No Love, No Freedom, No Way Out

     What if there’s a place in the world that has no love, no freedom, and no way to recover? Sounds like a terrible place, doesn’t it? Well, it actually exists.

     This is a place where people only act as if they love each other when there’s actually no love between them at all. The worst part about this is that they’re aware that they’re lacking love. For example, everybody in that country know very well that when an old, pregnant, or handicapped person comes onto a crowded train, it’s common sense to give up your seat if you’re completely healthy. But, nobody does. I believe this is due to the fact that many of them are thinking that it’s best for them if they act like they didn’t notice that person’s existence. This shows that they’re only acting like they actually care about others.

     Also, nowadays, the number of angry people is increasing there. Today, I literally saw a young man shove his girlfriend’s head into the ticket machine at a train station while she was buying the tickets for the both of them. The guy told her to hurry up, so she did, but ran away after he entered the ticket gate before her. The man came back out and ran after her, fading out of my sight. Nobody tried to stop him. Nobody did anything. When I told my parents about this, they said that these things never happened when they were young, and even if they did, somebody would’ve at least tried to stop them.

     …Where had the love gone?

     Freedom is also missing here. Plus, it’s also something that they claim to have but are unaware that they’re lacking. You don’t have the right to go to sleep if your homework is incomplete and your eyes are red and sore from sleepiness. You don’t have the right to be late to class even if you have the worst stomachache ever and you are in the restroom. You don’t have the right to show disrespect to your elders even if they’re constantly hurting your feelings. What I’m trying to say is that even though they claim that they’re free, their so-called “manners and common sense” are actually just pressuring people to behave in certain ways. As a resident of this place, I feel that I need to be always cautious to my surroundings, which causes me to feel as if I’m trapped in a small, closed room and frustration keeps building up without an escape.

     I’ve talked about how this country lacks love and freedom. Well, is this problem ever going to be solved? I don’t think so. Frankly, the people in this country are still unaware that this is a problem at all. They act like they don’t know that this is happening. They’re beginning to concentrate on facing towards their inside rather than what’s going on outside of them. This causes the people to become very selfish, leading to the thinking that anything irrelevant to their own life should be the last thing they worry about. However, when this happens the people causing the problems aren’t warned by anyone and are thus unaware that they’re causing trouble, which leads to making more and more problems in the future. This cycle goes on over and over again, changing them into selfish, evil monsters over time. As you can see, this country has complicated itself enough to be unable to recover.

     All human beings were born to be loved and free. This place has changed dramatically to have so little love and freedom left that it’s destroying human nature. The people here must become aware of this truth as soon as possible. So, I hope you all realized that the place with no love, no freedom, and no way to recover is Japan.


About masaya2

I'm a Japanese high school student living in Japan who likes to read and write in English.
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