Money Tagging

     I was chased. I didn’t know which way to go but to just keep running. If I were to stop, they would catch me, and take all I have with no mercy. That was a punishment for losing this game.

     It started like this. My friend and I went to karaoke to forget about the mid-term exam .We stopped by at the nearby grocery store and bought drinks and snacks. It was against the rule at karaoke to bring in any food or drinks, but we were positive that we wouldn’t get caught. That was a mistake, and the cause for us to be included in that game. We checked in looking and acting like we had nothing to hide and cheered and chatted about what a great time we were going to have. As we were guided to the room, we carefully watched as the clerk went back to her place, and closed the door. We opened up the foods we brought in…and in that moment with a flash of light, we had black out. We panicked and tried to go outside to see what was going on, but we couldn’t. The door was locked. That was when we heard an announcement.

     “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to karaoke! I apologize for the black out, and we are doing the best to fix it. Meanwhile, I have something that would entertain you! And you have opportunity, either to play or to pay. When I finish explaining the game, the door will automatically open. I want you to leave the room immediately if you choose to play. If you decided that you are not going to play, please stay in the room until my clerk comes to collect your money. But first I have to explain why I am doing this. I had been monitoring you the whole time, and it seems like you are breaking the rule. For these fifteen years, I had kept myself from outraging, but it ends today. You probably knew that bringing foods and drinks are illegal, but still you brought them here. It is posted right in front of you that if you are caught, you must pay $1,000, but still you don’t seem to understand. Therefore today I am giving you a chance. There are going to be my clerks out in the town looking and chasing after you. You must run away avoiding them to catch you. If you are caught, you are going to be punished by being all of your money taken, but if you survive, you will get away without any payment. The time limit is at 12:00PM, 3 hours from now. And the game starts now!”

     We heard the door slammed open. I looked at my friend and she stared at me.

     Then she asked, “What now? Are you going to play?”

     I replied, “I guess so; I don’t want to pay $1,000! And I am pretty sure I will get away. I mean, all you have to do is to not get caught, right?”

     So we both decided that we were going to challenge ourselves. We ran out of the room leaving the food we brought. Rushing down the stairs, we saw other people running out the room just like us. When we ran outside, we were shocked. The streets were crowded with hundreds of people wearing the yellow aprons of the karaoke. As they spotted us coming out, they started running toward us. The game had started.

     Everyone broke up and ran away. My friend and I, too dashed as fast and as far as we could. We noticed many screaming in behind, but we just kept going. We hid behind a truck and sighed.

     “It looks like it is not as easy as we thought would be,” I said. “I am not sure if we will be able to get away without paying any thing. I should have paid $1,000 and just left.”

     My friend, impatiently looking out for the “yellow apron,” responded, “No time to think about that now…That man really seems to want to catch us…”

     “We have two and half hours to go, so we should stay here as long as possible and not…” As I was whispering, the “yellow apron” noticed and came near. With a deep breath, we jumped out and started running. We could sense they were following after us, so with an eye contact, we decided that we were going to separate. Giving a sign of good luck, we sprinted in opposite ways. I thought I heard my friend moan, but I kept looking forward and ran.

     Now I was alone. I ran until I could barely breathe and hid behind a corner of a building. I was sure my friend had been caught by the “yellow apron.” After all, everything I chose to do was wrong; bringing in the foods and drinks to karaoke, and deciding to play the game. Feeling choked, I peeped out the street. “It’s quiet, so I should move now!” As soon as I thought of that, I ran out from the building and started going toward a safer place where I would not be spotted, but then the “yellow apron” found me before I was able to hide.

     I was chased. Suffering with lack of oxygen, I panted hard but continued to run without looking back. But I knew that the “yellow apron” was chasing right after me.

     Three, two, one, and…zero. The time was up. I looked at my watch and sank weakly to the ground. I looked around and noticed the “yellow apron” disappeared. I could see some survivors cheering and shouting, but I couldn’t understand why they were happy. All I could think about was  my friend, and how we were going to have a great time, and how it was ruined by our mistake. I stood up quietly, and walked away.

     Since that day, I haven’t seen my friend. She just disappeared from school and from my life. Because I won the game, I could leave without having everything taken from me, but I know now I should have followed the rule. And more importantly, I now understand how precious my friend was and always hoping she would come see me again.


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I am a returnee from the U.S! Love vivid colors XD
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6 Responses to Money Tagging

  1. dreaminventor says:

    I have posted the next volume (chapter??) of this story! It’s called “Always there”
    Please check it out if you are interested 😀

  2. yori512 says:

    I enjoyed reading your story!
    I was able to sympathize my life with the setting.
    Parts like going to karaoke with friend or having mid-term exam was familar.
    I’m looking forward to the story of the friend too.

  3. Milly says:

    Nice to meet you, dreaminventor!
    The idea of your story was really interesting, and I liked how you described the main character’s thoughts when she was chased. It made me nervous!
    The story’s actually kind of scary, when you think about the friend’s fate…
    Anyway, great story! Looking forward to your next one:)

  4. caramel camel says:

    hi dreaminventor!
    i reall loved your story:)
    i difinitely agree that friends are very improtant.
    i hope to read the story after her lost friend.

    • dreaminventor says:

      >>caramel camel,
      Thanx for your comment!
      Since you gave me a wonderful idea, I am planning to continue the story for the next assignment!!!
      Thank you again, and good luck on your writing to 😀

  5. caramel camel says:

    hello, dreaminventor!
    i really loved your story:)
    i difenitely agree that friends are very important.
    please write the after of her lost friend.

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