WTF, there’s like only two comments on my story

     I’m the writer of “Bear 36 Right”,  keiandyboy. I took like a week to finish it and I was really proud of my own story. But look at it now. There’s only 2 comments. WTF. I hate you guys, from my heart.

     Well, let’s talk about something more fun and exciting, shall we? I’ll tell you some real trash: the wonderful story of my dad.

      When I was living in England like three years ago, my dad used to come home really late ‘cause he had to go drinking with his boss. One night, at midnight, I was in bed as usual. But soon dad came home and I knew he was really drunk by the way he talked to mom. I didn’t get out of bed ‘cause I was trying to sleep. Suddenly, I heard a weird sound outside my room. I didn’t care about it first, but it got harder and harder. I got really scared, so I slowly opened the door.

     There was my dad, naked, thinking the wardrobe is the bathroom door, shaking it really hard saying, “God damn it, this door is broken!”

     I never want to be drunk like him in the future. Not even once.

     Another night, my dad didn’t come home, didn’t call or text, so we got really worried. We phoned to his cell phone like a billion times, but he didn’t get it. The Next morning, he wasn’t still home. My mom phoned to the police. I was really, really scared if he was dead or something. But I had to go to school, so I ate my breakfast, got changed, and opened the garage to ride on my bicycle.

     There he was. Sleeping in the garage, next to his car, totally naked. His clothes were next to him. I shouted. “Dad! WTF are you doing!?” Then he woke up and answered in a low tone.

     “What the hell are you doing in my bed?”

     I hope I’ll never go to sleep in the garage. Never.

     Then, about 4 months ago. My dad and I went to the sea to swim. But the it was sooooo freezing so I was just sitting on the beach. I didn’t realize but I fell asleep. After about 4 or 5 minutes later, I woke up and what I saw in the sea was…

     …my dad swimming like a dog, totally naked. I thought it was only a dream. I slapped my own face to wake up. But it wasn’t a dream. I wished that it were only a nightmare. There were his clothes next to me. Luckily, there was only an old couple on the beach.

     These stories are seriously non-fiction.

     I lied. They are fiction.

     The End.

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4 Responses to WTF, there’s like only two comments on my story

  1. onofan24 says:

    I found the story absolutely hillarious!
    Especially the beginning where you wrote about the comments.

  2. The Mad Hatter says:

    I loved your humor and the way you started your entry complaining
    about how little comments you recieved LOL
    I really connected to that 😀
    The way you wrote the story so casually was
    really appealing to me because it felt like
    I got to see a piece of your daily life. Great story LOL

  3. The wonderful story of your dad was very entertaining. 🙂

    “next to his car, totally naked”
    “swimming like a dog, totally naked”


    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Richard. I checked out your blog, too. Good luck with the writer’s block! I think there are some blogs with writing prompts….
      Our site has stories and other creative writing by about twenty-five (mostly Japanese) senior high kids who have lived all over the world but are now here in Kyoto. Please visit again because there is a wide variety of stuff going on!
      We may only have a few more postings in July, and then the next batch will probably be around, um… October!?!!
      Please visit again, and thanks for the feedback!!
      -not keiandyboy, but the blog administrator, Sarah

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