My Memories of Track and Field

I started track and field when I came back to Japan the year before last summer. So I had playing it for about a year and a half.

The reason why I started Track and Field, Track and Field was very active in my school, so almost my friends were in that club and they had very good results. I was very strained and thought I could endure the practice. The practice was harder than I could imagine! Practice time was over four hours a day!! I couldn’t believe why it was so long just running!  For the first time, my body has been muscular pain all the time, so it was very hard for me to spend a usual school life. But after about a month, muscular pain began to lost at last. I could do many different hard training. And I am looking forward to take part in the game gradually. So we became avaricious for the practice to get a good record. I had no time to study for exam because of that.

We have a Track and field sports rally in every summer. We practiced for this rally. I took part in the game as a member of relay member of 2nd runner. We can be able to participate in the Kinki tournament if we win a prize within 3rd place. We thought that we could go the tournament because Uozumi junior high didn’t participate the tournament. Uozumi has very good runners. Some of them participated in the National athletic meeting

At the middle stage of the race, we were 3rd place! But when the 3rd runner passes baton to the last runner, they have dropped the baton! Between those time, our team was passed by the other team soon. we couldn’t get win, and I felt my club activities had finished. The runner who dropped the baton was crying, we couldn’t make him cheer up because we were sad too.

After the tournament my friends kept on practicing, so I also was practicing before one is aware. We have a Summer Training camp on August every year. But I’ve never participated in it. So I decided to go there without taking it too seriously. But the choice was a mistake! I wanted to die when the camp started. It was unbelievable!  The practice was much harder than our junior high! I thought my legs would break and be unable to walk anymore. But the teacher did not permit, however he gave me more practice,,, the second day, I couldn’t move, but the junior worked hard. So I didn’t give up and their working hard made me cheer up. The last practice was Endless relay. It has to keep on running. First ,the runner runs 100m , 200m ,300, 400. We have to do it three sets. When I was running the last 400m, the skin of the sole was turned over because of running hard. I was too happy to finish running!!!! Even I worked hard me by the desire as doing often. My legs grew very strong, I have six-pack ab, but I don’t wanna keep on playing Track and Field. Because it is really tired… I think it is for a Patient person. So I decide to play baseball here.

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One Response to My Memories of Track and Field

  1. tennislover924 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog entry, and I can clearly see what a great time in track and field club even though some of the practices were harder than you could imagine.
    I know how you feel becasuse I’m in tennis club and sometime the practice is so hard it is difficult for me to keep going. But I really love tennis.

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