The Box

July 6th, 2010   In my room

  Today we read a book about a mysterious box. Mrs. Johnson said that it was her favorite picture book, and she wanted us to read it too. The story starts out like this: One day, a boy comes home from school and finds a box at the front door of his house. He opens the lid, and guess what he saw inside? A TIME BOMB! The bomb was set to blast 10 minutes later. The boy gets panicked, but he couldn’t do anything, and he’s so scared that he sits down and starts crying. Then few minutes later, when his mom comes home from work, the boy tells her that they’re over, and the bomb’s going to go off in several minutes. You wanna know how the story ends? The confused mom looks inside the box and finds out that it was just a toy, and the boy’s dad had bought it for surprise. It’s so funny!! Everyone was laughing out loud, except for Ryan. He’s always weird. Everyone says that he’s the weirdest guy in all the 3rd graders in Nyde Elementary. Anyway, I was curious why he wasn’t laughing, so I asked him why he wasn’t laughing. I just can’t forget what he said…it was so scary! He said that he’d heard that the story was based on a true story, and in the real story, the bomb is actually real and it explodes and the boy is blown into pieces. Can you imagine that? It’s way too scary… well in front of Ryan I acted cool. I hope I’ll never find a box at our front door…oh, bedtime. Good night.

  A boy is walking home from school. About 10 or 9 years old. He walks with a steady pace, and at the front door of his house, he stops. Fear appears in his face. He does not try to go on.

  On the welcome mat of his house he sees a box. With a terrified expression, he opens the lid, carefully, with deliberateness, trying not to provoke the item inside. He sees what the object is, and involuntarily slams the lid. His face shows frightfulness. He stops to see the explosion coming but nothing happens. Heaving a sigh of relief, yet looking at the box with a tense expression, the boy sits down to think what he would do next. He is sure that the time limit he saw on the object wasn’t long-about 15 minutes. Even if he called the police, it would take too long for it to come. And besides, they would not believe him; they would think it’s a stupid prank that a 3rd grader is trying to pull.

  The boy stops. What if it is a stupid prank pulled on him by another 3rd grader? There is a possibility-at least 30 of the 3 rd graders in Nyde Elementary had heard the story from Mrs. Johnson yesterday. Some boys might have thought it would be funny if he put a toy time bomb in front of his house. Several of his friends’ faces-the possible suspects- appear in his mind. He grabs the lid again to see the object inside. When he opens, he finds a time bomb-or, something that looks like a time bomb. The clock tells him that if he was going to act, he needs to in the next 12 minutes or it would be too late. If, if it’s a toy, I don’t need to worry, I could just laugh it off and take it inside to play with it…He gingerly moves his hand to touch the machine. He suddenly hears a voice inside him, a voice that he heard yesterday at Mrs. Johnson’s class.

  “It’s based on a true story. The bomb’s real, and the boy gets blasted into pieces.”

  The boy freezes. It was Ryan’s voice. He remembers that he cannot deny the possibility that the bomb is real, since he heard that story from Ryan. The thing might really explode… He stares at the object, with beads of sweat rolling down the surface of his face. Only 10 minutes left. He tries to remember how the good guys in the movies try to deactivate time bombs, but is too panicked. However, he succeeds in remembering that they cut or disassemble some parts of it for the ticking to stop. Trying not to touch the box, the boy slowly opens the door of his house, and disappears inside.

  After a few minutes, the boy comes back with a driver and a scissor in each of his hands. He sits down. 7 more minutes. The boy gathers all his courage and starts working. Not knowing the proper procedures, he randomly twirls his driver and takes off some clinchers. He takes out some more. 6 more minutes. He searches the machine to find some kind of lid that might lead him to some lines that he could cut. He keeps looking. 5 more minutes. His hand is sweaty, and slips every time he tries to make a move. He cannot find it. 4 more minutes. The boy, in panic, twists and takes off another clincher. Surprisingly, part of the surface of the bomb slides open. The boy sees a ray of light in his future. 3 more minutes. Right where the lid was, the boy sees three wires in different colors: red, yellow, and blue. Somewhere inside him he knows that if he cuts the proper wire his nightmare would end immediately. However, if he cuts the wrong wire, his life would end immediately. 2 more minutes. He can’t choose. Tears start sliding down his cheek. The scissor in his right hand trembles. 1 more minute. The boy cannot move. The scissor drops from his hand. 30 seconds left. The boy stares at the scissor on the ground. He suddenly remembers his mother’s reassuring face. He needs to do it. He grabs the scissor tightly.

  5 seconds left. He instinctively cuts the yellow wire. He curls himself into a ball for a vain protection of his body from the explosion.

  No explosion.

  He was saved; no, he saved himself. He senses the tears of fear changing into tears of relief. He cries and cries, until he sees his mother coming home from work. The boy exclaims to her in happiness and relief. “Mom, mom, guess what I did? I stopped a time bomb! It was about to explode, but I did it! I’m alive, mom, I’m alive! I can’t believe it! I’m so happy to see you!!” The boy watches his mother with a look of anticipation. He expected her to throw all of her bags aside to hug him and cry about how lucky she was that she didn’t lose her precious child. He waits for the glorious moment to come.

  But the expression the boy sees on her face was not joy. It was anger. The boy is confused. I performed such a feat. I survived. Why isn’t she happy?

  His mother opens her mouth to speak. “What in the world are you doing? You opened your brother’s birthday present, destroyed it completely, and for heaven’s sake told me how proud you are about it! Young man, you are grounded for one whole month!”

  The boy is unable to understand his situation. His mother drags him into the house, taking the disassembled “time bomb” with her.

July 7th, 2010   In my damn room

  This is stupid. Ryan must have lied about all that “based on a true story” stuff. It was just Mark’s birthday present and I thought it was a dangerous time bomb. Dad had bought it for him, and it was delivered when no one was in the house. The delivery guy must have thought it wouldn’t hurt if he just left it on the welcome mat. Curse him.

  I feel sorry for Mark but hey? I was saving myself and the house! C’mon, mom can’t do this to me. This is all unfair…

  By the way I hate that book Mrs. Johnson read yesterday.


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