Falling From You

Run. Run. Run. Through the rain, through the air. As far as I can go. Never looking back. Every image I saw a moment ago was fading away from my mind. I felt as though everything went out of my ears and disappeared into the air.

I wanted it that way. I wanted to forget everything.

I stopped myself and started to walk. I gasped and slowly breathed. My body didn’t want to stop. My legs were still yearning to move on even though I made myself slow down. I closed my eyes. The image came back to life on my screen of imagination.

The boy was walking beside his pretty girlfriend, both under a single umbrella. I knew him, my classmate, my teammate, and my crush. They looked so happy together. They were in their own world. I guess he noticed me. I knew that I was standing out without an umbrella. I looked straight forward, trying not to catch his eye. Step by step, we got closer. I wanted to hide my face, so they wouldn’t talk to me. I couldn’t move my eyes. I felt like I was walking through the air. As they passed by, I broke into a run. I ran to get away from them.

Slowly, tears streaked down my face. No sobbing. No wailing. Just tears were running to my chin and dropping on my shirt. At least no one would see the tears. Drop. Drop. They’ll think that it’s the rain.

“Why were you hiding the truth?” I asked no one, only the asphalt that was dark from the rain. However, I was imaging him, in front of me, not knowing what to say. He should have told me back when I confessed my feelings. Then at least I could’ve tried to forget everything and never thought about the good answer you might have given me…before I realize that would never happen.

I cried. No one was around me. Then again I ran, moving my muscular legs, thinking about my running form and the track. “Don’t think about anything you saw,” I told myself. “Just run. Run. Run till you fall.”

I actually tumbled to the ground, hitting the gravel. I made a face. My right knee was scraped and bloody.

The pain overlapped with the image of the couple.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, again and again.

Looking up, I noticed that the rain was gone. The sunshine was bright. I narrowed my eyes, squinted, and saw the pale blue across my screen of reality.

I can’t forget everything for now, but at least the weather is with me, soothing my feelings. I brushed away the gravel and walked back home.


About tiriel

Hi, it's my first time to join in a blog, and I can't wait to see many things on the screen:) All I want right now is a time to rest.
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One Response to Falling From You

  1. Narumi says:

    Your story made me really sad, but the last part was very couragous and I like it very much. I think it is important to not forget your past, but walk on bravely with your life. Thank you for teaching me an important lesson.

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