The Worst Birthday of My Life

Young children wait a long time for the best two days during the year. One is, Christmas and the other is their birthday. Well, I was the kind of little boy who would wake up at 3 a.m. to check if there was a present under the tree. I guess my parents had a hard time waking up so early to put the presents under the tree before the kids woke up. On my birthday, I would stay really close to my mom and follow her around the house and waited for her to go to where my present was hidden.

Once when I was a very young child, I was playing around everyday like any other child. It was my birthday, but I wasn’t expecting it would be the worst birthday of my life. 

March 16th is the date of my birth, and I was really excited about receiving a present from my parents. I got a brand new skateboard that year. After I unwrapped my skateboard, I promptly went out to play with it. I picked up a friend who lived on my street. We both went to another guy’s house to play. Of course, I was on the skateboard the whole time. I was so excited I forgot to put on my knee pads and elbow pads. I didn’t notice that until “it” happened, “it” being that I failed to land and fell right onto my wrist. It hurt like hell. I thought I had lost my arm. I ran home with a blue face and told my parents it hurts really badly. I was crying for hours until my dad decided to take me to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and I was still crying. I got my wrist x-rayed. I was so nervous I couldn’t feel any pain from my wrist. The doctor put a cast on my wrist with a cast. It was so heavy.

I went home with a frown on my face and I can still say that birthday was the worst birthday of my life.


About takafofo

3-A-40 I am a student of Doshisha international high school. I have been living in America for 10 years. I played basketball.
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