When I open my eyes, no one was there, only few dead body were lying with blood flood out.


  My name is John Kitawaki, I’m Japanese and Americans half, and now I’m 21 years old. I have a job at “CBS News” and I’m manager. I have a nice home with wife and 2 children. I’m always looking the picture of my sons. Today, the company takes long brake. Everybody goes to their grandmothers’ house for vacation. I think that is a great idea for having a rest with them but, I can’t have fun like them because I don’t have my father and mother. I don’t have a memory when I was a little child. I only remember are “Dead body, blood” and my head start to ache. I only take a brake with my wife and 2 sons.

  John went to Los for vacation with them. 2 sons Joana and Ted look happy for seeing new land. “Papa were are we going? Dinner?” said Ted. “I want to go to some riding Atraction!” said Joana. “Well let’s go to hotel first to check in,” said John. His wife went to buying umbrella cause of burning chilly sun. When John went in hotel with sons he sit on the bed. Then suddenly his head got ache really badly. “ Ah, what a hell its happening to my head!” then in his mind the same pictures came out. “Dead body and  blood”. When he open his eyes, two children,

Ted and Joana were, dripping the blood from there mouth and, hanging from a roof.

  Next day and next day when John open his eyes, someone is lying on the ground with blood dripping out. John cut his both arms with chainsaw so he cant kill anybody any more. “Okay, now I need to drill my head so I cant see any nightmare,” said John. He put the drill to His top of his head, then his wife try to stop John for suicide his self. Then the drill slips from Johns head and scoop his wife’s for head. She screams and blood spill out. “I killed my wife and my sons, I need to die like them,” said John. Next day, he went a valley and jumped in. He smiled and said “Father , Mother I’m going .” and disappear in to a dark.


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One Response to Blood

  1. ckjoker says:

    It is a very shocking plot, but I like it. I wish I could write stories like this, too. I think the story would be better if you correct the grammer.

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