Christmas Day

     It was a cold day and I was in my dorm room at school.  I didn’t go outside although it was Christmas Day. 

     My friend, who is called Icy, was a good friend of mine.  We were in the same class of junior high school in Dalian.  She was a very kind girl, and she always took care of me.  We were in the same room in the dormitory for nearly two years.   Anytime she called me, I would find her and get together with her.  That day she called me in the morning and asked me to go shopping with her. Then she called one of our classmates, Zhanglin. They wanted to go to Jinzhou to meet our other classmates and do something together because that day was Christmas and we wanted to spent time together.  When I saw my classmates, I felt very happy because I hadn’t seen some of them for a long time.  Even friends I last saw only half a year ago were different than before. They became tall and looked more adult. 

     I wanted to meet one person who called Jiangyongli, was very special to me, but he didn’t come that day.  He was my classmates, too.  We send many times together when we were in the same class.  I didn’t know where he was in that time, but he was the person I wanted to meet the most before I came back to Japan after the test.  So it was a big pity for me. 

     But even though I couldn’t meet him, I had many classmates there and I could play with them and talk with them. Since but we couldn’t meet each other so often, we had many things to talk. 

     We ate lunch in my classmate family’s hotel, and after that we took a taxi to the zoo and played many games there. It was a cold day, so all of us felt very cold when we were outside, but we were very happy that day. At night we didn’t go home but stayed at the hotel and played more games.  Some of them were very difficult for me, like we had to take a number card and then one of us calls two number and he or she can tell the two people with that number card to do something she or he wants.  You don’t know what he or she wants you to do because they have many different ideas and maybe you don’t want to do it!  But it was a game, so everyone had to do the thing they were told to do.  If you were the person who can tell other people to do something, it is very interesting.  We also played other games, and when we finished them we were very hungry.  We needed someone to buy some food so we decided it with the game called “rock, paper, scissors.”  I was so luckily that I won the game!  We played all night and didn’t sleep.  

     It was a nice day for me and if we have the chance I want to have more parties like that.  It can help us not to forget each other.

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4 Responses to Christmas Day

  1. miyasaki313 says:

    Reading this made me feel that you had such a great time!
    I know it is hard to be apart from friends that you are really close to
    because I’ve been through the same experience!
    Being apart probably makes us feel how important the person is to us.
    So I hope that you get to see your friend soon!

  2. konominkirarin says:

    I thought is was a good story. 🙂
    I want to have an experience like this!

  3. sattoooon says:

    I wish I could spend a Christmas like this story!
    It reminded me of my friends overseas.
    Reading it, I could tell how much fun you had. 😀

  4. yukik69 says:

    I liked your story!
    This Christmas party sounds so fun.
    I hope you can meet your friends in China again!

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