Nuclear War with My Mom

I dragged myself through the front door after another intense workout at the local gym. I came back home with a plastic bag full of food, hidden behind my back.
“I’m home,” I yelled, sprinting into my room.
“Welcome back,” my mom replied from the living room right before I shut the door of my room. Yeah, I ran real fast.
I quickly hid the plastic bag in my closet. I could never let my mom see this. She’ll be so upset.
Don’t worry, it’s not like I stole the food or anything. I bought it with my own money at a supermarket nearby.
So why am I hiding them from my mom?Well, first of all, my football coach told me to gain weight during the winter break. Six kilograms. Yeah, that’s a lot of luggage to carry. I couldn’t gain that much weight over the short winter break with only the food that my parents feed me. After thinking hard about how to gain so much weight, I decided to buy some food after working out everyday, hiding it in my room, and eating it when my parents weren’t around. My parents would be upset when they saw it because they always wanted me to stay slim and healthy. But I had to gain weight; there was no other option.
It was winter, so it was warm in my room from the heater. If I hid the food in my closet, it’d spoil. So I hid it behind the curtains against the window to keep everything cool. I thought nobody would see the stuff if I hid it there. I ate about a half of what I bought that night and went to sleep.

“What the hell is this!?” I sprang up like a jack-in-the-box being opened and looked at what was going on. Oh crap.
My mom had tip-toed into my room and opened the curtains to wake me. She grabbed the pile of snacks and rice balls as half of them fell on the floor.
“Umm, yeah… I kinda bought those yesterday after working out.”
“…And why?” my mom asked, with the monstrous glare that she uses to scare me when she’s pissed.
“Because I have to gain weight for football. My coach told me to gain six kilograms, don’t you remember?” I said, a little angrily.
“You think I’m stupid? Yeah, I remember that. But you’re going to make the other people think that we’re poor! What if our neighbors saw you at the store? They’re going to think that you’re buying the stuff because we don’t feed you enough. YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A BAD PERSON!!”
So she got real mad. Didn’t see that one coming. I was really confused when she yelled at me. I had to gain weight. In football, more weight means more power, which is why our coach tells me to gain weight. I actually feel stronger when I run into another player if I’m heavier. And I wanted to be a lot stronger. Strong enough to crush our rival team that’s been defeating us for about two years. Plus, this year is my last year playing football in high school, so gaining weight is crucial.
Okay, now she’s lit the fuse on the bomb. Yeah, I knew she’d get a little upset when she found out I was trying to gain weight, because it’s something that she’d never wanted me to do. But I don’t see why she has to get so pissed about it. Plus, her reason for getting so pissed is because she cares more about what other people think about her than my effort to do well in football. Um, yeah…and who was the person that told me to work hard in football club? Who was it that told me that I’d have to quit if I didn’t? The bomb was ready to explode any second.
…But, I managed to put out the fire before it reached the bomb. I knew if I shot back with any kind of excuse, she’d throw a nuclear bomb at me and not let me eat for the rest of the week or something. So I stayed calm as I always do when my mom gets pissed at me. I let her words enter one ear and go out the other. I was calm, but in my head, I was shooting millions of missiles at her.


About masaya2

I'm a Japanese high school student living in Japan who likes to read and write in English.
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