The evening sky slowly darkened, and soon came the end of the fantastic day. Today was my birthday, so my grandfather Jacob had visited from Connecticut to my house in Boston. He was the only grandparent I had who was still alive. After dinner, I blew out fifteen candles and ate my favorite dessert, chocolate cake. Also, my parents gave me a Swiss Army pocketknife as a present, but my grandfather said that he wanted to give his present privately. So I led my grandfather to my dirty room and we sat on the bed.

 “I’m sorry Kyle. I know that you have been always excited about my birthday present, but this year, I have a story to tell you that I have not told anyone, even your father or grandmother,” said Jacob.

 “So, what’s this story about?” I asked trying not to hurt my grandfather’s feelings, even though I was sad that all I am get on my fifteenth birthday was a pocketknife.

 Then my grandfather took off his glasses and started to tell a story as he recalled his memories from about eighty years ago.

“It was probably the fall of 1914. As you know, I lived in Connecticut at that time as I do now. Well, there was this day-trip planned by the school to visit the city of New York. How excited I was! It was my first time to ride on a train and see a tower-building. Anyway, I got lost from my class because I was busy looking up at those tower-buildings. For the whole day I roamed the city asking people who passed by if they had seen a group of students. Unfortunately, sunset came before I could find my class and I stopped at Central Park, and sat down at a bench. Tired from a whole day of walking, I probably slept. Then the bright sunlight woke me up in the morning. I noticed that I wasn’t in Central Park anymore. I was flying the sky on a Pegasus with an armored soldier! Well, this soldier led me to a gigantic castle, which probably was bigger than the whole city of New York. Inside the castle was just like a city and many people swarmed the roads. After a while, the Pegasus landed on the roof of the tallest building and the soldier led me inside. In front of me, a figure that looked like Santa Claus appeared. His shiny clothing and crown proved to me that he was the king. He told me that danger was close and that they’ve been waiting a human boy to visit from earth. Anyway, they took a couple pieces of my hair and a small bottle of my spit. They said that it was to see if the next visitor from earth was my grandson,” said my grandfather.

 There was no way that I could believe in this story. It must be fantasy.

 “Well, good night Kyle,” said my grandfather and left my room. Tired, I slept soon.

 A small shake by someone woke me up in the morning. In front of me was a handsome boy that seemed a little older than me and an old man who had a long white beard.

“Greetings, grandson of Jacob. What is your name?” said the old man.

“My name is Kyle, but where am I and who are you two?” I asked, surprised at the two men and the gorgeous room I was in.

 “My name is Demitaus, the king of this city and this is our best knight, Noah. Anyway, welcome to Lecsha, Kyle,” said the old man.

 I couldn’t believe what was happening now. In one night, I had come from Boston to a place called Lecsha. That was when I remembered my grandfather’s story. Maybe what he had said was really coming true. Then Noah told me to stay here until further notice and the two men left the room. Having nothing to do, I fidgeted my pocketknife that my parents gave me yesterday. Suddenly, with a knock on the door a girl came into the room.

 “Are you still alive?” asked the girl with a giggle. “I’m Hannah, and Noah put me in charge to look after you, Kyle.”

 The girl named Hannah had blonde hair that covered her shoulders a little, light brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Also, she was probably about my age and her smile was very endearing. Then she came over to my bed and gave me some bread. Suddenly she whispered into my ears.

 “Hey, I’ll show you around Lecsha, but don’t tell anyone,” she said and took hold of my hand and pulled me out of bed.

 For the next few hours or so Hannah showed me around the main parts of the city. On the other hand, I told her about Boston. Even though Hannah had a cheerful face, she listened very seriously when I told her about my hometown. Just as we finished the exciting tour, an alarm sounded. I didn’t have any idea what it was, but everyone near us except for Hannah started to panic and run around the streets.

 “The enemy has arrived. They probably found out that you arrived,” she shouted and pulled my hand and led me to a big room inside the tallest tower. Inside, were King Demitaus, Noah, and a couple of people I didn’t know.

“Our scouts found that the allies of the enemy are approaching Lecsha, fully armed,” said Demitaus.  “Who is this enemy that you talk of?” I whispered to Hannah standing next to me.

 “It’s the legendary dragon that only a few have seen. It used to control this land before we came from the northern regions,” she whispered back.

“Our plan is to have Noah and most of our warriors to the guard this place and Kyle and Hannah to go to dragon peak,” said Demitaus.

 Noah just closed his eyes and nodded, but the others including Hannah seemed very surprised at this idea.

“The two will leave tomorrow at noon,” said Demitaus and left the room with Noah.

The others also left except for Hannah and me.

“Have you ever fought with a sword before?” asked Hannah.

“Well if fencing counts, I’m number one in the youth division of America,” I answered. “But what do you mean by ‘fought with a sword’? Don’t say that the two of us are going to slay this legendary dragon.”

That was when I noticed that she had tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something that hurt you?” I asked hesitatingly.

Suddenly Hannah put her arms around me.

“I’m sorry Kyle, it’s just that…”

After Hannah came back to herself, she told me about the history of the dragon and Lecsha. The dragon’s name was Kilka and this city used to be called Kilkath North until the whole place moved to where it is now. Only one was still alive who had seen Kilka and that was Hannah. She told me that when she was ten years old she went to go mushroom hunting to dragon peek with her family. Unfortunately, they got too close to Kilka and it killed her family leaving only Hannah.

That next day Hannah woke up me at like four in the morning. We packed up for the journey and Hannah gave me a sword, which used to belong to her father. Hannah herself carried a sword too.  Our packets contained dried food that will last for a week, a roll of duct tape, sleeping bags, a tent, a box of matches, and two flashlights. With permission from Demitaus, we left before the city started to crowd and headed for dragon peek.

For the whole day we walked as Hannah lead the way. At last, we arrived at the foot of dragon peek just before sunset. As night arrived, Hannah and I set up the tent and made a fire. That night we slept right after dinner because we were tired from the day’s walk.

The next day, a roar woke me up. I assumed that it was from Kilka. Then Hannah came into the tent.

“Did you just hear that? Kilka probably caught your scent and challenging you for a battle,” said Hannah sadly.

Suddenly the sky darkened only around our camp. When we looked up at the sky, a winged red figure, probably bigger than a Boeing 747, was charging towards us. It could be only one thing, Kilka, the legendary dragon. I assumed that it was going attack us, but Kilka just breathed fire into the sky and dropped a scroll from his claws and he disappeared into the clouds. Hannah picked up the scroll and read it in a shaky voice.

“Dear, Kyle. Slay me if you can young boy. I’ll wait in you on the peek of this mountain. Sincerely, Kilka’s writer,” she said. “There should be a different way. It’s impossible to slay Kilka and it will surely eat you up in seconds,” continued Hannah.

“From what I know, I don’t think that’s not an option in order to save your city, Hannah,” I told her. “Now let’s get going to the peek.”

She smiled a little and nodded. We cleaned up our camp and pushed the stuff in our bags. Then we started to climb dragon peek. About three hours later, the slope ended and a vast meadow appeared.  I spotted Kilka waiting about a mile away. I tried to charge for Kilka, but Hannah pulled my arm.

“I love you Kyle,” said Hannah and kissed me.

I was startled, but before I could answer her, Kilka came towards us. Without a plan, we unleashed our swords and charged for Kilka. At first, we couldn’t even reach the beast because of its fire breath and long tail. Then Hannah came up with a superior idea. One of us will attract the dragon’s attention and the other will dive under Kilka’s stomach and stab. It worked out perfectly and Kilka flew away after about three stabs in the belly.

“We need to rip the wings,” I said to Hannah

“You got that right, or else it’s going to fly away each time we attack,” she answered.

When the sun had set, Kilka came back as Hannah had said. Dragons had good eyesight even in the dark. On the other hand, we weren’t able to see well in the dark. Instantly we placed our flashlights on our left hands and wrapped it up with duct tape. Kilka seemed startled that we had light, but Kilka stood up on its legs and opened up the wing. Without thinking, I threw my sword towards Kilka’s left wing. It circled vertically and made a hole. As the dragon was screaming in pain and shock, I retrieved my sword and Hannah stabbed the dragon’s right leg.

Before sunrise, the two of us were successful in slaying Kilka. At last, I cut the dragon’s neck with my pocketknife. From the devastating battle, my sword had broken in half. From tiredness the two of us slept soon.

When I woke up the sun was high up in the sky. Hannah seemed like she just woke up and was gazing at Kilka’s dead body. I slowly walked towards her.

“Should we take part of Kilka back to the city for proof?” I asked.

“I think the horn will be enough,” replied Hannah.

So I took my pocket knife and winkled the horn and put it in my pack. We decided to at least climb down the mountain by sunset. For the whole trip Hannah was unusually quiet. Finally when we arrived at the place where we had camped previously, I spoke up.

“What’s bothering you so much, Hannah?” I asked. “Is it that I haven’t answered you when you said you love me? If that’s the problem…” before I could finish Hannah jumped into my arms.

“Don’t leave me Kyle…,” said Hannah and she started to cry.

I had no idea why she said such a thing, but I comforted her to sleep as I stroked her hair. The next day we started our trip back to Lecsha. When we arrived in the evening, the citizen, Demitaus, and Noah greeted us. Everyone was riveted to my broken sword and Kilka’s horn, so we sneaked away. Hannah led me to the library near the tall tower. From one of the back shelves, she took out a book thick as a dictionary. The title was “Never forget the crisis”.

“This book is about the crisis that occurred about three hundred years ago, that almost destroyed all of the life sources of this planet,” said Hannah.

“What planet am I in?” I asked hesitatingly.

“You’re now standing in the remains of Boston, Kyle,” replied Hannah in a bold voice.

I was confused. Did she mean that a crisis that occurred three hundred years ago nearly destroyed this planet and this is what’s left?

“I wanted to tell you badly, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry Kyle. You probably thinking that you were brought here to kill that dragon, but that weren’t the true objects. It was to check you if you were really Kyle Turner, the human who almost saved the world from the crisis. Over the years our kings have been thinking to send someone to help you, but we failed in identifying you,” she said “Now that everyone knows you’re Kyle Turner, from your actions, Noah will probably go back with you to Boston.”

Before I could get angry against Hannah and the people here for tricking me, Demitaus and about five hundred people came into the library.

“Just as I thought, I knew you would be here looking at that book,” said Demitaus as he pointed to the thick book in front of us. “Anyway, you probably now know that you’ll be going back to Boston.”

“Can I take Hannah with me?” I asked the king.

Then the crowd who had been murmuring became dead silence. All eyes turned to Hannah and I. Then the king frowned.

“No, that’s not possible Kyle. A loved one will only turn you weaker and…” said Demitaus, but before he could finish Noah interrupted.

“They are the ones that killed Kilka, your highness. I think Hannah will do just fine with Kyle,” said Noah.

The silent started to applause in approval and Noah grinned at me.

“Do what you like!” said the king and stomped out of the library.

Suddenly Hannah pulled my arms and kissed me. The people around us went wild. When I turned around to thanks Noah he was already out of sight…

That night, Hannah and I were led to a huge machine (probably a time machine) that was in the basement of the tall tower.

“I’ve set the machine, so that you will arrive on the day Kyle left Boston. Also Kyle will go to his room, but I’ve made a new family near Kyle’s house that has Hannah as their only daughter. I’ve put you to close together, but make sure you act like strangers in public until 2012, “said a man in a white coat. “And make sure you close your eyes when the red light starts to blink.”

We held our hands and stepped into the machine and the man closed the door. As the red lights started to blink Hannah and I closed our eyed. Then the floor shook for about fifteen seconds. When it stopped, I heard a familiar voice.

“Wake up Kyle, time for breakfast,”

I slowly opened my eyes. I was back…

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3 Responses to Kilka

  1. Kanae says:

    Nice story for teens!
    I think this is a great fantasy story and I like how it covers all the juicy ingredients needed for fantasy stories – from dragons, swords, to romance.
    How you ended the story is kind of a cliche though.

  2. U.T says:

    I found your story very interesting. The story line was easy to understand. There were a few grammer mistakes and the vocabulary level wasn’t that high but the structure of the story was good

  3. Anna Peters says:

    I really enjoyed your story!
    I decided to read this story after reading the first sentence. It started out very mysterious and made me curious to what was going to happen next; at the end of his birthday.
    I was really impressed at the fact that you explained how the main character and Hannah deepened their relationship as the story progressed.
    I also thought that it was interesting how you made Hannah have a personal past relation with Kilka. It made me, as a reader be able to feel that this fantasy could really, maybe even happen to me!

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