Long time ago, there were 7 islands separated from other lands and mixed up and made a new land that now one knows. The land was covered with white unclear mist and it was not found for thousands of years. First, there were many kind of bacteria which started to grow and structured many species of animals. On this island, more than 300 animals are living: bugs, mammals, birds. You might think there would be many food chains but because of the unclear mist and the animals’ full stomachs, they don’t kill each other. Oh! There is a new soul dropped in this world. Let’s see what happens to new born babies….

  I was crying. The world from my view were black, but I can hear the voice of someone speaking. I can only know the feeling of the warm skin. I thought I want to go outside of the world.  “Kile, get up or gonna be late for school!!!!” I heard the loud voice from my mother. Shit!” I kicked my table cause of anger. “Why does always my mother always wake up me on 4!!” My right foot was like balloon. I went down stairs, my house was made in coconut tree and it was 4LDK. When I came down, my big brother Jacob and my sister Hana had already finished eaten breakfast. I looked and it was a banana and a giant tree worm. I picked up and eat it. The yellowish liquid came out from Kiles mouth. Then mother came to Kile and start talking. “Kile I heard that you have a test today.” I knew about the test and didn’t work hard and I got frustrated pick up my breakfast and went outside. I can hear my mother’s voice with anger and I went into the jungle. I am in the place call “District of Kiawaki”. There are 4 district in this island and there are boss in each district. Kile went to Kiawaki because his the boss of this district is his fathers old friends. Kile went in, there he is the boss. Name of his boss is “Abigale” the chameleon. His house was very big. Many books, bugs, pictures, then I saw the pictures of Abigale and Gale smiling in the photo. Then I remember to ask Abigale about the father. Abigales face was cold. “Well about that, I want you to listen. Your father Gale, he hasn’t comeback for a few weeks.” Kaile couldn’t think. Abigale go on.“Your father went to a mission to District of Erango”. Kile knew about Erango that it is very dangerous so everybody in this island couldn’t go in. It is not a real answer, no one wants to go in.

  Kile walked out the house and, went back. His mother was very mad and couldn’t let him out of the house, and few weeks later. Kile put stuff that he needs on the journey and went out when everybody got slept. He went in to a dark forest the “District of Erango”.

  Nine year old John and his school mate were waiting for the day. The day many animals come to “Frenchroad Elementary School”. It is a biggest day for everybody. John was very excited and he always talks about Pete Day. John couldn’t wait for Peteday, but he had a spelling test tomorrow so he went in the bed and slept.

  Kile was running,, he needs to run. His face was full of sweat, and behind him was giant light. The giant light was making a sound of metal and it was very fast to chase Kile. When Kile opened his eyes , he was in the dark room with no light. Kile stand up and walk straight forward but he can’t move with hunger and fear. Kile dosent know where he is going.

  John opens his eyes. “Oh! What a nightmare!! I wasn’t even a sleep for 30munite!!” John got frowned but, he wants to know a monkey calls Kile. He smashed the door and went to school.

  Kile opened his eyes. He didn’t know where he is. He can see the board that saids, “Welcome to NewYork!!” Kile didn’t know the place. Then the cargo that Kile was in starts moving slowly.

  John came to school. He dashed to his classroom and starts looking the pamphlet that he got yesterday. He flip the pages very fast and he saw a money call Kile. John starts making a plan to how to help Kile ouy and after few minutes his plan was perfect.

  The cargo stop at a building that many child were. Cargo goes on. when Kile was in, many people were looking Kile. They looked very happy, then suddenly some one grubs the cargo and run away. Many people are chasing a boy. “Well hello. My name is John, nice to meet you.” a boy talked. “I will send back you to an island that you are living.

  Kile and John rode a boat and few minutes past they saw an island. John get of the boat then many animals were looking at Kile. They were very happy and cheered each other. Kile looks back but a boy call John wasn’t there anymore.

  Few months were past. John finished a report and went outside for playing and the wind blew the front pages of notebook.

                           The report of the title call



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One Response to Escape

  1. chihiro says:

    Because the title of your story is “Escape,” I think you should have focused on the escape a little more.
    Also, there were too little explanation about the escape and about the island. Readers will not be able to picture the world you want us to see.
    I liked how you left the story open-ended because that made me want to know about what happend afterwards.

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