Terrible Flight

              It was a sunny, but great for skiing day. Everyone outside were laughing their heads off enjoying their time of break from school and work. Though unfortunately, there was a girl and a dad, who weren’t having a great time at all.

I was crying really hard. My dad was apologizing beside me, trying to make me smile. To tell you what is happening here, we have to go back in time.

About a week ago, me, my little sister and my mom were at home eating dinner, waiting for my dad to come home. When he did, he announced us in a really delighted tone, “Let’s go skiing this weekend”! Since we had never gone skiing before, everyone was really overjoyed. Or maybe, it was just me that was.

I was singing a really stupid ski song and was dancing around the room. I made my parents by me a new pair of boots and skiing outfit. I actually wanted those ski boards as well, but that never happened. Days went on slowly when I wanted it to be this weekend fast. I checked the calendar many times and was ready to go. When the day came, I was too excited, I couldn’t sleep that night. I woke up earlier than my parents or my sister and swallowed my breakfast, pulling my dad, whose going to drive the car up to the ski place, to hurry up. They packed our suitcase and started the engine. Before we got to the cottage, my parents were exhausted because I don’t know how many times I asked them, “Are we there yet?” – Because of this, I learned not to ask anything while their driving a long way.

Once we got there, we changed into our ski outfit and rented the ski board. After we skied for a little, leaving my little sister, who were already uninterested in skiing and were trying to make a snow man, and my mom, me and my dad went to ski from a little higher level.

I was a little scared, but my dad held my hand, so I felt protected. At first, we started out very slow because I bet from around we probably sure didn’t look like we were enjoy skiing. To think now, I think it was a really stupid thing to ski with my dad who was a beginner to try the higher level because if I though deeply about it, I wouldn’t have gone and I wouldn’t have been in this terrible thing.

We were, going slowly, but as the slope goes down, our speed was getting faster and faster. At first, we were okay because people around us were making room for us, but the next thing I know, I was flying. With my ski board on my feet, stick and my dad holding my hand. I landed on the ground pretty hard from back first. Luckily, I didn’t get any bruises, but I cried really hard not knowing what happened.

Later on, I heard my dad explaining my mom that when we were skiing and as the speed got faster, he couldn’t keep control. Fortunately, people around us were making room for us, but this one guy slip and fell in front of us when we can’t stop or curve. Well, looking at that, what my dad decided to do was lift me up with his one hand while the other was trying to ski past the man. That was why I was flying instead of skiing. When I was little, I always dreamt of flying the sky someday, but I never knew that the dream will come true in this sort of way.

Then, when we got past the man, I was supposed to land on foot, but because I couldn’t keep my balance, I fell. And I was about six years old, what else could have I done? I just kept crying till no tears would come out anymore.

That, was the worst memory I ever had when skiing and learned not to try stuff if you’re not used to it and not to trust the person beside me, if that person is not good at it either.


About caramelcamel

my birthday is in March and I'm bilingual. i love to eat, sleep, and do sports:)
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