The Blackout

     I heard my mobile phone vibrating, as I woke up unwillingly. It’s a Saturday morning and I wanted to go back to sleep. However, I had to answer whoever is calling me so I picked up my phone. The next second, I heard a loud shrieking voice saying “ALEEEXX!!!!!!!!” and Alex is my name. I looked at the clock hanging on my bedroom wall, and suddenly realized what has happened. I am late! I was supposed to be seeing my 3 friends at 3 a.m., and when I finally arrived it’s already… 16:30. I got dressed and got out of my house as quickly as I could. 

     I apologized “Sorry I’m late.” And I didn’t see anyone who is actually mad, but just 3 guys smiling who were waiting for me. They are my classmates, Bill, Ted and Paul. I usually hang around with these guys on the weekends. “You’re late so you owe us burgers!” said Ted, and that made me pay for the burgers for the four of us.

     After spending time at McDonald’s, we finally went to see the movie we really wanted to see. It’s one of the first movies that came out as 3D, and we were so thrilled to watch it. All we have ever said this week was,

     “Damn, I can’t wait to see this! Let’s watch this!”

     The movie wasn’t as brilliant as we thought it would be, but it was all fun anyway; spending time with friends was fantastic.

     After that, we all left, so I also head my home with my bicycle. As I was cycling, i just remembered I had a homework that is due next Monday. So I speeded up a little. As I closed in to the corner, I felt something wrong. Maybe this is some sort of instinct that I had, but unfortunately I ignored it and kept on pedaling. Then I realized there was a huge truck coming towards me from the right, and I was too late to stop and so was the truck. The next moment, I lost the gravity for a moment, and then I felt the rush of pain just before I was knocked unconscious.

     I found myself on the ground in an unbelievably bright place. However, I’m not in my bedroom, so I was confused for a second. Ah! I was hit by a car so I should be in a hospital. But as I looked around, I started to believe it isn’t anywhere I can think of, at least not a hospital room for sure.

     As I started to think about it, I saw an unfamiliar figure walking towards me. “Hey Alex” said the kid, who is probably around 5 years old. ‘I don’t know you, do I?’ I asked, still confused.

     “Oh right, you don’t recognize me do you? I have to introduce my self. I’m Chris. Your little brother.”

     That made me even more confused. I never had a brother. Then I remembered about my mom’s miscarriage 5 years ago. She was planning to call the baby Chris. “Come over here, there are loads of people that wants to see you.” I followed Chris, not knowing what else to do. I saw some people I also wanted to see. My Grandma, my grandpa, my friend Mike and so on. There is one thing that is common between all of them and my brother. As far as I know, these people have died. And now they are standing in front of me.

     “Hey Alex!” said Mike, who, as long as I remember, has died in a car crash 1year ago.

     “Hey Mike, um… long time no see. How have you been doing?”

     “Nothing much really happens here… Well, what about you? Are you getting along with your friends?” and we talked about all the stupid things we did when he was alive, and I told him about what he missed. It didn’t really bother me so much that he shouldn’t be talking in front of me, since he is supposed to be dead. We didn’t talk about it anyway. After talking to him, I met some other people just like Mike, who should have been dead, and they all looked somehow unhappy in a way, though I can’t tell why.

     My grandparents were the last to talk to me. “You’ve grown a lot, Alex! We really missed you,” I told them that I missed them really much too, and I decided to ignore the weird situation I am in. Then I told them about how I have been doing recently in my life, and reminisced about the things I did with my grandparents when they were alive.

     “We were really happy every time you visited us when we were alive. It’s been 8 years since we died, and you’ve really grown.” I was actually surprised by how they talked to me. “Yeah, it’s been a quite long time since… I last saw you, isn’t it?” I felt really awkward as I spoke. “Why am I, umm, you know, able to… umm…” Grandma understood what I was trying to say. “Talk to dead people like us? You haven’t noticed it yet Alex, huh? You are crossing the world from yours to ours.”

     I didn’t get it. To put it in right words, I didn’t want to get it. I knew something was strange, but I can’t be dying. So I’m in between the world that I was originally in, and the world where the spirit of the dead go to. “I can’t die yet. I really wish I can talk to you longer, but I feel I don’t belong here. I’ve got more things to do with my family, my friends and people around me in the live world.” As I finished what I was saying, the bright world started to blur and collapse. At the last moment I caught the people, to be accurate the spirit of the dead people I have known, waving hands at me.

     “A…Ex…Lex…Alex! Alex!!!” I opened my eyes and I found myself lying on the bed, this time really on a hospital bed, and I was surrounded by my family and my three friends that I went to see movie with. My mom was almost crying when she said “Thank God You’re alive!”

     I found out later that I only blacked out for about 1 hour, though I thought I have spent at least 3 hours in the other world. Perhaps I was dreaming, but it was too real for a dream. I guess I was really about to die, but my spirit came back just in time to prevent it. I still don’t know what exactly happened, but from this day, I started to thank the fact that I am alive. And I swore to live my life not only for myself, but also for the people who died before reaching their goals of life.


About dihskoji

Hi. I am a Japanese highschool student. I like to read and write in English.
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3 Responses to The Blackout

  1. pencase533 says:

    I have a friend who got hit by a car, lost his mind, and when he came back, he said he saw his grandma. This really happens to people. Yeah,it’s kinda scary meeting dead people but if it’s your family it doesn’t matter I guess. I like the way the story ended.

  2. Kanako Fujimoto says:

    I enjoyed reading your story a lot.
    Especially because I have goten unconcious like Alex. When I woke up I realized how supportive my friends are and the importance of them. I like how you decided to make him talk to the deads when he was in his dream because in reality its hard to believe. But from the way you write, it almost got me thinking its a true story. Overall very well written!

  3. keiandyboy says:

    great story kouji
    sounds like non-fiction to me!
    i felt its kind of scary to meet the dead friends or brother.
    but i liked the ending sentence.

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