would love you more, too.

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4 Responses to I Had a Pet Chicken

  1. wind says:

    Fantastic story.
    I could feel how you felt when separatng with your pet, because I had a pet that I loved very much too and when I had to come back to Japan, I missed him very much.

    I think the chicken had a wonderful life being with you.

    I like this story. I would like to read anoher story relating to the animals.

  2. asqruru says:

    It was interesting to know what it’s like to have a chicken!
    I can’t believe that a chicken was born from an egg that which was going to be eaten!
    He was lucky to be born before eaten by your aunt 😀
    I want to read more stories about other pets too X)!

  3. yukik69 says:

    good story! This story includes the important message for readers at the end!
    My grandmother used to have 10 chickes, and I really loved them, so I understand how sad you were when you heard that he had died.
    I enjoyed reading this story! I really liked it!!

  4. dreaminventor says:

    Wow! This story really is touching!
    Raising animals are really tough and take lots of effort because they don’t speak to us, but you’re right! It’s our responsibility to take care of them because they, too are living things like us!!!
    Great job! I can’t wait for the next one ;D

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