I was in the huddle waiting for the last play.  There was only ten seconds left. My team used up all the timeouts. When everybody was waiting for the last play to get called in, our legs where shaking and was in panic. The coach called out, “We have nothing to lose. We are challengers”. Then everybody started calming down. Right when my coach called in the play everything started to seem slow motion to me. Even the voice of the quarterbacks seemed slow.  The team was tired but they all knew that it was going to be the last play so they all refreshed themselves and swallowed in the cold air.  A short of time in the huddle the quarterback telling everybody the play the coach looked at me and grinned. I thought of meaning of the grin and I found out it was a sign from my coach to “go go go”. Then the huddle ended the slow motion was back to normal. It was a screen play. I noticed that he had trusted me and so did everybody. Quickly everybody got in their position and the quarterback called an audible to switch the play side. My heart beating so hard because of the pressure from everybody believing me. Slowly the quarterback starting the play I went running to the linemen’s. Waiting for the linemen’s to move I pretend to do the pass protection. The other team thought it was a pass and that’s what they were all waiting for. Then right when the linemen’s started running the quarterback waiting till the last minute to throw the ball at me. And again things became slow motion. Before I knew it, the ball was in my hands. But when I looked up there wasn’t anybody in front of me. I got confused and it felt like I was in a white box where I can’t get out but my body had a mind of its own. My legs kept on moving. All the sudden everything became clear. I was in the end zone!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won. It was a miracle. The crowd roared at once. Two years later we won the championships again and I ended up getting the Heisman trophy. And got a first round pick from the NFL draft. I went to the New York Giants. I never forgot what the coach said: “We are challengers.”

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19 Responses to CHALLENGERS

  1. tennislover924 says:

    “Challengers” is a good word for everything. I liked how you used it in sports because I think challengers means people who never give up and keep on going to achive their goals.

  2. miki says:

    Great story to read.
    Now im in the Amercian football club cheerleading part and
    I often cheer our school’s team.
    I don’t get the football’s whole rule but it was very easy to
    imagine the scene that “I” was playing.
    In the cheerleading world, there are two
    great high schools that always win the cheerleading competition.
    Our school always gets the third place, because of those strong teams.
    We are challengers too.
    What challengers have to do is just do their best:)

  3. Kaho says:

    The story was really exciting because I didn’t know what happened until you mentioned what you saw. It had a strong message that had a big impact from the start. The character’s bravery builds up tension which makes us hang onto the story!
    I had no interest or knowledge about football but made me understand how enjoyable it is.

  4. Toka says:

    I think it was a very interesting story.
    The character’s emotions were written detailed. It made me easier to understand how the character was feeling and to have an image of the character.
    I think ending with the coach’s quote wrapped the story well.

  5. fo says:

    The story was exciting, and you described the scenes clearly which made me able to visualize them easily.
    There were some techniqual terms used, but I still got the image.
    The way you finished the story was interesting, and I also thought that the coach’s words were influential and can be said to any sport.

  6. Mori says:

    I enjoyed reading how you described the undescribable feeling or adrenalin you get when you`re on the field. You can`t hear anything the commentator is saying or even the crowd cheering for you because of how much you are concentrating. I can relate to the story because I play Football myself.

  7. sunnylight says:

    I’ve never played football, and I’ve never found out the rules even when watching, but this story described the main characte’s feelings so well that I felt like I was the one running. It is not football, but I play sports to, so I was able to picture the feeling of being trusted like that.
    The phrase “felt like I was in a white box” is my favorite!!
    I would like it to read it again when I need to be cheered up or need courage to get over nervousness or unsatisfaction.
    I think it was great how you managed to describe some big feelings in a short story.

  8. ht says:

    Your story was written in specific detail that it was easy for me to picture the image of the story. When you wrote about the emotional and the physical change during the game, I actually felt it myself. The part where you said about making a point was the most thrilling part of the story. Maybe some sentences were too short, but other than that, I thought it was very descriptive.

  9. YT says:

    Great football story. Although I don’t know much about football, I found this story very enjoyable to read.
    The story was detailed so it was easy for me to imagine the scene with my head.

  10. m.i. says:

    I enjoyed reading your story!
    I am 11th grade in Doshisha International, and I am in cheerleading!!
    The story made me want to watch and cheer the game on real time 🙂
    I do not know if you do play football yourself,
    but it was enjoyable to imagine the players feeling, while on the field.

  11. mh says:

    The title is very catchy!
    I liked how you explained specificly about how much everyone was nervous. By being informed about the situation, I felt as if I was also there in the huddle.
    The quote of what your coach said made the story have even more reality.
    I like football, so the story was especially enjoyable. Great story!!

  12. muramatu4 says:

    nice story.
    I liked how you expressed the tension in huddle and on the field.
    It was pretty realistic.
    and the phrases like “it felt like I was in a white box where I can’t get out” were nice.
    It made a clear image in my head.
    You might want to put indents and change paragraphs like at the end of the story where it goes two years later…

  13. blazers7 says:

    The phrase “We are challengers” was very catchy. Even though I don’t have that much knowledge about football, I find these kind of sport stories very interesting. I think that the fact that this story was about the last ten seconds of a football game made this story special.

  14. dccd says:

    I really liked your story. Even though I don’t know anything about football, I could tell that football means a lot to you.
    Your coach’s words, “We have nothing to lose. We are challengers” are showing how much he cares about the football team.

  15. Hiroki Takai says:

    I am interested in football, so this story was very enjoyable for me.
    I liked how the main character gets first round pick at the NFL draft.
    Also I am a New York Giants fan!

  16. ryo mitsubayashi says:

    great story. my soccer coach used to tell our team the same thing.
    “we are challengers. go out and give it your all.”
    i really think that this idea generates massive fuel to sports players, no matter what sport.

  17. genmaeda says:

    Pretty dramatic story about football.
    I don’t really know anything about the sport, but I guess its a pretty big thing if you can get a first round pick in anything!
    Great ending, with a good closing quote.

  18. kohei kurokawa says:

    Reading this story i could really tell the relationship between you and football. It seems strong and football is a major part of your life.

  19. Blu ice says:

    I thought your story was kind of hard for me to understand the situations because of my lack of knowledge in football.
    So it might be a better story if you put more specific details into the story and the explanations of what the “linemen” etc. is.
    The way you wrote how this guy ran to the goal without noticing, was good.
    It made me wonder what happened to him when his mind got blank.

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