Real Stories that Sound Like a Lie

In the sixteen years of life I lived, a lot of bizarre things happened. They may sound like a lie, but they are all true.

     Like when I was living in America, one shocking thing happened. It was after school, and my mother came to pick me up, since the school I used to go didn’t have a school bus. So I got on the car, and she started driving in the opposite direction of our house. I asked her why, and she said that we were going to stay at a hotel for a few days, since lightning struck our house and destroyed the ceiling.

     The other time was when I was in sixth grade in America. We went to a lake to swim with manatees on a field trip. I got into the lake with my friends and started swimming. We swam for about ten minutes, and when I was swimming back to the boat, I felt great pain around my right leg. I thought one of my friends grabbed my leg as a prank, but it happened to be that a manatee bit my leg.

     These stories are all true. Believe me. They are.

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3 Responses to Real Stories that Sound Like a Lie

  1. usajun says:

    I thought that the stories are very interesting and they really do sound nonprobable.

  2. peevishguy says:

    wow! stories that would rarely happen to others!! thanks for sharing…

  3. Very nice article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up posting.

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