I was a Caterpillar in My Past Life

“And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?” (The Bible, Gospel According to Saint John, Chapter 9, Verse 2)

Have you ever wondered what your past life was, or what your afterlife is going to be? Somehow I feel that the past life will determine the current life, and the current life will affect the afterlife. In the ninth chapter of the Gospel according to Saint John in the Bible, Jesus cures a blind man, but the disciples and the Jews disagree with his action, as they believe the man is blind because he or his parents have sinned in their past. I believe this superstition, and I have always wondered what I was before I was born, and what I will be after I die.

Prior to this current life, I am convinced that I existed in this world. I believe that I was a caterpillar. Whenever I see a caterpillar I cringe, and whenever I see one getting killed, I get grossed out and feel very sorry for the death, almost as if it were a human was getting killed. The reason why I cringe is because my mind realizes on some subconscious level what I probably was before, and my soul probably neglects the idea of confronting my past. What I mean is, I feel myself deeply connected to caterpillars.

Because that I feel I was a caterpillar as my past life, I think that that life is foreshadowing my current life. Therefore, I know in my past life, that I hadn’t sinned as badly, like the blind man in the Bible, and I also know that I lived long enough so that I am turning into a cocoon soon. But I feel like I want to know every little detail of my past life, and come to realize WHAT I was before. This past life hunch, that I was a caterpillar, makes real sense for me, and I think that being a human is the exact opposite of being an insect.

I think God will choose people, or animals, or even non-living objects that have somehow lived well enough, to become human in their next life. If you’ve sinned too many times, I believe you become some object, an insect or an animal. So if this were true, I believed I lived out my caterpillar purpose well enough in God’s eyes, to now be living as a human.

The ability to think is one of the main reasons why humans are so unique. Unlike caterpillars, we are able to think ahead, and choose every step we take. No other living organism has a better ability to think than a human being’s. In just over two thousand years, humans have developed technology to its highest, and have built a human empire on our planet earth. The empire might still be growing, but to think that everything we interact, whether it’s the train station or the traffic lights, is made all entirely by humans, just emphasizes my point, that this ability to think is truly a wonderful thing. Although a few people might have stood out because they have had a slightly better way of thinking and a lot of luck, all humans are blessed with this ability to think, because if it didn’t exist, we would just live our every day lives like robots, and without and the world will go on without any change.

Another reason humans are so unique is that they are able to have feelings. If you were an insect, you would not be able to feel any kind of emotion like a human. For example, if a caterpillar was to lose its meal to another caterpillar, it will just go look for other food. But if it were human, they will either fight for it or try to work out problems democratically. Humans are able to love and hate, which is also another ability that is wonderful, and although animals come close, they are never as affectionate as us.

Clearly, that being human is the best living organism on earth to be, and God chose us humans to live because we lived out our purpose in our last. Therefore, I believe wasting this privilege given by God will determine the afterlife, and become something that people will regret doing.

Suicides anger me more than it saddens me, because the chance of being human is wasted. Committing suicide means that the purpose given by God is not accomplished, therefore not completing the task God has given you. Not obeying God’s orders is a sin in any religion, and committing suicide is just that.

Living as a caterpillar, there is no purpose, and there is nothing to live for. Yes, a butterfly is beautiful, it can reproduce and carries around pollens from flower to flower so they can reproduce, but other than that, there is nothing! Living as a human, there is a purpose in whatever that happens in the life, and people need to realize that they have to live out that purpose.

People say they have nothing to live for, but that is just because they haven’t found it. It might take people their whole lifetime to figure out why the really exist, because everyone has a purpose when they are human. Whether you are a janitor at an ice skating ring, or a world widely known movie star, there is a purpose on living.

I personally don’t know what I am going to be, let alone what I WANT to be in the future. But I think the excitement of what is in front of me drives me to learn more as a human and live my life to the fullest. When I was a caterpillar, I didn’t have that privilege, and now that I have it, I feel it is my duty to live the best life. I don’t think it’s a competition on who has the best life, but it is important that everyone tries to make it that way. If you throw your life away or end it early by committing suicide, you will find out you will not be as lucky in your after life, as whatever goes around comes around.


About genmaeda

My name is Gen Maeda and I lived in Bangkok for sixteen years. I look forward to reading and writing more creative stories in Sarah's class.
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4 Responses to I was a Caterpillar in My Past Life

  1. Mokurin says:

    I really like your sense of thinking.
    These mysterious essays are usually wierd but you talked about this in a convincible way.
    I heard that Hindu believes that animals and insects can turn into humans but humans won’t turn into animals or insects even though what they do.
    Perhaps you can be a more good exisistance than human if you be a good person.

  2. a.s. says:

    I think the past life somehow determines the current life too, so it was interesting reading your story.
    You did a good job explaining how you feel about purpose of life. It was very specific and I got to know clearly what you think.
    I`ll live the best life and find the purpose of my living.

  3. Olivia says:

    Whenever I hear about the suicide on the news, it just makes me so sad. I feel sorry for the pain that led someone to give up their lives.
    As you have mentioned earlier, I agree with your opinion that current life will affect the afterlife. However, I believe that we only born into the same organism after we finish living our current life.
    I have heard that if someone commit suicide in current life, they will die the same way in their next life. Maybe it is our duty to not waste our lives like you have said.
    Although I agree that humans are able to be affective than anything else, I am sure that living as a caterpiller is not nothing. If the butterflies did not exist, how would the flowers be able to reproduce? All of the organisms living on this planet which may even include the non-living organism, have a duty that they must accomplish.

  4. Liz Johns says:

    It’s interesting when you say ‘Suicides anger me more than it saddens me, because the chance of being human is wasted.’ I’ve got a slightly different view, when I hear of a suicide I just feel so sad that that person must have been going through such intense pain for such a long time that they just couldn’t take it any more. Interesting how we all see things differently.

    And thanks for your comment on my blog too (deaf and parrot) 🙂

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