“Gosh I hate this camera,” I mumbled so Dad won’t hear me. He never liked it if I complained.

    Starting with our arrival in Guam at three in the morning, our family didn’t know how to rest; in no time it was morning and we went to supermarkets to see American groceries. We haven’t seen the tall shelves and the vast amount of stuff for five years. Guam was just the place for warmth and short distance travel. Three hours’ flight from Japan and we walked into the humid air.

    It was already getting dark on our first special night. Reserving a table at the BBQ and dance show held in Hilton made it even more special. We rode a bus and were led to a backyard, where tables of food were set up and the stage was ready with musicians, setting up exotic, guitar-like instruments that I’d never seen before. We saw our table right in the middle of the whole floor. Not too far or close to the stage, it was perfect, and we had the whole table to ourselves.

    “Nice!” I snapped my fingers. Mom and Dad seemed to be satisfied, too.

    We sat and waited till the drinks came and dashed to the buffet. Barbequed beef, chicken, steamed lobsters, fresh salad, sweet desserts; it made us forget our exhaustion and the humidity. My parents were excited more than I expected; both had a plate in their left and right hands, both full with food to nourish them. My sister and I held one each.

    The music started when we sat down and started the feast. The men were wearing sombreros and started jamming on the guitars. We listened and ate non-stop and headed for dessert when the music ended.

    Applause boomed when men with special costumes and masks danced with sticks. Soon women with bushy green skirts and coconut bikinis came out and danced. The Polynesian dance had started——something I really wanted to see. Later they came down from the stage and danced between our tables.   

A tall girl was around our table, shaking her hips so fast the skirts were spreading like flames, green flames, burning hot in the evening light. She never moved her upper body, her arms or shoulders, just her waist. Her arms went so smoothly, left to right.

    We were fascinated by the green flames and beauty; we took a photo of her. Anna took a shot when she was behind Dad.

“It’s just a blur,” Anna sighed. Well yeah, a green blur behind Dad.

We tried a few times, even Dad did, but she was always just a blur. She was around us for a long time, and we had enough chances! It was almost the fifth time when Mom said, “She’s here!”

Dad took one flash of the girl, me, and my sister. It was the best; we could see her smiling face! But her body was just a blur again. We looked up. She was still dancing, so beautiful, so hard to capture in a frame.

“I hate this camera,” I sighed. “It doesn’t work when we need it to.”

And her beauty took our breath away, making us forget everything else.


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Hi, it's my first time to join in a blog, and I can't wait to see many things on the screen:) All I want right now is a time to rest.
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