My Friend, Gorilla

This happened two years ago from 2011 of now. The day was cold, but a shiny bright day when we saw her for the very first time. She was a perspective student, and came to our volleyball club to see what it is like. My first impression was how tall she was. I was in volleyball club, but we were not as tall as most volleyball players should be. From her height and how she acted, her new name became “Gorilla”.

We are great friends now and love to play together. One day, we were eating lunch together as always when we started talking about our first impressions of each other and the first day of club. From that, she told me a really interesting story that I had forgotten for years.

From her mom’s experience, she came by the gym to see the volleyball club. Unfortunately, that was not the greatest day she could have possibly picked. The day before, we – the tenth graders – were grounded for losing the key to the gym. Every year it was the tenth graders’ job to take the key and put the key back beside our teacher’s desk. We were certain that we put it back the day we used it last, but when we came the next day, it was gone. It disappeared completely as it if has walked away from us. Well, of course no one believed in that sort of thing, so there we were, looking for the key and not practicing when she came. She looked at us with a curious expression and we explained and apologized. That was the first day we met, giving her a weird first impression of a “key-finding” club. Luckily, she came to club one more time. And she became one of us a few days later.

Later on, we found out that the missing key was our teacher’s fault. He moved all his stuff to another desk, and he lost it in the move. We were relieved that it wasn’t our fault. Still, that was her first impression, but she went on that maybe, if she hadn’t found us that day while we were looking for the key and just watched our normal practice instead, she might not have been in club with us.

From that day on, a lot of things happened between us, but for her, that was the biggest thing. Now, we can laugh at that big event and I’m glad she came again. It kind of scares me to think of a lot of ifs. If she hadn’t visited our club, if she didn’t like us, if she thought how stupid we were just looking for the key, if she didn’t even chose this school. We could never have met, nor would we have become such close friends.

“Hey! You look like a gorilla!”

That was the beginning of how her name became gorilla. At first, she didn’t like it and tried to get everyone to call her by her real name, but no one actually listened to her and everyone started calling her Gorilla. Well, after some days had past, someone thought that calling her gorilla is too long and MG -taking the initials of Mountain Gorilla -suited her better anyway. From that day on, people started to call her MG.

Everyone loves Gorilla, and she was called MG so many times that she has gotten used to it, so if you meet MG, please call her “MG” without any hesitation. “We all love you a lot, MG!!”


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my birthday is in March and I'm bilingual. i love to eat, sleep, and do sports:)
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One Response to My Friend, Gorilla

  1. hey there. says:

    I’m pretty sure you were the one that came up with this name. haha

    It’s funny because she accepted that nickname and she goes by that name now.

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