Getting a New Phone Isn’t Easy For Me.

Getting a phone is not an easy thing for me. When I was in 5th grader, my parents figured I needed a cell phone. I really wanted a cell phone because I could keep contact with everyone by texting them and calling them. I also wanted a cell phone because you could use the internet and search about what you want to know. I thought holding a cell phone was very cool and something I needed.

The day I was planning to get my phone had come. I remember myself telling everyone that I was getting a new phone. I bet everyone found it very annoying. I had to go to prime school that day and I didn’t want to but I did as always and went back home.

I walked home fast from Matsuiyamate, the closest train station from my house. All I was thinking was about my new cell-phone.

I barged into my front door with a huge beautiful smile on my face and asked my mother to come with me to the store.

I went into the car and drove to the store with my mom. I saw the sign bright and shiny but no store. Only the shutter. The time was 8:30 and is said the store closes at 8. I cried and cried and cried.

I couldn’t wait a day. I was waiting for this day for several of months!! I blamed myself for going to prime school.

The next 24 hours were soooooo long. But, it was worth waiting.

The next day, I went to the shop and got my cell-phone.

I wanted on the day I wanted it though. lol


About takafofo

3-A-40 I am a student of Doshisha international high school. I have been living in America for 10 years. I played basketball.
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3 Responses to Getting a New Phone Isn’t Easy For Me.

  1. masaya2 says:

    Your idea about posting the pictures onto the blog is just so unique and good! Your writing is brilliant as well. I know exactly how you felt when you bought the phone because I bought an iPhone a few months ago as well. I coundn’t wait to get a new phone because the one that I had previously was a really old one that malfunctioned many times. We should be iPhone buddies and we should talk to each other through FaceTime or Skype or something.

  2. dihskoji says:

    Nice! I hope you’ll have a fun time with your cell phone .

  3. hey there. says:

    You went to the au shop to get your iPhone? lol

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