Adults These Days

You know what I hate the most about adults? It’s when they say things like, “Young people these days don’t know how to behave!” In my opinion, they only say those things to convince themselves that they grew up well. Plus, they don’t know if every single “young person” on Earth behaves badly. So yeah, they definitely don’t have the right to say things like that.

My body shivered as I stepped off the train. Every morning (when there’s no morning practice), I get off the local train at Hoshida and take the rapid train for the rest of the way to Doshisha-mae.
So I got off at Hoshida and walked over to the little room with the heater to wait for the next train.
I slid the door open. Right away, an unpleasant but familiar odor entered my nostrils. It was the smell of a homeless. Yes, we’ve all smelled it somewhere in the cities; that raw, sweaty smell that nobody enjoys smelling or smelling like.
So I looked for the guy (I knew the smell came from a man for some reason) and found him right away at the other end of the room. He had a knit hat and a big, puffy jacket on, both of which were black and dirty enough that anyone would think he found them in the trash. He had a long, white beard which showed that he hadn’t shaved for a long time. Immediately, I knew the stench came from him.
There was a girl about my age sitting next to him. I sat next to her, since that was the only seat open. I could tell she was trying to get her mind off the smell. Then the man said, “Young people these days… they don’t know how to behave! How dare you sit near me like that?”
He sounded drunk. I knew he was mental right away. So I didn’t mind him at all and began listening to my iPod. After that, he didn’t say a word to us.
A few minutes later, another man came into the room. He looked like a normal businessman, with a suit and one of those black, rectangular bags. Since none of the seats were open, he stood in the corner, right in front of the man. Then the hobo said to him, “What do you think you’re doing, standing in front of me like that? I’m not afraid of the cops… I’ll mess you up!”
Then the other man replied, “What do you want?” and looked away. He didn’t move. I guess he found out right away that he was crazy.
So a few awkward minutes passed, while the man mumbled repeatedly, “I’ve been a badass for a long time… I’m not afraid of the cops…” Nobody seemed to care what he was saying, and nobody guessed the situation would get worse.
The hobo suddenly pushed the man, saying, “Don’t stand in front of me!” That pissed the businessman off and he pushed back. That’s when the hobo punched him in the face. Then the man punched back. Right away, I knew things were going to get nasty.
Then another man that had been sitting down stood up and tried to stop the two from fighting. But I knew it was only going to get worse. So I was the first one to walk out of the room. I found my dad and my sister on the same platform miraculously and walked over to them. I told them that a fight had begun between two men in the room. When I looked back at the room, the two men were the only ones in there. Even the man that tried to stop them was gone. They were shoving each other into the glass walls, punching each other, and trying to choke the other to death. It scared the hell out of me. They were screaming like crazy.
My dad told me not to look at them so much, so I didn’t. But when I looked at it a few minutes later, there were bits of blood on the glass windows.

Adults these days… they don’t know how to behave!


About masaya2

I'm a Japanese high school student living in Japan who likes to read and write in English.
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2 Responses to Adults These Days

  1. caramelcamel says:

    This story kind of scared me. I have never seen people fighting, so I can’t image it, but just thinking about it gives me the shivers.
    I strongly agree with the “Adults These Days” theme.

  2. tiriel says:

    Adults can have bad behaviors too.
    And I think your story gives us a good message that it’s not just the young people who have to be scolded:)

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