Steeling Myself for Something New

        Winter vacation is closing in on. I have to go home from where I am now, in China to Japan.    

       One day my mother called me by telephone, “You have to take an airplane by yourself this vacation because your cousin will not go home from Harbin, but form Dalian.  And I don’t have time to go China and back with you form China.  I know it will be the first time for you to take airplane by yourself, but I know you can do that. ”

 I said, “I can do it because I am fourteen years old now and I should begin to do some things by myself.” 

     The next day my mother told her idea to my uncle.  My uncle encouraged me, “Don’t worry about it.  I will go to airport with you.  I’m confident you can do it.  You have to steel yourself to do this thing.” 

I said, “Yesterday I told my mother I can do it, but you know that I still have some concerns to do it.  I need some help now.”

     I asked my mother many things about traveling alone, and I got a general idea before I left for Harbin. 

     When the day came, I was still worried about many things like what I should write on the immigration forms, what kind of person will sit next to me on the plane, and whether I should sleep on the airplane.  It is completely different form when I take the airplane with my mother.  With Mother, I can ask her to fill out forms, and she will tell me everything I need to do.  After all of that, I can gaze out at the sky through the window, and also I can sleep well because my mother is besides me.  But at that time, I was so afraid about all the things that could happen on the airplane!  When finally managed to make it on to the plane in my seat, an old woman sat down besides me.  I was though, “What a good thing for me!  If it was an old man who looked very easily annoyed, I would feel even more timid than I do now.”  She was very kind of me and we talked about many things, such as where we were each form, why she was in Japan, and other things about each other’s lives.  But when she said, “I think you are more than twenty years old now,” I didn’t know what words should I say to her.  I felt a little sad at that time.  I already knew that I was fatter than other girls my age, but I didn’t want to hear anyone say that I looked older than my true age!  So I told the woman my true age, and she said she was sorry.  We talked about other things until we got off the airplane. 

     When I do something with my parents, I don’t have to worry about anything because my parents will do everything for me.  But when I have to do things by myself, I feel powerless and don’t know how to do them.  I feel I have a lot more to learn in life.  Like at that time; I learn many things from that and I felt I had become more maturity than before.  I think it was a good experience for me.

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