Shopping on the Worst Day

              It was the day that I went shopping with Mai. This terrible thing happened. Mai is my twenty-year-old cousin. She’s been so nice to me since I was little. She often comes to my house after school. One day, we planned to go shopping together. Since we are busy on weekdays, we decided to go shopping on New Year’s Day so that we could buy some new clothes on sale.

              We went to the one of the largest department stores in Osaka. They sell many brands that I really like. It is kind of far from where I live, and I had never gone to such a big sale, so I planned everything perfectly. I checked the train schedule. I asked Mai to meet me at the station at 10:15 because the website of the store said that it was going to open at 11:00. I was sure that we would arrive there just a few minutes before 11:00. It seemed that everything would go well.

              When we finally reached there, we saw the big poster saying, “A Happy New Year! Today is the New Year’s Day. We are having a big sale from 10:00!” We were one hour late. I was shocked.

              “What should we do? I thought it was going to open at 11:00 as usual. I made such a big mistake!”

              “Well, let’s just go in! We don’t want go home without buying anything.”

             Mai was trying to calm me down, and she went inside the store while I was complaining about it. There were already thousands of people in the store. They were more people shopping than I had expected. Some of them were arguing over the clothes, and the others were almost like hunting. We could hardly even walk straight or much less move. What is worse, it was too hot to stay in the store. Although it was in the middle of the winter, the temperature in the store was like about 95F.

              “Hey, Mai! Do you wanna leave? I don’t even feel like buying anything.”

              “Okay, let’s go!”

              We immediately left the store without buying anything. It took us such a long time to just go downstairs and walk to the door.

              “That was scary. I will never go to that department store again!” I said to Mai angrily.

              “Why don’t we go to the other department stores? You might find a great dress or something.”

              Then we went to another department store. We still wanted to buy some new clothes. All of a sudden, we heard people selling necklaces and bracelets. They were really cute and looked nice. They were so cheap! So I and Mai bought one. We were so happy because we finally had a chance to buy one thing at least. We were satisfied with the necklaces, so we decided to go home. We were getting tired, but we walked all the way to the station. On the way home, I took a look at my new necklace. I opened the box with excitement. When I saw it, I felt something was different from the one that was in the showcase. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was slightly bent and broken.

              “Oh my! This is terrible. It’s broken!”

              “Why don’t you go back to the store and ask them to exchange it with a new one?”

              “I don’t mind. I’m too tired to go back there.”

              We were already home at 1:00. I was just going to take a nap since I was exhausted, but Mai had brought some DVDs, and I was forced to watch them. The movies were so interesting. They kept me awake. The rest of the day was very fun for me. We ended up watching movies for almost five hours cozy under the kotatsu. I even thought we should’ve stayed home instead of going shopping. I learned that it is better to stay home and just relax on the New Year’s Day!


About yukik69

I used to live in Finland, Germany and the USA. My hobby is shopping and watching movies!
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