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Our All-star Team (Defense)

Defense Linebacker Clay Matthews He is an athlete that can do a lot of positions. In his team he plays outside Linebacker but plays like a defense lineman too. He has the power to tackle the running back so hard … Continue reading

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Our All-Star Team (Offense)

Quarterback Michael Vick  We chose him because even though he has had some troubles in the past, he is still a dominant player and he is very fun to watch. He is the fastest quarterback I have ever seen. His … Continue reading

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Oversleeping (First attempt:Visual-Writing!)

This story was made into a video; by me! WARNING: Make sure you read the story first! After you read the story, click on the link at the end of the post. It will send you to youtube where my … Continue reading

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What would you do if the world will actually finish sometime this year? All over the internet, people say that the world will end in 2012. This day is called the DOOMSDAY. What proof is there? NOTHING… Though people all … Continue reading

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This Winter Vacation by Tomoki Hirata

This Winter Vacation Tomoki Hirata (A Power Point Presentation by Tomoki Hirata, tenth grade) This is a power point presentation done for the creative writing project assignment for which students had to use various media in new ways to present a piece … Continue reading

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IB vs. the Japanese High School System

Which Education is best for you?               As a tenth grade student who is currently studying at a Japanese high school, there is one question that I cannot ignore: is this the best education for me? Privileged with experiencing the … Continue reading

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My d14 Ate My a8-Puzzle

This is the crossword puzzle associated with the story My d14 Ate My a8-Story. Remember: do not include spaces or symbols. Solve the puzzle to read the whole story! Since the puzzle is quite simple, I won’t post the solution on the blog. However, … Continue reading

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