My d14 Ate My a8-Story

To read this story, you need to solve the crossword puzzle in the post “My d14 Ate My a8-Puzzle”. d stands for down, and a stands for across. For example, d14 stands for “down 14”. As you read along, insert the correct words to enjoy the whole story!

My d14 ate it.

My d14 ate it. I’m not joking. Don’t look at me like that.

I went home, and my d14 ate it. This is the only explanation I can give you.

Hey, you’re not believing me, are you? I’ll tell you what happened.

Yesterday, I went home from school. I washed my hands, and ate the chocolate a14 on the table. After brushing my d10, which is my daily routine after eating my snacks, I got out the a1 worksheet. Yeah, the one we’re talking about. And after that, the inevitable happened.

My d14, Benjamin, was roaming around the d12. He’s really vicious; he barks all the time, and his d10 are so sharp, we need to buy his chewing d3 once a week. Ben’s into-oh, we call him Ben all the time; I mean, Benjamin’s too long-I have no idea why my mom named him like that-and, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Ben’s into d4 these days. When you put the chew d3 in front of him, he’s like, “Arrgh!” and when you look at his eyes, it’s like flashing! Seriously! You know, like the d9 dogs you see at d3s “R” Us? I mean he looks just like-

What? Oh. a8. Of course.

So, I was working on it, when Ben barked at me. It’s kind of a sign. He wanted to play d4 with me. He’s such a vigorous little guy. Well, since I was nearly done with the worksheet, I decided to play with him a bit. I used the brand-new d2 I bought two days ago. You should really see how he moves! With his glaring eyes, he strikes at his opponent dangling in front of him. And he pulls. He pulls, I say! I almost always lose, but that day I wanted to win. I mean, hey, I’m the master; he’s the d14. Anyway I held the d5’s a13 really hard. Reeeaaally hard. I was sweating, and Ben was slobbering. We stayed like that for like two minutes, and since I was getting tired, I gathered all my strength inside me to perform the final pull.

And you know what happened when I did?

Oh my gosh it was so HILARLIOUS! T-The d5‘s a13-the a13– oh I can’t say it! -t-tore off. It was like, practically b-bea13ed! Imagine it! A bea13ed d2! Poor guy! Well I was hysterically laughing when I realized I was in the d7. No, not in a metaphoric way- I was literally flying. When I ripped off the d5’s a13, I flew right into the d12 I was doing my a8. You know how it works, right? When you’re pulling something with someone, and like when that guy lets go, you fly towards the space behind you, and, yeah. That kind of thing. You’re the teacher here, you get it, right? Anyway I hit the d12 really hard, and the worksheet floated off. I tried to catch it, but my back hurt too much-it still hurts, right here-and it landed right next to, yeah, Ben.

Who would have known that d14s do eat their masters’ a8? Before I could do anything about it, he bit my a8, savored it in his mouth and gulped it down. I don’t know what made him do so.

What was I supposed to do besides, like, sitting and watching my a8 being devoured? I never fed him a6 so I never knew he would eat a6. I mean what could you have done?

That’s all I’ve got to say to you, Mrs. Taylor. Yeah, even I didn’t think that I would actually be using the “My d14 ate my a8” excuse.

Now can I go home?



Mom called?

My a8 was on the-d12?

No, Mrs. Taylor, believe me it’s already-







About Milly

A 15 year old Japanese girl. Has an affection towards cheese, drawing, and The Bartimaeus Trilogy.
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2 Responses to My d14 Ate My a8-Story

  1. onofan24 says:

    For some reason I couldn’t help but to laugh at your profile.
    “Has an affection towards cheese” LOL

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