Hitting Him

     Have you ever hit someone’s head so hard that he cried? I have, but only once. Usually, I don’t get upset and hit people but I did that time. I was nine or ten years old at the time and this is how it happened.

     We were practicing a song together for a play, and we divided up into three parts.

     Then, suddenly the guy next to me started poking me with his finger. He always did stupid things to bother people. He was a weird Japanese kid who liked to sing Swedish pop all the time, and everyone in the school knew him because he was a freak. It doesn’t mean he was hated though; at the same time he was popular.

     “Stop poking me,” I said, since I didn’t feel like playing around with him. “They’re still singing so we should listen.”

     However, this kid didn’t stop bothering me. “You know, I like their song better. What we sing isn’t bad, but I prefer singing their song.”

     Now he started talking, and I couldn’t care less, and I honestly didn’t want to talk. Then he kept on talking about something that I really don’t care about.

     “You know Carola? She is the best Swedish pop singer, and this song goes like this…” and he started singing directly into my ear. I don’t care about Swedish pop, and he sucked at singing; it was this awful noise. Finally I managed to say “I don’t want to hear that. Let’s calm down and be quiet for a while.”

     He actually became quiet for a while. The last part finished, and we started practicing another song on the stage. We had to line up when we sing, and even then the Japanese kid stood next to me, sticking to me like glue. It even made me wonder if he were gay. After a while, he started to grab my T-shirt, like he thought it was funny. I was just irritated. I told him to stop, but he kept on doing it. But before he could do anything else, the evil side of me thought, “The teacher isn’t looking now, so why don’t you just hit him so he just shuts up.”

     And I didn’t hesitate so much to hit his head and I told him to shut up. I didn’t hit very hard, or at least that’s what I thought.

     “AH!” he screamed really loud, and he even started bawling like a baby. His squeaky voice echoed through the auditorium. Everyone was looking at us, and of course the teacher noticed us.

     She ran up to me and shouted, “What are you doing? Come with me after class!!”

     I knew it wasn’t a right thing to hit someone, but somehow I didn’t regret it at all. At least it shut him up for a while. When I hit him I thought I did the right thing since I was really irritated when he was bothering me. I even felt good when my fist hit his head. My friends thought it was funny, and they never told me that it was bad. Even when the teacher was telling me off, I was trying so hard not to laugh about it.

     That night, I was thinking about it before I go to sleep. I was wondering that maybe hitting him wasn’t the best choice I made. He surely did annoy me, but that doesn’t mean I can use that as an excuse to hit him. So I learned that it is important to control your anger.


About dihskoji

Hi. I am a Japanese highschool student. I like to read and write in English.
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One Response to Hitting Him

  1. sssnaosuke says:

    You learned a very important thing:)
    I laughed sometimes when I was reading the story, ha ha.

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