She was a child that I have never seen before. When I first met her, my mom and I were at a Japanese grocery store in America. I was going through the snack section to pick which one to bring back home. Then suddenly, I heard a voice talking to me. She said, “I love that snack, too!”

              That was the first time we met. At first, though she was looking straight into my eyes, I thought she wasn’t talking to me, so I didn’t say anything back to her. Then, she might have gotten mad at me or something- I don’t know for sure- but she started stepping me on my foot. And at the same time, she yelled at me saying, “how come you’re not replying to me?! Do you hate me??”

              I didn’t understand what she wanted me to answer because how could I hate her when we just met? I don’t actually remember after that for some reason. Maybe I got sad that it disappeared from my memories, so I can’t tell you anything, but well, that was how we became friends. I know it’s kind of weird, but as I think now, I think how we met were on purpose and if I were not to meet her in that place, we probably would have met in a different place, because I think, my life would have not been started without her.

              When I was six years old, I started going to Japanese school on Saturdays. On my first day of school, with excitement of meeting new friends and awkward of being alone in a place without someone to know of, I went in to the room. But the next thing I noticed, I was captured. The person who was hugging me was that girl that we met at the store. She said, “We met again!”

              I don’t know why she was so delighted, but I was kind of happy too to know that I had someone that I actually know of. From then, well, we became friends. We went to each other’s houses a lot and became to know more about each other. She loves clams, she is allergic to dogs and cats, she has a little brother and two little sisters, her birthday is in January and the thing that I kind of laughed at, when I heard was that she hates Elmo. Well, I laughed at her the most when she fell down the stairs right from top to bottom! That was hilarious. She gets mad at me when I tell people that, but I tell people anyways because I like her face when she gets all red with embarrassment.

              Though we were so little still, she noticed when I was upset and came over and comforted me. Well, I guess that’s how she is. She can understand when people’s hearts are hurting without even talking. She was always with me, when I needed her. She cried with me, laughed with me and got mad at with me. She was always the only one to notice and understand my feelings. She never missed my SOS sign and I hope I did the same for her. When we couldn’t meet for long, she e-mailed me about things that would probably sound normal to a person who needed more when they can’t meet, but it was enough for us. And with that e-mail, she made me comfortable. It’s like she can find me wherever I am. And I think I can do the same too. From my eyes that are glued on to her, I could find her inside a crowd without any hesitation because she shines so brightly more than any other person would.

              By the time we were in middle school, we were best friends that no one could possibly get into. The only time we were together was the time at Saturday school, but that was enough for me. The last day of the weekend was always what I was waiting for. Thinking that I could meet her on Saturday gave me power to live through the week. 

              When I first told her that I was going to move to Japan for my dad’s work, she was the first one to cry for me. The days till the flight went by so fast. On the morning of getting on the plane, she gave me a bag of cookies. Well, to tell the truth, it was kind of salty, but to me, it was delicious because I know it was made just for me. If I had a cell phone then, I would have taken pictures of those cookies and kept it in my picture box forever. Though we are in a different county now, I know we are connected to each other forever. Listening to you talking about friends over there and having fun, hurts my feelings sometimes, but I feel better when I remember the time we first met. I think God sent her to me. And by the way, I think when I first saw her, I was imprinted and that is why I don’t want to proceed without her. I think I have never told her this, but I will love her forever and always.


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my birthday is in March and I'm bilingual. i love to eat, sleep, and do sports:)
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3 Responses to Imprinted

  1. saaya says:

    The way you and your friend met was very funny!!
    You should prevent using “and” for the beginning of the sentence.
    Also some grammer mistakes caught my eye.

    I felt the same way as you when I came back to Japan.
    It’s kind of sad but it cheers me up when I contact with them.

  2. rUe says:

    I had gone thorough experience alike to that abroad.

    I can still remember what she said how she reacted to my words.

    Thanks to innovation of technology, even though she is living in foreign country, I can still chat with her through internet.

  3. Maya says:

    Hi 🙂 I can understand your feelings a lot because I
    had similar experience like you when I was abroad.
    I was impressed by how you tries to remember your
    experiences and memories in daily life. I wish
    I could keep all of my memories with pictures too!

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