What should their wives to do during the World Cup

The World Cup has started. Many people have been waiting for this moment for a long time. People who like soccer will watch the match everyday. And most of them are men. So what should their wives do for there long nights? When I was looked at some article, I saw that there is problem of the marital relations. Many men and women divorce during this time, as much as five percent of all the divorced people. Maybe it is because the women who did not watch the game had nothing to do. There are many things that are waiting for the women to do. They can go shopping when their husband is watching the match. Some men do not go shopping with their wives. They always say going shopping is too tiring. So women not can go shopping when they are stay with their husband. But this time is different! Women can go shopping for the whole day. They do not have to worry about their husband. They can cook lunch and just leave the home for the whole day, go shopping and buying something they can not buy normally, things that they don’t have time to buy. Women can go shopping with their friends because they do not have things to do, either. It is a good time for women to relax. Women also can do something when their husband is watching the match. They can take some drink and food to their husband because watching the match makes them easy to get tired but they really don’t realize that. They also can go to cookery lessons and learn how to cook more delicious food, and cook them for their husband. They will feel happy, I believe. Women can do many things: reading books that they really want to read, watching some video or teleplay. If you really don’t have anything to do, you can just go to bed and sleep. To do something for each other would bring more love at this time and will save many couples.

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