Last Play

           3…2…1…beeeep!!! The buzzer went off telling both teams on the court the game was over. One crowd went wild and cheered. The other fell silent and cried. I felt like I had used all my energy up to the last drip and I couldn’t move.

           Tonight is the night, the day of our Championships against the Woodland Bears. I, Torre Allen, am on the Madison Wolves. I am a senior and forward on our basketball team. We are a very good team this year and we came to the Championships without any losses. Everyone had been practicing hard like basketball is the only thing they can do and basketball is the only thing to do.

I know we can win.

           Now, it was only fifteen minutes until the game started. We were all in the locker room and Coach was about to announce the starting members.

           “All right, gentlemen. The starting members… I picked these men because I thought they would be the best team on the court for our team.”

The locker room was dead silent. The only thing you can hear was the noise of the crowd muffed by the walls and people walking in the hallway outside. My heart was pounding and I was a bit nervous. I knew I was a senior and that I was good enough to be in the starting member. I mean, I always thought to myself that I was the best forward on the team.

“Here it is,” Coach started talking again. “Center, Mike,

Mike Miller. He’s the biggest guy on our team, 6-11 and weighs 240. Yes, he is big.

“Point guard, A.P.”

Antonio Pierce aka A.P. He’s fast and he’s good. Real Good. The guys got talent.

“Shooting guard, Sang Lee,”

Sang is a natural-born shooter. He can pretty much shoot from anywhere on the court.

“Small forward, Mitch.”

Mitch is a technician. He runs for the ball more than anyone else on the team.

“And last but not least, power forward, Torre.”

Yes. That’s me. I just answered calmly, “Yes sir.” but in my head I was probably the happiest guy on earth. I get to play!!!

After the starting member was told, coach told us today’s game plan, strategies and then did a motivational speech. It got me fired up. It got the whole team fired up. We were ready.

The game began. Mike won the jump ball as always. We got the ball first. A.P. passed the ball to Mitch, Mitch passed it to me, and I passed it to Sang. We kept passing the ball and moved up the court. Now we were in range for taking a shot. But we kept passing to find a hole in the defense to attack. But of course, the opponent has a tight defense. This was going to be a tough game.

Then the moment came. A.P. threw me a no-look pass like an arrow and I found a hole to attack. I cut in with a speedy dribble and I made a lay-up, two points. The game began to move. I high-fived my teammates and ran back for defense.

As the game went on, both teams scored. The game was tied 56-56 at half time. It was an even game. The Bears’ ace forward Ed James was a beast. He would dribble into any small space and create chances for the Bears. He could shoot inside and outside the three-point line. Our team was having a difficult time stopping him. But I wasn’t losing to him. I made a few lay-ups and a dunk. I also shot some too. I was in my best condition today.

Now there was 2 minutes left in the game. We were winning 88-86. Only a two point lead. We needed another goal to calm down. The Bears’ shooter shot from the three-point line but missed. Mike got the rebound. Mike quickly made a pass to A.P. and A.P. made an accurate pass to Sang. Sang was already at the three-point line. He shot before the opponent’s defense could block it. His shooting form was perfect. The ball made a beautiful fall describing a parabola which made a swish. Three points!!! Now we had a 5 point lead and there was a minute and a half left. But that one moment that we thought we could win created a chance for the Bears and Ed James zoomed past us to make a dunk. Now, we only had a 3 point lead. Mike passed the ball to A.P. He dribbled the ball right there and calmed the team down.

“One goal guys, we need one goal. Let’s get this one calmly and carefully.”

But as he said this, one of the Bears players cut off a soft pass and passed to Ed. Ed James rushed for the ring. Three guys on our team ran in to stop him. But when we thought he was going to shoot, Ed made a behind-the-back pass to their shooter. The shooter shot a three pointer and it got sucked into the net.

“Damn!” coach yelled from the bench. Now the game was tied with less than a minute left in the game. We had the ball. We needed to make this goal.

The ball went to A.P. He’s the only one who can be patient and go for the goal calmly. He passed to Mike. Mike was not very good at handling the ball in these kinds of situations. The opponent player batted the ball away from him and jumped to make a lay-up. We all thought the ball was going to go in. As the ball left the player’s hand and hit the back board, Mike jumped out from behind and blocked the lay-up. He saved the team from his own mistake.

The ball was bouncing free near mid court. And out of no where, Mitch snatched up the ball and passed to A.P. He settled down and our whole team switched to offence. 20 seconds left in the game. We passed the ball around quickly but accurately. Then, I saw it. I found a road leading right to the net. A.P. sensed this too and quickly passed me the ball. I rushed for the ring. Then Ed James appeared in front of me. It was a one-on-one now, me against Ed. For a minute I hesitated. I knew how good a player Ed was. But I told myself, I can do this. I made a fake move to the left and Ed followed me. Then I made a spin move to the right and bam. I did it. I beat Ed James. I jumped for the ring and made a slam dunk. Then the buzzer went off. The game was over. We won the Championship game. I dropped down on the court and lay there silently. Honestly, I felt exhausted but I felt GREAT.


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11 Responses to Last Play

  1. peacharoma says:

    I really enjoyed the story!! Thank you so much.
    I play basketball and of course I love basketball a lot.
    I get really excited when I read stories about basketball.
    I really like the how story starts and ends.
    I wish you would write another basketall story like this so that I can enjoy more!!

  2. I happened to be doing a bit of work-related research in Yahoo today and stumbled on this blog. I have most definitely spent a little bit of time here browsing and procrastinating! Carry on the excellent writing and i am already looking towards exploring future blog posts. Regards!

  3. saira says:

    i thought your story was great!!!
    i used to play basketball too. i was a forward.
    my team used to play a lot like the game in your story but always losing in the end by two or three points…
    i wish my team could have won like Torre’s team…
    anyway, great story!!!

  4. yuka says:

    It was so exciting reading this story!
    I could easily imagine what was going on in the game
    and it was as if I was there playing the game too.
    Also I know how he felt when the coach was announcing
    the starting members in the locker room.
    I used to feel the same way when the coach of the cheerleading club
    was announcing the member of the A team for the competition.

  5. Shinpei says:

    I don’t play basketball but I can tell that it is a fascinating sports!
    Every move that each characters made was well descripted so it was easy for me to
    picture the situation of the game. If you could add the story about how teammates who weren’t chosen as the member supported the team, it would be much better story.
    This story was very realistic as if this was your own experience.

  6. kanae says:

    I really like this story.
    I used to play basketball so I can understand a lot about the feelings that Torre thought. Like when you get nervous but you have to calm down.
    How you wrote your story made me thrilling and kept me reading.

  7. Issei says:

    I liked the temptation of this story

    I too used to play basketball

    So ot reminded me of the nervousness when the coach announced the starting line up

  8. Yuiko says:

    Nice story! Looks like you and your teammates have really good cooperation and teamwork 🙂 I was interested about the outcome throughout the whole story. You were the star of the game, and congratulations!!

  9. ai says:

    I enjoyed reading this story!!
    There weren’t hard vocabs, so it was easy to read.
    The way you explain the game of the basketball was excelent!!
    Reader can know how the game starts even they don’t know about basketball.
    Also it was easy to imagine how the game was going by telling who did what, and what the prayers do by there characteristics.
    However I think it would be better to tell more deeply about last part of the game. It ended quickly with not that much detail.
    …I liked the way you wrote your story!

  10. Yunnaaaaa says:

    I really liked your story. The way you described each character was very interesting. Every player has a different role they play on court, which made the game exciting. The description also helped with imagining both team’s situation. It was fascinating that each pass to a teammate meant a kind of trust and faith to get a score. I also liked Torre’s compliments and admirable facts about each player. From that point, I was able to predict that Torre’s team is going to win because the team has an excellent teamwork.
    Although I had a prediction, the whole story was very exciting that it gave me goosebumps.

  11. Aska says:

    This entry was filled with enthusiasm!
    I am playing basketball so I know how nervous Torre felt during the game.
    I was able to go into the story really easily, and had fun reading it.
    Also, I have played many games that was like this.
    However, we always lose by one or two points.
    We got to find a way to win like Torre’s team, somehow!

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