My Perspective

              My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding and I was breathing really hard. I walked down the hall quietly led by the teacher of my new home room. Everyone was looking my way, staring at me and whispering to each other about, me – at least, that’s what I thought.

              I was a new student that came to this school in the middle of eight grade. Most people were there from beginning of seventh grade and group of friends were already made up. When I first came, the teacher said, “You’ll do fine in this school. Everyone’s really nice. I bet you’ll get used to it in no time.” He actually said that with a big smile.

              “You’ll do fine”!? Looking at my situation right now, I wasn’t doing fine at all. I was sitting in the corner of the room all by myself doing nothing. About five minutes ago, I was standing in front of the room trying to introduce myself. As soon as I entered, the room became real quiet. I hated people staring at me, but I had to introduce myself with the best smile I could manage. “Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m from Georgia. Nice to meet you.” I thought I did great with the introduction, but I guess not because here I was, sitting with nobody around.

             When I was thinking that I might have to eat lunch all by myself today, I heard a voice talking to me from behind. I turned around and looked. It was Taylor from the next class. She said, “Hey! My name is Taylor, what’s your name?”

              “Hey. I’m Michelle.”

              I thought I did the same with my introduction in front of the class for her, but apparently, she didn’t like how I said it or maybe she didn’t like my smile. I don’t know, she just said “Oh.” And walked away. I guess my prediction was right. I had to eat lunch alone.

 –Two years later –

              “No! I wasn’t like that!”

              “Yes! You were! You were like, ‘I’m Michelle, got a problem with that’?”

              “That’s a wrong memory you’re thinking of.”

              Me and Taylor were arguing about who had the right memory of what happened two years ago.

              “It’s about me, I have it right!”

              “No! I have a great memory and remember what you said to me. I even remember how shocked I was.”

              Everyone was rolling their eyes listening to our conversation. This happens a lot that’s why. This fight is still going on right now because Taylor thinks she is always right. She talks about this incident to everyone she meets and be friends with. And I fight back to let everyone notice that she isn’t talking right, but it never really works for some reason.

              My memory flashes back.

              “Hey! I’m Taylor. What’s your name?”

              “Hi. I’m Michelle.”


              At this time, none of us knew that we would become best friends, arguing about this incident.

(If you would like to read more about Michelle and Taylor, click here. This story, you may have read already writes about the same story, except it’s the view from Taylor’s side. )


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my birthday is in March and I'm bilingual. i love to eat, sleep, and do sports:)
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6 Responses to My Perspective

  1. miyasaki313 says:

    I had the same experience of being the new kid like the girl in this.
    And I always talk about our first impressions when we get along and become really close so it was kind of like reading about myself so it was fun to read!
    I liked this a lot!

  2. misabali says:

    I really liked both Michelle’s and Taylor’s and thought that
    everyone has the same experience throughout their lives.

    I found it interesting how they think differently, or maybe
    it’s because every person sees things in their own point of view. 🙂

  3. churasa says:

    When I first came to Doshisha I was like this with my friend, too. And now I’m bestfriends with her ❤
    I was so surprised that this story and my life are connected. 🙂
    I liked this story very much!

  4. alyssa37 says:

    This is what everyone who has ever done tenkou has experienced, and it often happens that people have different memories about same time. I like it:)

  5. hey there. says:

    Your side of the story is interesting. It’s so different from mine.

    I liked the part about you worrying about being nervous being the new kid, because judging from your behavior on that day, you were nothing close to nervous.

    You seemed like you didn’t want me to be your friend.
    It’s funny how people can change.

    and P.S. I love you too ❤

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