When I was little, I thought classmates are meant to help each other. Even if you don’t like some people, it isn’t necessary to attack that person. We’re all human beings and it is impossible to like everyone in the world. I always had a lot of fun at school with many friends I like. However, things don’t always go the way you want them to. It started to happen when I helped Clyde, when I was in 10th grade.

     I heard a loud scream and some laughter when I entered the classroom. I saw some of my classmates, Alex, Nate Mike and Allen surrounding Clyde. They were screaming and cheering as each of them kicked Clyde. Alex took Clyde’s glasses off and threw them away, and his gang was laughing again. These four are the “popular guys” in the school. Clyde has been a nice guy to me, so I couldn’t help but to take some action even if that meant going against them. Even the teacher went away, pretending he never saw what was going on. Without even thinking, I ran up to Alex and pushed him down hard and shouted “What the hell are you doing?”

     “Back off, loser!” shouted Nate, as he saw what I’ve done to Alex. The next second, something disgusting hit my back. It crashed and the content spilled all over my T-shirt, leaving the nasty smell of a raw egg at the same time. I caught the glimpse of Allen’s evil smile behind me as I cussed. My interruption made them finish messing with Clyde and they went away. Then I went to bathroom to wash my T-shirt.

     “Are you all right? Why were they ganging up on you? You haven’t done anything bad to them, have you?” I asked him.

     “I’m fine. I really want to thank you for this. I would have been screwed if it wasn’t for you. What about your shirt?” Clyde replied, and I told him it was alright. At this point, I never would have guessed this would be the trigger. A week has passed from then and Alex and his gang have stopped bullying Clyde. What has changed is that they started to ignore me, because I interrupted them bullying Clyde. For a few weeks I was alright, however more people started to ignore me or hate me as time passed. A month later, I was completely targeted from the whole class. I was impressed in a way how everyone followed what the “popular guys” do, though I already hated them at this point.

     They often stole things out of my bags, hid my shoes and did all sort of things I could never have imagined. I was hurt mentally and physically, but I always had something that makes me forget about it. Even though I had lost a lot of friends, few stayed as my friends and that’s what I call a true friendship. So I was often hanging out with Clyde. However, I still didn’t realize that the pressure of peer pressure is strong. It is much stronger than I thought.

     One day, I came to school and entered the classroom and I saw Clyde and the gang. It reminded me of the day I saved Clyde, except Clyde wasn’t getting beat up this time. They all looked at me and I was a bit confused, but decided to ignore them and I found my seat near the window and sat down.

     “Wouldn’t it be a bit rude to ignore us?” and as soon as Nate finished the sentence, he kicked my bag which was on the floor.

     “What is your prob…” and I lost my words when I saw Clyde threw my bag out of the window.

     He looked at Alex with an unnatural smile and said, “Yeah, I did it like you told me to. So don’t do anything nasty to me, I mean I don’t want that sort of crap.”

     I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard. Clyde had finally turned his back on me. I saved him months ago, but he didn’t care about me at all. I was shocked, not because my bag was thrown away. Something collapsed within me, and I couldn’t even stay calm. I felt like punching him in his face. But instead I left the classroom full of people who were laughing at me, and went outside to get my bag.

     It was a very sad day, since I lost the last person I could trust. Clyde changed sides and now he enjoys making fun of me with the other bullies. Two months later., I decided to move to another school. I was too scared and unable to trust anyone in school and I became paranoid, so I needed a new start. It has given me a permanent scar on my heart, but I felt that I have to make a change.

     Bullying is never the right thing to do and I don’t want anyone to destroy other people’s relationships. So I grew up and became a high school teacher to save the kids like me.


About dihskoji

Hi. I am a Japanese highschool student. I like to read and write in English.
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