I won. I got first prize. I beat Furuoya, my rival, and I am the king of swimmers. I swam 1 kilometer faster than him. And I’ll get a…

    I joined Hussam’s swimming gala this year again. Hussam, my swimming coach, came from Syria. This gala was only for his students, and over 100 swimmers joined it. I took his lesson since I was in 3rd grade. That year, I moved to Dubai from Japan. It was the second visit to Dubai for me. I have been learning swimming for six years by Hussam in Dubai. I knew this would become the last gala for me. I went in for 1 kilometer swimming without hesitation. If I finished with first prize, I could get a PS3. There was no reason not to join that event. I have confidence in myself. Not only for this gala, but I have been swimming for six years. No one could beat me this time.

    About 3 months before that gala, a boy came to Dubai. He is Japanese and his name is Yukitaka Furuoya. I heard he was in the swimming club in Japan before he came to Dubai. He is taller than me and he is as fat as a ball. But he could swim fifty meters as fast as I could. So I was a little bit afraid of him.

   “This is the last time to show who is the fastest swimmer,” I said. He just laughed. The gong was banged, and we dove into the water. I didn’t remember how I swam or what I thought. I simple continued to move my arms and legs. I sometimes checked how much time I have to swim for 1 kilometer.

     I finished swimming. The time-keeper said I don’t have to swim anymore. I looked at my side. There wasn’t any opponent swimmer.

    I beat one of the rivals this time. I have many other rivals. All of them could swim faster than me. I have never beat them. But I learned that if I practiced very hard, always tried to do my best, and have a confidence to myself, I could do bigger things than I thought in my mind. The important thing is a passion. And try to be number one always. There are not any impossible things.

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