Tears of Happiness

         It happened on the dark cloudy day. I was here, in Japan with my family at my grandparent’s house. Every summer, we go to Japan to go meet my grandparents. And every year, I go to school there to experience Japanese elementary school. I loved to meet my grandparents, but I hated to go to school. I always stepped in the classroom to do the always routine: introduce myself with false smile on my face. I was never happy, but my parents made me go to school when its summer over there in America, but I had to act like I was. Students gather around me, trying to make me speak English. Every day was so boring, but that boring day instantly changes in to one of my bad memories. Do you have those days when nothing goes right? Well, I guess that day was the worst day that nothing good happened to me.

              One day, after school, the rain was sprinkling and I thought it was the right time to go home. I was about to step out school, when a big flash of lightning struck. I wasn’t scared of a lightning, so I was about to go when one of my classmates, A, pulled on my sleeve. She was crying hard, making me not understand what she wanted to tell me. Once she calmed down, she started talking to me about her trauma of lightning and looked at me like an abandoned puppy. So yes, I walked with her to her home. I didn’t really care about taking her home, but the only problem was that from school to her home was very far! As I said in the beginning, I only stayed in Japan during the summer to meet my grandparents. And my grandparent’s house was very close from the elementary school that I went to. It was right in front of the house. As you have probably guessed by now, I didn’t know the way to get home. Yes, I was lost. And it was raining. I tried to find the way I came, but as much as I moved, it felt like I was getting further away from home. The rain that was sprinkling at first came down pouring when I noticed. I didn’t have an umbrella, so I had to walk soaked. Looking at people that go by, I wished I was them, feeling secure and safe in my mom’s arms. I wanted to cry, but the rain washed away my tears. Everything was almost white in front of me, when suddenly, I heard a voice talking to me, “Are you okay?”

I looked to the direction of where the voice came from and saw a girl that looked like she was in middle school talking to me. She asked me again, “Are you okay? You look so pale.”

              She took me by her hand and walked me to a small building. I was so little at that time that I didn’t know where she was taking me, but years later, I found out that she took me to an ordinary public bathroom. She took out a towel from her bag wiping me. I was in such panic that I didn’t actually notice, but I was soaked from head to toe. My clean new bought book bag, now looked like the one I had been using since I was little.

              She asked me some few questions, but I don’t know if I answered them correctly because my memory is so dull. Sometimes I tried to speak, but nothing came out of my mouth from fear of might not be able to go back home.

              She asked me if she could open my bag and I remember nodding. Maybe it was a miracle but, she found a phone number that led to my homeroom teacher and called him.

              My teacher came to pick me up and I told good bye to the girl who rescued me and I was sent safely home. When I reached my parents, instead of hugging me tightly in their arm, they grounded me for going somewhere without permission-though I think I saw something sparkle in their eye, but it’s a secret of my own- I felt sad, but at the same time, I felt happy to be able to see my parents again. Except from that incident, until recently, they didn’t let me go to places just on my own. I was grounded this time, but I know it’s from their love towards me and I promised not to do it again. I’m glad, that girl found me and helped me out without just passing by like nothing. I’m glad my teacher came and picked me up. And I’m glad that my parents thought of me all day long looking for me everywhere, scolding me for doing something wrong. I am grateful for these people and everyone around me that help my surroundings. I will probably do something like this many times in my life, but each time I make a mistake, people around help me and I am always grateful for that.


About caramelcamel

my birthday is in March and I'm bilingual. i love to eat, sleep, and do sports:)
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One Response to Tears of Happiness

  1. TT says:

    The first paragraph of your story is what I used to do every summer. Go to Japan to meet my grandparents. I also didn’t like going to school in Japan, but luckily I didn’t get lost outside on a rainy day. I enjoyed reading this story. Good job.

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