the pleasure of baseball

I am in the baseball club in Doshisha International school now. But I played Track and Field when I was in junior high school in japan for about one and a half years.

To tell the truth, I worried about whether play track and field sports or play baseball, finally I decided to play baseball.

Why am I favorite and do you like baseball?

Because I don’t forget the pleasure when wining! And interest of team play!

I occasionally felt that the strongest.

When I was in Indonesia and the sixth grade of the school, I participated in Asia Pacific Tournament held in Hong Kong. If we win the championship, we can advance to the world tournament.

It is held in August and in America every year and come many players from different states as a representative of their state.

Our team had some Japanese and Indonesians. At first, we gathered only Japanese, and we did’nt like to talk them so much. But some months have passed since the team formed, we think that what the most important thing to win, I started to talk many teammate as much as possible. Then, we can get good friendly relations little by little. I found if I can’t speak their language, we can cooperate toward one target. Our team have strengthened surely, and we were very looking forward to going Hong Kong.

And, the day finally came!!

This was the first experience for me to participate such as an international tournament.

So I was too really excited to keep cool every time. When the opening ceremony started, I noticed I was really little. I did not get regarding them the same age!

The first match was the Philippines. We were strained, so at first we couldn’t get the score, but the rooting has been bigger and bigger gradually. The rooting was in Indonesian, Japanese and English! We were able to get the mind to one. We won the game by 5-4. It was very, very dramatic game!  I instinctively clung to them. The next game was Guam. The players were very big. They looked like adults! I heard it back that they practiced for about 3 hours every day! We fought decisively, but we couldn’t won. Even at such time a person whose name was Edson made us cheer up, so we could replace our feelings.

We gamed with Hong Kong next. I was able to contribute to the team. It made me very happy, but our team lost by a narrow margin.

To tell the truth, my senior in Dosisha International was in the team of Hong Kong!

Some games were lost, but we found the importance of corporation all members. And I felt the pleasure of baseball.

I want to keep on playing baseball and share the pleasure of winning in this school!!

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