Breakfast with Champions: Creative Non-fiction from My Morning Pages

         Immediately this morning an explosion of “I get to stir the pancake batter! I get to pour the milk! He got to mix the egg! It’s not fair!!” And Kenji — at two — for his part saying, “Kenji’s turn! Kenji! KENJI!!” And me over all of it swearing on the wire whisk that we will never EVER make pancakes, EVER again, and simultaneously thinking that I cannot keep this promise – threat – promise, and that parents really mustn’t make empty threats because it confuses children, and then my arm goes into the open milk carton and it flies across the table, landing on its side where it weakly heaves milk over the table, onto the chair, then the floor where it splatters the wall then spreads, creeping toward the carpet as the flow of milk slows like a dying fish gasping for a last breath.

         So I tell Koki to go get her homework to finish and tell Kenji to stir and not to stick his fingers in the batter, and think that next time – really – I should make a cup of coffee BEFORE we start, but somehow the pancakes get made without further disaster, although now no one will eat them because Kenji has filled up on strawberries while waiting for them to cook and Koki is so deep in a story about a mouse writing a letter to a fox that she won’t stop to eat.

         Zipping the pancakes into a baggy and sliding them into the freezer, I realize that the kids have it right: it’s not about the pancakes. It’s all about the stirring.


About Sarah

I am the fearless leader, and also responsible for making sure that everyone plays nice. Please read and enjoy, and leave comments you would not mind receiving yourself! (This is not my boat, but I lived on the Sarah Abbott during the Phillips Academy Summer Session while I was in high school!)
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5 Responses to Breakfast with Champions: Creative Non-fiction from My Morning Pages

  1. The Mad Hatter says:

    I was smiling all the while I was reading this post.
    Although I sometimes see you at Matsuiyamate looking incredibly busy
    carrying your heavy shopping bags and your daughter’s swimming bag
    and your son, with your daughter by your side, this was really interesting to read
    because I got to see the mom side of your life more closely.
    Like mr. masterdickenson, I now understand why you’re so exhausted sometimes. haha
    I still remember how my mom let me stir the batter when I was 4 or something so your children are going to remember how much of a great mom you were when they grow older so ganbare-!

  2. E.W. Spider says:

    Yeah, kids *do* have it right. And years from now, I’ll bet your huggable munchkins will nevertheless happily remember eating “all those pancakes mom would make us for breakfast!”
    Pancakes during the week? Not just for Sunday brunch? You’re such a great mom.

  3. masterdickenson says:

    After I read this I remembered about me when I was little. And now that I know your situation, I know that you are a really busy person.
    Little kids want to do what everyone else is doing, right?? Well, it was pretty fun reading this because remembering about the past was not what I usually do. I hope you have fun with your kids. haha

    • Sarah says:

      Mr. Dickenson:
      I sincerely appreicate your favorable comment. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to remember to have fun with my kids on a daily basis. In fact, it is nearly impossible to remember anything with the current state of my brain. Perhaps you have noticed that recently I have a tendency to refer to some of my favorite students with names that seem randomly pulled out of thin air. I regularly call my children by random names, too, to say nothing of doing things like driving away with a pair of shoes on the roof of my car because I set them there for a moment and promptly forgot about them. I am only thankful that my children do not have a teacher in such a state of mind…. (Are you noticing the irony here!?)

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