Dear Bridget and Maggie,

              Thank you for your kind concerns. lol

                                                        P.S. I Luv U guys!!


It was a hot summer day, here in a small town called Bryson. Bridget and I hastened Maggie to put on a bandana over her limpid blue eyes. Today is Maggie’s seventeenth birthday. We’re planning a big celebration with about 100 people at the beach. It was laborious and perplexing to get everything ready for this party, but I guess it was worth it.

              Maggie finally reached the beach, where everybody was waiting. Slowly, we took her bandana off.

              “Happy birthday!!” everybody exclaimed and pulled the trigger of their crackers, creating a loud noise like the fireworks. Maggie’s face lit up and grinned bashfully.


              After a while, everybody started eating and the tree of us sat down on the golden sand and talked. The sea gills were flying over our heads, crying monotonously through the perfect, cloudless sky. The sun was already setting into the ocean. Its blazing light was being reflected onto the ocean floor like a scarlet illumination. Part of Maggie’s beautiful face was now orange-colored from it.

              “Happy birthday,” I said happily, gently handing a present to her.

              “Wow, thanks. You really didn’t have to do this for me. You’ve already given me a fabulous present,” Maggie replied, gazing at the azure ribbon and then at me.

We three became quiet, enjoying this moment. Maggie started curling the ribbon with her right index finger. Her hands are so boney yet it looks so healthy with the vivid softness of her skin. Every tip of her finger’s neatly polished with sparking sky blue manicure. She looks so close; I can’t imagine she’s actually a super model in spite of her enchanting looks.

              “Oh yea, I have to tell you guys…” Maggie broke the silence and glumly looked down at her pure white beach sandals.

              “What about?” my other best friend since kindergarten, Bridget queried. Maggie fell silent for a moment, and then looked up at us.

              “I got a big job at France from next week…”

              “That’s great Mags! Why didn’t you tell us earlier? We could’ve celebrated it too! It’s a dream come true!” Bridget interrupted her.

              “Well…It’s terrible, now that I think of it. If I go there, I won’t be able to see you guys for a while, maybe a year or two, or maybe even forever!” Her face started to crumple, like she’s almost going to cry.

              “Well, you can always mail us right? It’s probably not as bad as you think.” I shrugged.

              “Sorry I have to confess something too. I’m probably going to move to London with my family. My dad is being transferred to work there …so.” Bridget started explain.

              “Oh my god!! You two are leaving? I…I…I can’t believe you guys! That’s gonna mean we’re not going to be able to meet each other now and then. Gosh that’s awful. Really, that is s tragic. I can’t live without you guys.” I kept on babbling until my mind calmed down. I felt as if I was betrayed.

              It was already past 9 o’clock since 5.We each said our good byes and left the place.

              On my way home, I started conceiving the departure of my two best friends; I’ve been relying on them ever since I was in kindergarten. Could I live this life alone? Is it even possible of staying as “best friends” as we had been thinking about ourselves? Can I find a good friend after they’ve gone away? My anxiety is becoming a distress, killing me every second.

              It’s a week from the farewell party/Maggie’s birthday party. The two have already flown away, abandoning me here in this tranquil town.

“Good luck with your crush, Justin and make friends.” They told me this before leaving. But how can I make friends when there are groups between the girls, like all the preppies get together, the athletics get together kind of thing. It’s almost impossible to intrude their conversations and ask them if I could join their group from now on. It’s not like the people are behaving like we’re enemies, but still…

              Throughout the whole week, I was all alone in the lonely classroom, not having enough courage to talk to the other girls. Every day, I felt so sick and reluctant to go to school where there’s no place for me to be. There were ringing in my ears, my head felt so dull, my eyes were swollen from crying every night because of the nightmare. I keep seeing this dream of everyone leaving me alone in a deserted town with nothing to do.

               I used to go shopping and playing a lot with my friends and nieces. When the two, Maggie and Bridget had been here, I always had company. But now…things are much different. Now a days, there’s a big open space by my side and have no one to talk to. No company, no friends, no life in me now. My only hope is to believe that my two best friends will come back soon.

              I’ve been reading books and thinking about these things alone the whole day, but the next moment I looked up, I saw a feminine girl standing in front of me with her broad, innocent smile.

              “Hi! You’re Jenny Davies right? I’m Casey Black. I heard you do swimming,” the girl looked into my expressionless face, her penetrating eyes gazing directly at me, making my eyes swim. For a moment, it felt like she was looking through me and my mind.

              “That’s right,” I answered shortly. It’s only a week since I had talked to people, but the weariness in my voice seemed like I haven’t spoken for years.

              “Um…could you perhaps be my friend?” she asked, looking at another direction.

What? What did she just say? A-a friend? Really? With me?? Astonishment started to well me up with joy and embarrassment.

              “Yea, sure!! I mean, I’d love to!” I spoke up with a gleam in my eyes. At the time, I didn’t even doubt why she talked to me, the joy was all that I cared for. Though I should’ve paid attention to her secret plans she had behind my back.

              One day, we had a physics project and we had to present it. Casey, she presented the project I worked on for her, just out of kindness.

              “I realized a formula in the skater’s jumps. The kinetic energy in a jump is equal to half the skater’s mass times velocity times squared minus-,” she started.

              “Bravo!! I didn’t know you were so good at physics! Your project is just amazing!” Mrs. Sedgwick, our physics teacher, spoke very highly of her after the whole presentation. I couldn’t believe it. It was my first time being praised in physics. I wanted to call out that I am the one who actually wrote the whole essay. Jealousy started to overwhelm me as I tried hard not to tell anyone about it.

Then, I heard Mrs. Sedgwick call my name with her finger telling me to come inside of her office. I walked toward her, and saw her unpleasant expression on her face. What’s going on? Did I do something wrong? I questioned myself over and over, but couldn’t find anything I could’ve done wrong.

“Sit down,” Mrs. Sedgwick instructed.

“Do you have anything to say? You know why you’re here.” She glared at me.

“Actually, no, I don’t know why I’m sitting here,” I said in a polite tone.

“Okay, then why did Miss. Black tell me that you tried to steal her project yesterday?”

“I don’t know? I didn’t try to steal anything!!” I shout out of panic. My mind is starting to go crazy.

“Well, don’t be a hypocrite. She’s got evidence here. What do you have to say about that?” Mrs. Sedgwick roughly handed me a picture of me, looking at her project on the computer with the USB in my hand and sticking it to the side of the computer.

“No, that’s when I was helping her ou with the project!! I am the one who actually worked on the project for her!!” I blurt everything out, now knowing what Casey had done to me. My eyes are getting hot and watery.

“And this woman here too saw the situation of your thieving. Isn’t that right?” She brought Casey’s friend into the room. Mrs. Sedgwick had completely believed that I am a thief. And why shouldn’t she? Casey had even prepared evidence with a photo and a witness. The fabricated evidence was convincing enough. I felt dizzy and nauseated at the fact that Casey had been deceiving me as a friend. That all this time, she has been plotting behind my back. I’m getting hysterical. My tears are flooding over even though I’m trying to fight them. Throat’s getting all parched, my face is flushed. Then, I saw Casey standing in the classroom, staring triumphantly at this way. Several other girls too were there and giggled at me. I dropped my gaze to the floor, listening to Mrs. Sedgwick’s lecture.

A moment later, Justin came dashing into the room.

“Miss. Davies didn’t do anything wrong! I was also there at the library when Miss. Black and Miss. Davies were working on the project together. Mrs. Sedgwick, she’s innocent. I swear what she told you are true,” the boy explained forcefully.

“Thank you, for proving my innocence. I’m truly grateful,” I say to Justin.

“No problem. Your friends told me to take care of you while they’re gone, so.” Justin looked at me. My face flushes with my heart beating fast.

Maggie and Bridget didn’t just leave me here. They left me with Justin…I couldn’t believe it. I love them!

Dear Jenny,

Have fun with your guy! lol

                            P.S. We luv U 2!

                            Mag and Bri


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I'm a normal 10th grader in DIHS. I used to live in the states for 3 years and 9 months.
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