Our Graduation


I’ve never given much thought to what becoming invisible would be like. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have imagined anything like this; so cold and miserable, waiting for someone who will understand me some day.

When I was left alone, an angel came sauntering toward me and gently held out her snow-white hand, giving me a chance to make up my horrible mistake. Well, at least it felt like that.

              I left San Francisco and my grandpa drove me to his house, which will become my new home from today.

              It was 66 degrees in this small town named Safford, the sky was a perfect, cloudless blue. I looked out the window, discovering the alternations of the leaves. Some places were ablaze with scarlet-tinged leaves and some still luminous green, not yet to be changed. For hours, I’d been staring out of the window, but the sight never changed. Trees, trees and more trees, I started to get weary. I dropped my gaze down at the shifting road, dazed. All of a sudden, a wave of lethargy hit me, my visions began to blur and I could barely stay focused now. A vivid memory came to me, my precious sole memory…

              She came stumbling down the stairs, arrayed in her finery.

“Honey? We’ll be going now, so be a good girl until we get home okay?” Mom looked at me tenderly with her lovely blue eyes as she hurried to cram her things into her suitcase. My parents, they are going to Seattle for a week. I wanted to go there too, but I had a considerable school project to do, so I refused to go. Actually, that’s a lie I had reasoned for an excuse to go to Seattle together. The truth is that I was planning to throw a big party at my house. You can never notify them about messing up their precious, luxurious house can you? They’ll reprimand me when they find out about it anyway, so I thought I would rather be bawled out after the fun.

              “Always am. Have a nice trip mom,” I assured her and tried to hide the weak smile I noticed I had.

              “Thank you Katy,” she replied as she took her gorgeous Louis Vuitton luggage to her neatly polished Mercedes.

              “Love you mom,” I say, still hovering inside the house.

              “Love you too,” she said and held me tightly against her.

 Dad jammed the car key in vexation, starting his BMW’s engine. I guess he got annoyed that mom was leisurely preparing for the trip, though he usually isn’t that hasty. Mom saw his attitude and made a beeline for her car, remaining lithe and graceful as she ran. I heard the faint sound of her footsteps receding as she got into her Mercedes, leaving me alone inside the house.

              That was the last time I ever saw them alive… The next time we met was at the funeral, they were being buried in coffins full of pure-white daisies. Their faces were distorted and pale. It was the memory I’ve been wishing was only a nightmare. I stood over their graves with tears in my eyes. As I blinked, tears started to overflow and came running down my hot cheeks like a stream, rapidly following one after another. Each one of them left a burning hot trail behind and never gave a moment for the stream to stop. Though I tried my best not to cry in front of my parents, they would become anxious if they saw me weeping like this.

              By Grandpa’s guidance, I finally left the churchyard and I let out a scream of anguish that resounded across the field. He invited me to his villa, which was pretty far away from the place. I dutifully followed him without saying a word.

              At his house, both Grandma and Grandpa spoke to me about something, but I was so perplexed that I only remembered drinking the hot coffee Grandma had served me.

              It was three weeks later when I started recovering from the shock of my profound loss. It was when I was watching the TV alone in the living room of my parents’ house with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand, that I heard the purring sound of the engine from the garage. It must be Grandpa, I thought. He told me earlier this afternoon in an intense voice that he was going to come here to discuss something genuinely important.

              I heard the footsteps approaching toward our nondescript door and the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and slowly opened it, finding my grandparents standing there, wearing a worried expression. As soon as they saw me, they quickly changed their looks to their normal features as if to hide something.

              “Hey there Katy.” Grandma made eye contact with me, her soft brown eyes turning tense. I suddenly felt a sense of panic.

              “So… what’s that ‘genuinely important’ thing you wanted to talk about?” I peered into them, studying their slight alteration of emotion on their faces intimately. Despite my great interest in the subject, I tried to act as nonchalantly as possible.

As soon as I asked the question, grandma’s face twitched and she settled herself on a velvety couch. Grandpa too sat down on the couch as his brow creased, shooting an uneasy glance at me. He seemed unsettled, but nodded and commenced the execution of an utterly crucial issue in a solemn, convincing voice. That problem was concerning this house and my parental custody. They told me that I would have to move to their house because of a certain reason and that I would have to let go of my affectionate parents’ house which was filled with our memories. I wanted to reject it. I didn’t want to believe it was true. It was too intense. No, no, that’s not the truth, is it? Why is this happening to me? These words kept on shouting boisterously in my head. After three hours, fighting against myself, I finally accepted having to live with my grandparents’. Although I forced myself to let go of the house, it made me feel uneasy and terrified that I might forget about my parents some day, if I let it go.

I sighed heavily.

That dream again…I’ve been dreaming of this same exact one for days now and I can’t quite get the reason why I’m seeing these dreams…

              “Katy? Katy!” I finally realized that my Grandpa Joe was calling me from the driver’s seat.

              “What?” I look at him sheepishly as his crumpled wrinkles moved.

              “Are you okay? You seem nauseated.” He glances towards me a couple of times, taking his eyes off the roads every time.

              “No, I’m fine,” I murmured and turned towards the window again.

              “If you say so…,” he said apprehensively.

              We finally got to my grandparents’ house, which was amazingly big. They say they’ve got two more villas besides the one I’ve been to before. Even my wealthy parents weren’t as rich as they are. Isn’t that freaking awesome? Having billionaire grandparents is so cool!

              After a tour of the house and redressing myself, I padded the length of the hallway to my new room like a panther anticipating a long overdue meal. I haven’t seen my own room yet, but I can imagine a glorious room with almost everything a girl wants. Exhilaration increased each time I took a step closer to my last investigation of the house. Little by little, the door creaked open as I gently pushed it. The place was so dark with no lights peering in from outside, I could not see how the room was like. I looked for the lights’ switch in the darkness with my hands.


Ouch!! What is this thing? A bed? What’s it doing over here, so close to the door? It should be moved, I might bump into it again. Anyway, where are the damn lights? Ugh!

Click, I finally found the switch. I squinted as the lights flashed on. Since the room suddenly became so bright, it took some time to get my eyes adjusted to it. When I slowly opened my eyes, I jumped up in astonishment. Right in front of me, was a girl with curled, honey brown hair. She was slightly sun burned and mostly every part of her was close to perfect. Her figure, impeccable and her style too were dazzling. She’s wearing an immaculate sky blue mini dress that comes up till her smooth thighs. The fabric looked like silk, shimmering each time the girl moved. It was embroidered with iridescent beads.

I remember seeing this dress somewhere, where was it? …Aha! It’s the Dior’s premium party dress I saw in Vogue, the fashion magazine! Holy cow, this girl’s got money!

I look back into her hazel eyes which too were giving me an once-over. As a matter of fact, that girl was me in the reflection of a giant mirror. My new elegant clothes, which grandma had given me and the outstanding make up made me unrecognizable to myself. I looked more decent than ever. Just when I was admiring my clothes in the mirror again, grandpa came inside.

              “I have a surprise for you.” He grinned and took me to the garage. The place was gigantic, covered with smoothed concrete. Grandpa probably had his SUV here; it kind of reeked of exhaust fumes. But now, there’s nothing here, just a blank open space.

              “What exactly is this surprise?” I raised one eyebrow in bewilderment.

              “You’ll see.” He kept on smiling at me. Then the garage door started to open and there appeared a car. It was not just any old car, it was a red Volvo!

              “Gosh! Are you serious? Are you giving me this?” I said, hardly believing my own eyes. Grandpa nodded.

              My parents wouldn’t even buy me car and now, grandpa’s giving this luxury car? Oh god I loooooooove grandpa. He’s such a sweet person!

              “On one condition,” he started, looking at me over his glasses. I stayed still, not moving an inch.

              Now what? A condition? Ugh. Oh Pleeease.

              “You have to go to school properly. You can’t stay in the house all day. Recovery has to come to an end, Katy. You’re going to school tomorrow,” he went on, shooting a warning glance at me.

              Okay, okay. I know that. Just let me have this thing!

              “Whatever.” I rolled my eyes and swiftly went inside the house. I got to my room and plopped down on my water-bed to hit the hay, not knowing a clue of what would happen to me in the near future.

              October 14th, today’s the first day of school in Safford. I grabbed my backpack full of new text books and got inside of my new Volvo. The scent of the gorgeous black leather filled me up and in a second, I reached my new school, Princeton high. People gawked at me as I got inside the parking lot. A girl even turned her whole torso around in my direction, her eyes bored into mine. I flinched, wondering why doesn’t everybody drop their gaze nor look ashamed.

Why are people looking at me? Isn’t it considered rude to stare at people?

Then, I remembered that I had one of those darkly tinted privacy protection windows. So no one probably knew that I was looking back at them or that I was feeling offensive. I tried to comfort myself; no one is staring at you, they’re admiring the car. Yes, the Volvo is what they’re looking at. Yes…that’s all… Ugh! I can’t calm my nerves.

What if people here aren’t nice? … It’ll be fine, I tell myself for the millionth time. It’ll be absolutely fine.

I cautiously maneuvered my car into an open space and stopped the engine, which had been snarling like a hunting panther. As I flung the car door open and got out with my backpack, I saw everyone’s eyes fixed upon one thing. Me. It sure was creepy; everyone’s looking at you, astonished. I bolted into the school and into the administrative office, which was right across the front door. Despite the welcoming blast of warm air on my face, I stepped through with trepidation. I peeked inside the office, but nobody seemed to be around.

Oh god, what am I supposed to do now?

              “Oh hi,” a woman shrieked from behind.

              “Ah!” She almost gave me a heart attack; she basically jumped out at me.

             “You must be Katy Ruth, the new girl. We’ve been waiting for you to come!! My name is Rachel, I’m the second secretary. Well, this will be your schedule,” she went on as she handed me two small pieces of paper.

“also a map of the school. Have a nice day Katy! Enjoy!” Rachel beamed at me. Wow, she’s so energetic. Do people over here always talk like that? I hope not, because I can’t keep up with them for long.

              I walked down the awkwardly silent hallway to my first class, which was biochemistry. Then a slender feminine girl sauntered toward me.

              “Hey you’re the new kid right? I saw you in the parking lot, nice ride.” She gave me a charming smile. Oh my god, she’s talking to me! What am I supposed to say? I forced out my voice.

              “Yea, you want to drive my car?” I managed to say something. Wow, this girl’s really tall and slim like a model! Plus she’s so cute with the lustrous curly strawberry blonde hair. She’s absolutely fashion wise; her lips are glossy pink, applied by lip gloss, her eyes are colored with brown mascara that matches her hair and her long finger nails were decorated with manicure. It indicates her great style. I really mean it; I’m not trying to be flattering.

              “Can I?” she questioned me in an almost pleading tone.


              “Thanks! I’m Nikki Anderson by the way. Nice meeting you,” she says with a wide grin.

              “I’m Katy Ruth.”

              “Would you like to come eat with us at lunch break?” Nikki asked me appraisingly.

              Wow, me eating lunch with girls like her? It’s so fabulous! I briefly contemplated about the imaginary lunch scene, talking about boys, fashion, etc. It was like my dream come true! I never had these experiences in my old school, where all the nerds come. So it’s a whole new thing to me. I visualized other things too so that Nikki had to clear her throat to get my attention; she was waiting for my reply.

              “Sure, that’ll be nice. Thanks for asking.”

              “No problem. Then I guess I’ll see you at the cafeteria Katy.” She gave me a thoughtful look and went off to her class.

              The bell rang and the classes started. I tip toed into the class so that nobody would notice that I was late.

              “From today, we will be starting a project…” Oh my god! Having projects on my first day? You’d better be kidding me.

              “Get a partner and start working on it.” Mr. Langdahl, my biochemistry teacher winked at me. Disgusting, I mean, how am I supposed to get a partner when I nearly don’t know anybody here? Hello?

              Just when I was wondering, a long, golden-brown haired girl asked me if I’d like to be partners with her.

              “Sure, thanks for asking me. I’m Katy Ruth.” I smile.

              “I’m Kristen Kindle.”

              The first day of school finally ended. It felt like I had a spotlight trained on me. Everyday kept on looking at me, I could never relax.

              After months of school, I got to know mostly all the people in this high school and unexpectedly, I was even nominated as the most popular girl in school. Everything went well since I spent most of my time with Nikki, Elle, Allison, Conner and Nate. They’re the bosses here, because they know everybody’s secrets like the back of their hand. Scary isn’t it?

              “Hey Katy,” Kristen called from behind. I’m starting to get irritated with her. She’s so talkative, impervious and old-fashioned; she’s making me look bad. My friends, Nikki and some others dislike her too. Though, I think prejudice is an extremely offensive way to treat people, so I try not to be friendly and polite to everyone. Not just because of my pride, but because I had been so close with Kristen until few weeks ago. I can’t suddenly treat her badly, you know.

              “Do you have any plans this week?” she questions.

              “Um…I have my cheerleading practice on Monday through Thursday, but others are open. Why?”

              “I was wondering if you’d like to go shopping with me. Perhaps going to the malls in Chicago, since we don’t have much good clothes here right?” Kristen suggests brightly. Hmm, shopping. That’s not such a bad idea.

              “Ooh, that seems fun!” I say enthusiastically.

              “Okay then! I’ll…”

              “I’ll book the flights and other stuff up for you,” I interrupt her.

              “Oh, thanks. Drop me a line when you’ve got it done will you?” she says in agitation.

              “Sure,” I reply nicely. From Kristen’s previous actions, I couldn’t trust her with the reservations; she forgot to reserve the five starred restaurant we were planning to go to last time. So I volunteered this time.

              “Hey Katy, ah…is it possible for you to rearrange the date of the trip to Chicago?” Kristen came to sit next to me in lunch, where all the popular guys sit together. Their eyes flashed towards me. Kristen’s butting in… Oh Kristen. She doesn’t even realize the threatening atmosphere flowing around this place. Just when I tried to take her away from the table, Nikki asked her,

              “You’re Kristen right? Like are you going to Chicago with Katy?” in a brusque tone, making me startle. I racked my brains, trying to figure out a way to get Kristen out of here.

              “Yea, would you like to come too?” Why’s Kristen inviting Nikki? She’s so dumb! Why can’t she read their minds here? I hastened her to move, confidentially whispering,

              “Okay, I’ll rearrange the date,” I said with a gulp.

              “Thank you Katy!” she squealed and skipped away. I’m now too exhausted to be annoyed. When I got back to Nikki, she stared at me disdainfully.

              “Like you’re not actually planning to go to Chicago with that frumpy are you?” Conner, Nikki’s boyfriend grunted in disgust.

“I mean, you’re miss popular Kate, you don’t have to hang out with those guys. You can come over to my house that day,” Nikki insisted.

“You must be joking!”

“What?” she gasped with a horrified expression.

“She’s not my friend; she just keeps on nagging me to go shopping with her in Chicago, Nikki. I guess she thinks I’m some sort of a friend.” I snort, shaking off the thought of feeling rueful to Kristen. Absurd! I’m no friend of hers!! I keep on telling myself.

“Go figure,” Nikki said with a smirk on her admirable face. She still seemed to doubt me, but she dropped the subject. That’s one of the things I like about her, she doesn’t harp on about things.

              I finished my healthy salad I had been eating during this troublesome lunch I just had with Nikki and a few others. Everything else I bought to eat at lunch was poorly dumped into the trash can. I didn’t feel like eating right now, I lost my appetite after the whole mess. Besides, it’s almost the end of the lunch break; everybody had already gone off to their classes and lockers.

              I skipped off to my locker and just when I was reaching for my notebooks, I saw Nikki and Kristen chatting across the hall. Not just that, but they were even laughing together. They seemed like they were enjoying the time. I couldn’t understand; my mind started to race, but all I can find is Nikki disliking Kristen, nothing more. I became agog with curiosity. Maybe Nikki is talking about the latest move she saw…

 No, it’s not likely to have Nikki talking stuff with Kristen, because she hates her so much. Or maybe…

              My forehead started to sweat bullets, my heart pounding faster than usual. I couldn’t help thinking about it. I feel so restless when I can’t do anything but to stay calm and act as if I wasn’t thinking about it. That “it” I’ve been repeating is a theory I thought of, that maybe Nikki is telling on Kristen about our relationship with Kristen and how I think about her.

One drop of sweat trickled down my neck, leaving a cold trail behind.

Then, they broke their conversation. Now, should I keep myself back and go to my next class of should I ask Kristen or Nikki? Even though I haven’t really made my decision in my head, my legs started to walk up towards Nikki. Oh my god, what am I doing? My legs, Stop!! Although I put my effort to stop my legs, they just kept on moving. They felt as if my legs were being dominated by someone else. When they finally obeyed my command and came to a stop, it was too late. I was standing right in front of Nikki. Then, my mouth too started to talk all by itself. Oh crap!

“Isn’t it very rare that you were talking to Kristen? What were you guys talking about?” I queried her.

I saw Nikki’s eyes twitch; she’s going to lie to me. Whenever she lies, her eyes twitch.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Kristen’s a nice girl; she helped me solve a math problem I couldn’t solve during class. Maybe I was wrong about her.” Nikki smiles weakly, it’s so obvious that she’s lying; her smile looks so much different from usual.

 Hmm, why the hell did you evade my question? Well, you’re not getting away with it.

“You didn’t exactly answer my question Miss Anderson, I’m interrogating you,” I ask her again in a funny voice to make her feel relaxed so she’ll tell me the truth.

“It’s nothing, seriously. I just told her some things about shopping, that’s all. God Katy, what’s wrong with you?” she shot a look of daggers at me and stomped away. I watched blankly at her until she turned just around the corner. What’s wrong with her? She was supposed to laugh at my awkward voice, not get furious with me. She definitely has something behind her back.

When I got back to my house, I found the phone‘s light flickering, meaning there’s a message being left. I pressed the reproduction button.

“‘Hi Katy, you notice me right? It’s me, Kristen. I know I have a terrible voice; I caught a cold from yesterday. About the …tgh t..ough, sorry. About tomorrow’s trip to Chicago, I have a fever right now, so I’m afraid I have to cancel it. Sorry.’ MESSAGE ONE FROM FOUR TWENTY TWO P.M.”

That’s a relief, but ugh! I forgot I would have to cancel the plane’s and spa’s reservation since I’m not going there alone. Though that would mean I would have to pay money for things I haven’t gone to… Damn, why today? Why the day before the trip Kris? It costs me three times of this month’s salary you know!!

Since I felt it would be extravagant if I waste my money that way, so I decided to go to Chicago alone. I called other people whether they’d like to go to Chicago with me, but they all had some schedule …so.

When I got to Chicago, I went to spa which was exceptionally relaxing, the aroma oil…Oh; it was such a gorgeous fragrance. And I also bought some stunning clothes and an exquisite dress for the dance party. Everything was just perfect until I got back to Safford and saw Kristen mingling with Nikki at the mall. My whole body started boiling with rage. Isn’t she supposed to be sick and sleeping in her bed and suffering from fever and…not having fun? Why the heck is she here, shopping with Nikki? I mean, why Nikki? I found myself almost uncontrollable, so I stalked out of the mall as quickly as I can.

Didn’t Nikki know that we were actually planning to go to Chicago? Why did Kristen abruptly start lying to me? Is she really sick? These questions kept banging in my head in synchronization. My anger started to flare up again in my car. I’m definitely going to inquire Kristen about it tomorrow.

The next day, I went to school earlier than usual to catch Kristen. And there she was, wearing a completely different type of clothes than before. She had one of those clothes you see on magazines. Plus, she had make-up on! She looks totally different from what she used to look. I strode towards her and asked her benevolently as I could.

“Did you get your cold cured up? I bet it was so boring sleeping in bed the whole time.”

“Yea, it was pretty boring. Though I haven’t had much time to sleep these days, so I guess it was a great opportunity to rest,” she lies innocently, not knowing that I caught them shopping at the mall.

“Such lies!” I say gruffly, not being able to keep my thoughts to myself.

“No, really. I was sleeping the whole time Katy!” she cries as she became transfixed; Nikki was coming towards her.

“Hey Kristen! Oh my gosh, you look totally gorgeous! I knew you’ll look fab in those mini skirts and stuff! I mean yesterday was so fun, I hope we can go shopping again!” Nikki exclaims.

“This is not the best time to talk about this…” Kristen makes a face. At that time, Nikki saw who was standing right next to her. Her eyes became wide and her face pale.

“So, I guess you really were sleeping in your bed yesterday.” I give Kristen a look.

“I…uh…” She seemed like she lost her words.

“You liar, see what happens when you make me angry,” I said and stomped away.

Since I know what Kristen’s worst secrets were I decided to blurt them out to everybody I know.

“You really shouldn’t do anything to her, Katy,” said Elle, who doesn’t speak so much.

By the next morning, the rumor should be spread to people in the entire school. Just like I had imagined, the rumor had spread surreptitiously from sophomores to everybody in this high school.

Then, Kristen arrived.

“Hey Kristen, are XDFGTHBN? Everybody’s so worried about you. And your new boyfriend seemed so shocked when he heard it; maybe you should comfort him by XFGHNBJKJ.” A guy chuckled. Other boys are also making fun of her in a baby like voice. Other girls sneered at it too.

“I trusted you Katy,” she cried in agony. When she became unable to endure the shame, she ran off with tears in her eyes.

“Hmm, poor Kristen, she ran off…”

“Cut it out guys!” A familiar voice interrupted the guy. It was Nikki. She glanced towards me and said,

“It’s you who spread this rumor didn’t you? You’re such a careless jerk! How dare…”I cut her sentence.

“Geez! Don’t jump down your throat before you even know the reason why I’m doing this. Kristen cancelled our trip to play with you. And you know what? The cancellation for the plane and the spa cost me three times my month’s salary!”

“Well yea, you never even found out the reason why Kristen cancelled your trip to Chicago. Why would we have to listen to your stupid reason? You only care about money don’t you? It’s all about money,” Nikki keeps on shouting at me.

“You know what? Kristen never knew you had booked her plane tickets nor for the spa. She never asked you to, didn’t she? And you have misinterpreted something. We weren’t just playing around; we were buying you a birthday present even though you didn’t deserve such things after all. When I told her that you didn’t like her very much at the hall, she seemed so shocked, but she was thoughtful enough to think what’s best for you. And she decided to cancel the trip she’d been anticipating. So the   buster could have fun. She was trying to be nice and you return her this? You are such an egoistic moron, bitch! I knew you were a bit too tight and selfish, but I never thought you’d be such a catty person. It’s really similar isn’t it, catty and Katy. I’m so sick and tired of your bossy attitude,” Nikki thrusts me the words at me vehemently. Everybody’s cold gaze feels so painful.

“Aw, now who’s the mocker?” Allison calls.

“Aw, she’s almost going to cry,” people started yelling at me.

“SHUT UP!” I snap disconsolately.

“Ooh you’re so scary,” says Conner and snorted. It made me so frustrated; I accidentally punched him in the face. Oh my god, he’s glaring at me. I pissed him off. What should I do? Run? No, that’s what freaks do. Fight him back? No, I’ll definitely lose. Think Katy think!!

“It’s too bad your beauty is only skin deep Katy,” Conner shouts with satisfaction.

“Shut up!!” I shout out once again, but my voice had already become so shaky. I couldn’t bear the pain no more. I skipped the afternoon classes and the day after. Throughout the day, I locked myself up in my room and never let myself out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So my Grandpa became so worried about me, so I accidentally said “I’ll go to school tomorrow, so don’t worry,” in order to comfort him. Though I actually didn’t feel so well enough to go to school and meet all the people. Especially Kristen, who’s now the Miss Popular in school and is hanging out with my former friends like Nikki and Conner. It’s like our social status has totally been exchanged somehow. Or am I dreaming?

I couldn’t help myself from thinking about her; like how I should I apologize to her until she forgives me. I’ve made up my mind; I’m not going back on my own words. I told myself over and over in my head to apologize when I meet Kristen.

As soon as I arrived, I saw Kristen with all the popular boys and girls. It was really hard to fight my weak thoughts, but I was able to fight them.

“Kristen, I am so sorry that I did those horrible things to you few weeks before. How can I..,” I couldn’t really look up at her, she might be so mad at me. My head started to ache and everything seemed so dizzy. Then I suddenly collapsed onto the floor. A moment later, I saw a hand being thrust in front of me. The snow white hand was giving me a hand to stand up. When I looked up, there she was, looking so friendly. Kristen was actually giving me a hand… I couldn’t believe it.

“Its okay, Katy. Misinterpreting happens a lot. I don’t really care. Besides, were friends right?” she says with a big smile on her face. It looked as if I was standing right in front of an angel.

Epilogue (~graduation~)        


Three months later, everything had settled and Kristen and I were totally back to being friends with a closer bond.

“Hey, let’s take a picture together!”

“Yea, lets! Katy, come on!”

“Hurry up Katy!” someone giggled.

Everyone invited me friendly to the center of the row and put up our best smiles on our faces. Our two graduations had finished; both school and our stupid rows.

“Say cheese!!” the photographer beamed and pushed the camera button.


The last day ended with our best smiles on every one of us. Now we are going to move on.


About blu ☆ ice

I'm a normal 10th grader in DIHS. I used to live in the states for 3 years and 9 months.
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