That Parking Lot in My Friend’s Car at Midnight

             People often over exaggerate by saying that they have the best friendship in the world. Well, in most cases, they end up falling apart because of some stupid fight, or something comes between them. I think that’s a load of bullshit. That’s because I knew I had the best friendship of all times. You can’t lose a best friend just because they steal your lover, or ditch them for something more important than them. You can’t lose them so easily like that, because true companionships can overcome those small problems, and are able to empathize, putting yourself in each other shoes, to determine whether or not he or she made the right decision, and if you would have done the same. That is what real best friendship is, and if it doesn’t sound anything like that, you’re wrong, and what you have is just a normal companionship.

              When I was in high school, I was a kid who always got in trouble. I talked back to teachers, or I would bully kids who fell out of line, and you can probably guess the rest. I was what the teachers would call a ‘punk’ and if there was a blacklist of high school students, I’m pretty sure I was close to the top of it. The reason I didn’t give a damn about anything, was because my dad was dead, and my mother would always be at work, trying to put the food on the table. It sounds so cliché, because you hear a lot of people in this kind of situation, and I can honestly say I was no different. Life was pointless for me. There was no goal in me succeeding, because I wouldn’t have anything to live for. I knew people were calling me heartless, but at one point, I thought I really didn’t have a heart.

              But there was someone who always got me going through the day. He was someone who always convinced me to not do anything over the top, which would lead me into suspension, or expulsion. His name was Carter Chase, but everyone called him C. He was the complete opposite of me. His grades were very close to straight A’s, his dad was pretty wealthy, and he was loved by everyone. Even teachers could not handle his charm, whether it was because of the way he brushed his hair, or the way he picked up his pencil when it dropped. He was also the captain of the Lacrosse team, and had no trouble picking up girls.

              Therefore, people found our combination very weird. Him, the kind of student most schools will be desperate to show off, and me, the kind of student most schools are desperate to hide. But somehow he was one of the only people to understand me, and actually enjoyed my company. I also enjoyed the company, which I rarely had, and thought he was an alright guy. We didn’t go to the same junior high, or our parents aren’t close, we just clicked, when we started high school when we sat next to each other in homeroom.

              At first, I thought he was just another loser, trying to become a pet of mine, which was definitely not what I was looking for, but slowly I started to recognize he actually WANTED to stick around. His excuse was always simple, “You amuse me.” I felt weird, because I then thought he was homosexual, but after a couple of days when he first said it, he started dating this brunette in his French class.

              People also wondered what we do when we weren’t at school. This was a good question because there was no real answer. I would just be messing around, maybe pickpocket someone or ruin some random garden filled with flowers. C would just watch and laugh, or even join in sometimes. After that, we would just hang out at some local café, and just chill around. I loved that he loved whatever we did, and he would not get bored of what I loved doing. For the first time in my life, I thought that someone would actually care if I were to disappear. I was happy

              But I knew I would lose this somewhere along my life. Everything I loved, or anything that made me happy would vanish from me. Like my father, like my dog that my father bought for me for my seventh birthday, or even the bible I received when I first went to church. I no longer went, because I knew even if I went, I wouldn’t be happy, because it makes me think, that whatever I loved once, will soon go away. So to prepare myself of losing my only friend C, everyday once we parted ways to go home, I would believe that would be the last time I saw him.

              One day, C drove into school with a new car that he got for his sixteenth birthday. I knew nothing about cars, but I could tell that this was one of the hottest pieces of machine on the road. I was amazed, and asked if I could have a run on the car, and he agreed, so we skipped school and spent the whole day driving around the city. I loved it, and that was one of the best days I have had in my life, up to that point. Unfortunately for me, that was the last strike at my school, and I was called into the office for ditching.

              The principal explained the consequences to me as I half-listened. Then he said something that completely caught my attention.

              “We’re having random locker checks at this school, because of the increasing amount of under-aged drug abuse. Unfortunately for you, were going to have to check yours, as part of the punishment. We normally cant select the students locker that were going to run through, but in this case, I’m pretty sure the board will let it through. You’ve had a rough record, and they wouldn’t mind bending the rules for you.” The principal said, smirking and stroking his toupee with his wrinkled fingers.

              My spine shivered, because I knew there was a stash of marijuana hiding in my locker. This guy probably knew that I was hiding something there, but couldn’t choose me because the selection had to be random.

              I sat down, thinking of what excuse I could make up. I could say, I use it for medical use, but the school knew that I was too poor to check myself into hospital, and my body was too healthy. They also knew I had no one suffering from any kind of disease that needed marijuana as part of their health care. As a matter of fact, the only family I had was my mother. I knew at that moment, that this would be the end of me. And this was where my friendship would end with C.

              The principal escorted me to my locker, and I opened it in front of him. And there it was, my stash, and the principal just smiled, and looked at me. I knew that this was not good. Not good at all. 

              They said that they would make a decision in the morning tomorrow, but I knew what was coming. I sent a text to C what had happen, and saying that I would go straight home today. I slept early that night, until the phone rang at an hour before midnight. I was annoyed, until I saw it was from C. I didn’t get a reply from the text, so I was worried that he decided not to be involved, which I completely understood, so I was happy to hear from him. But his call was short.

              “Meet me at the parking lot at emporium. Quick.” Was all he said, and I got dressed, and got there as soon as possible.

              To my surprise, he was in his car, with two duffel bags in the passenger seat. I was very confused, and thought maybe he was taking me away or something.

              There was an awkward minute of no one speaking, but C decided to break the silence.

              “I got expelled today, for confessing that I broke into your locker and tried to hide my stash of marijuana.”

              “WHAT!?” was all I could say, as I gagged on my own words and stared at him. Was he just playing with me?

              “I’m aware that your records horrible and no school would accept you around here. Nor do you have the money to go somewhere where your past doesn’t haunt you. I have an uncle up North, so I’ll be staying with him.” C then said calmly, as there was nothing wrong.

              “Why the hell did you do that? What about your parents, what about your life? You’re going to throw your life away for a dick like me?” I shouted, unable to control myself, spit splashing everywhere as the words dashed out my mouth.

              C then looked away through his window, and then spoke with a horse voice. “I’d rather have a crappier life, than a better life with a better career knowing that you didn’t make it through high school.”

              “You realize I’m going to end up not making through anyway right?” I said, as I kneeled so I would get at even height with C, who was sitting in the driving seat in his car.

              “Actually, after this, I’m pretty sure you’ll change, and start becoming who you should be.”

              “How are you so sure?” I boomed, still feeling the hotness in my face, my heart pumping blood of anger.

              “Because I believe in you.” And then he drove away, leaving me with tears in my eyes.

              This guy actually did it. He actually saved my high school career.

              A couple of years later, I graduated high school, and I got accepted to a local college, that offered me a scholarship for American Football. I started playing, because my anger management counselor advised me to get involved in a contact sport. I became a line-backer, and was selected as a regional All-Star. I guess I was pretty good, but I was just playing for the sake of releasing my anger.

              Whenever I was down, or whenever I was about to get in trouble, I would always remember that C kept me in high school, and what a disappointment I would be if I ruined it by not doing the right thing. I could not let C down, so I did my best to not get in trouble under any circumstances, and get through my life normally.

              After that, I got a degree for business, and started a normal job in a normal company. My life was great, compared to what was going to happen, had I not met C. I was married, and had two kids in no time.

             C and I kept in touch, and he became a psychologist, a very high paid one. He made a lot of people happy through his sessions, but even he knew, that the person who he made the happiest, was me. We met a couple of times, and hanging out was not the same as high school, but I could still feel the same kind of friendship.

              I never had that kind of relationship with anybody else, even my wife or kids. I mean, you know it’s got to be something special, if someone pulls of something the equivalent of what C did. And that’s why I get pissed off whenever people think that they have the best friendship in the world, because nothing beats what C did for me, and if you don’t have something as close to what C and I have, then you don’t call that the best friendship in the world.


About genmaeda

My name is Gen Maeda and I lived in Bangkok for sixteen years. I look forward to reading and writing more creative stories in Sarah's class.
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6 Responses to That Parking Lot in My Friend’s Car at Midnight

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  2. Mayuyu says:

    I hate Fridays.

    I like your story.
    Made my friday better. I really loved C`s characteristics.
    I wish I had a friend like him.

  3. kosuke says:

    I really liked your story!
    It was fantastic.
    I really think you should publish!
    The idea was so good, I read it about four times already.
    Good job!

  4. yo!
    ur jin’s brother! I’ve seen u around school sometimes 🙂

    That’s an awesome story! You should turn it into a novel and put more detail and then publish it 😀
    It’s really touching and meaningful, so, good job (Y)

  5. blu ☆ ice says:

    I read your story, it’s superb!
    Maybe you can actually publish it!
    Especially the idea of C. helping this main character’s crisis, is brilliant!
    It really surprised me when I read that part.
    Your writing is too good, it made me think that you’re the main character, talking your experiences to us. lol
    I’d like to read your next stories too.

  6. Rach says:

    Hi Gen,

    Your story is brilliant, incredibly captivating and held me right till the end, even the choice of two duffel bags, added to the suspense that you created. Really good job!

    My main advice is to check your use of the word ‘that’. ‘That’ is one of the most overused word where it doesn’t even need to be there. Read your first sentence again without the ‘that’ and it sounds great! You can’t remove all ‘that’s’, but reread your work, take out any that do not need to be there and look for paragraphs where you use too many of them and replace them with stronger more descriptive words. ‘Then’ is a bit the same, it is very easy to get into a roll of ‘then, she’, ‘then, he’. These joining words are one of the hardest things to get smooth, but it is well worth it!

    But ‘that’ said, you have everything going for you to make a brilliant writer. Is the story about your life? I am interested because you have done it so perfectly. Well done!


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