Turning Point 2

“Where am I…?” I murmured. I felt dizzy. I didn’t know what happened and how I came to be here. The last thing I remembered for was holding his hand on the street, but now I was in someone’s house. Was I punched by him and brought here? That may be possible. He looked willing to do that, but my face didn’t hurt. I was just a little bit dizzy. “Where am I?” I said again. This time more clearly.”This is one of his houses.” It was a voice from behind me. I looked back. There was a…….cat. A black cat. It was gazing at me. But then… who answered me? There was also an old television, so I thought it was just the sound of the television. But just then, the cat spoke to me again. “Hey! I told you it. Not the television! Is your head okay?”

I froze. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, a cat talking to me… “Hey! Are you thinking, ‘That dirty cat just talked to me?’ Don’t call me a dirty cat. I a name. Call me Fu-.” I tried to ignore the voice. I must have hit my head hard, or else he really punched me in the face. A speaking cat? I have never heard of it. If I sell it to a circus, I could get a lot of money. “Hey don’t ignore me.” It talked to me again. (It must be an illusion. A cat is never speak human languages… )”Are you talking about me!?” he said and jumped up to me.

“Okay, okay! If you aren’t an illusion, who are you….? Wait, did you read my mind!?””I told you I’m Fu-.” He just answered the one question.”Where am I?!”

“I told you, it’s one of his houses.”

“Okay! Do you know anything about him?”

“Who? Oops. ‘Who’ is my name! Ha ha.”

“The man! He brought me here!”

It smiled. Cats never smile, but I’m sure I saw it smiled. “Follow me.” It said only this and went out the door…

I didn’t recognize it, but outside of the house was forest. A deep forest. The cat-witch called Fu- was in front of me. We walked maybe ten yards from the house and Fu- jumped up to a big stump and turned back to me. “How do you feel?” he asked me.”Much better. By the way, where are we? It’s a beautiful forest, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but it’s dying. Because of you.”

 “What? What did you say? Because of …who?” 

“All of you humans. You guys are so stupid and didn’t noticed these important thing.”

“Hey wait! What did we do? And when?”

 “Many things! Always! Cut the trees, killed animals, rained poison rain… many things! These forests are at a turning point! If you stupid guys don’t do anything from right now, or change your lifestyle, this forest will die! Because of YOU GUYS!”

I couldn’t say anything. Because he was right. We used a lot of paper, wanted leather wallets, drove cars all the time. But why was I brought here? Why did it have to be me? “Fu-. Could you tell me who he is? ”

“He is called many different ways. Some call him God, some call him shaman.”

“Shaman? What he is doing?”

“Many things. He always works for the Earth. He travels all around the world.  Checks what is happening in the present world and tries to solve it. As you know, he can use magic. How do you think you came here? You flew. He can use magic. He uses it to protect, to save the world. Right now he isn’t here. Do you know why?”

He said “magic” very easily, but of course, as for me, I can’t believe it. I have never heard the word “magic” used except in Harry Potter series. But having seen his magic already, I told myself to believe what he says.”No. Why?”

“He is now in the desert. He went to there to prevent the desertification of a small oasis.” 

Did he said desert? Desert!? Here it is deep forest. But he is in the desert right now? I stopped asking how he got to there so fast. The answer is easy to guess. He used magic. He flew.  “Why does he try so hard to save the world?” I asked.

“Because that is his destiny. Do you know why you were brought to us? It’s the same answer. Destiny. You were chosen,” he answered. “His name is Navi.”

Destiny. I have never believed in it. I believed that we choose our destiny, not that our destiny chooses us. But in this case, I have to believe it. How can I explain this unusual, unbelievable situation without using “Destiny” word? I asked the cat “So, here is only me and you. No Navi. What shall I do? Can you use magic also?”

“I was waiting for that question. He told you to travel the world on the playing field, didn’t he? That is all you have to do. Go travel. First of all, let’s go to Navi’s place.” He raised his right hand, and said, “Take my….”


“No,tail. Don’t hold on so tightly.”

“… Okay.”

He raised his paw to clean it.

I held on to his tail. I lost my sight, but just felt my body was flying, moving up and down and right and left. Right before I was about to vomit, my body stopped swinging. I opened my eyes. A red world came into my view.

             Hot. What the hell was this place? “Hot…,” I murmured. The only thing that I could see was desert. A complete 360 degrees around me was desert. The sand’s red and the sky’s blue were the only colors. It was really hot. There wasn’t high humidity, but the sunshine was so strong.”Fu-, where is are we? Where are we no……”

“Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. I made it, I made it! Yes!”

“Fu-, FU-! Were you listening to me? WHERE ARE WE?”

“Oops, I’m sorry. Here is, well…Yes. Here is near him, Navi.”

“So… Where is he?”

The cat looked around. Then he said, “Where is he?”

“Hey wait, are you sure of what you are talking about?!”

“Calm down, sir. How about climbing that sand hill? It is high enough to look around the desert. We may be able to see farther.”

“Yes, okay….” I could see the sand hill. It looked too high to climb.

“Shall we start climbing?”

    Have you ever climbed a sand hill? Please image climbing an escalator that is going down. You can’t gain an inch, right? It was like that. We stepped up but the sand was so soft that our feet would soon begin sinking, then sliding back. We tried very hard to climb. When we finally reached the top of the hill, it was twenty minutes after we had started to climb. It made me very tired, like after a 500-meter dash. It was the same for the cat.

“I … can’t …breathe……”

“Are you okay? You look like you’re dying.”

“Don’t …talk to me ……now……”

At the top of the hill, as the cat said, we could see far away.“Look! There is an oasis!” I found it. It wasn’t far away, but actually quite near.

“Where…? Oh yes! There is the place we are looking for! Glad, Jack! Navi must be there!”Cat looked okay now. “Hurry up! We may be able to drink something there!” the cat said and dashed to the oasis.

    When we reached it, it was even more beautiful than when we saw it from the top of the hill. There were many beautiful flowers, birds, huge green trees, and clean water. Is this oasis dying? I can’t believe that. But if it is true, I don’t want to lose this oasis from this planet. It was like a place in a dream surrounded by the desert. I made up my mind to protect this oasis from desertification. And to do it, I would do anything. First of all, I had to find Navi here in this huge oasis.

“Fu-, how can we find Na….” I stopped asking him. Because it was not a problem anymore. I found him. He stood in front of me.

“Hi, Jackson. How are you? Long time no see, ha ha. I’ve been waiting for you. Thank you for coming up and deciding to help me.”

“We need not talk. Navi, please tell me what to do.”

“Yes, as you say we haven’t enough time. Listen to me carefully. I’ll give you a ball.”

“A ball?”

“Exactly. If you look at the ball carefully, you can see some vision inside it. Don’t give up if you can’t see it at first. Try looking at again. If the ball accepts you, you can see it. Until it does, don’t give up. Never, never.”


“Second, you have to find the place that you see in the ball. Probably the ball shows a some view near here this time. You have to find out exactly where the place is.”

“Find out? How?”

“Of course, you run! You like to run don’t you, Ace Running Back?”

“So, after I find the place, what do we do next?”

“Throw it. Throw the ball there.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all.”

“How about you? What do you do?”

“I have to recite a spell to get the ball and continue to do it to maintain the ball’s existence.”

“I see. So you recite a spell and I run around. What about the cat?”

“I will guide you to the place, just a little bit.”

“Oh, I see, thanks. So we should start right now away. It’s getting dark.” I don’t know why but the sky suddenly became dark even though it was only 3 o’clock.

“Okay, let’s start.”

He started to recite a spell. Of course I couldn’t even understand the language. Soon after that, something bright appeared in my right hand. It flashed once, and when I looked down at it, there was a dragon ball. No, there was a clear ball. It was a little bigger than a tennis ball, and it was heavy. Suddenly, the wind became strong. In my head, an alarm was ringing. (Something happened.) I knew it by instinct. So we could get the ball! What were we supposed to do next? That’s right look at the ball. I looked into the clear ball.

“What can you see?” Fu- asked. I could see something. Something like….

” A sandstorm,” I answered.

“A sandstorm? Okay, follow me.”

Without realizing it, I concentrated on the ball, and inside there was a sandstorm. A huge sandstorm. I could see it coming this way. The cat had already started dashing towards it. And I started out after it.

As we approached it, the wind became so strong that we couldn’t even talk.

“I c..nt g..in ..nymor…!” The cat said something.

“I can’t hear you!”

“…. y… d… ..t!”

I couldn’t understand what he wanted to say. To reach to the sandstorm, I had to run another 200 yards. As for the sandstorm, it had only 50 yards before it reached the oasis. I had no time left. I left the cat alone then dashed to the sandstorm. Do you remember I’m an ace Running Back? I’ll show you my running, my golden legs. Before it reached the oasis, I could caught up with it. 


I threw it. When it hit the sandstorm, it flashed really strong. I could only see a white light. Then I blacked out.

I was on a ship. I was sailing. Sailing on a big sea. I could see Navi and Fu-. They came up to me and said, “Well done. You saved the oasis. But your job isn’t finish yet. You have to help us. We need your help.” 

I woke up. It was a dream. I must be sleeping in my bed at home. I looked around. I was on a ship. Beside me, a black cat was sleeping.

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One Response to Turning Point 2

  1. blu ☆ ice says:

    Nice idea you’ve got here!!
    It makes us think about the environment.
    And the black cat, Fu-and Navi are so mysterious.
    I liked how you thought of a story that has a message.

    You had a bit of grammer mistakes like the last part where Navi says “But your job isn’t finish yet.”
    Is it on purpose??

    Well, fab story!!

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