First Night Club

I was excited. I dressed cool as possible. It was the first time I went to the night club. My older brother Gyaran took me there. The club was called Metro in Osaka and I had the image of hot chicks drunk and dancing on the floor so I thought I could get laid easily that night. But I was damn wrong.  When I got to the club there weren’t many hot chicks at all and most of them were with their damn boyfriends. God damn it why the hell did I even bring condoms for!? I exclaimed real loud in my broken heart.

I took some couple of drinks with my friends and watched those few hot chicks dancing on the floor with their stupid assholes. I thought I better go home because the music was getting so damn loud and those chicks were starting to make out, made me feel like a miserable loser. “Okay, that’s it. I’m outta here.” I walked toward the exit door to get out from that hellhole but when I grabbed the door, someone tapped my back.

 Surprisingly, it was a really, really hot girl. She was much shorter than me, but absolutely, HOT. “Are you the brother of Gyaran!?” She asked me with her sweet sexy smile. Because of her smile and her body were so attractive, I didn’t know what to answer. “Ah, yes, I am his younger brother.” I answered really slow and weakly. Her face was like a model and her body shape was like a bottle. “Do you wanna dance with me?” She asked me like an angel, but I was too busy watching her tight ass to answer properly. Then we danced, talked, had some drinks…

 After I got home, I was feeling really high and sh*t just like a hippie having a trip by drugs. What I learned from that day was that dancing with a stranger shouldn’t be much relieving, but if that stranger was a really hot chick, it would be damn fun.

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One Response to First Night Club

  1. dihskoji says:

    You had a very nice experience! Good luck finding a girl with a face like a model and body like a bottle.

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