Our All-star Team (Defense)



  1. Clay Matthews

He is an athlete that can do a lot of positions. In his team he plays outside Linebacker but plays like a defense lineman too. He has the power to tackle the running back so hard that he makes them fumble the ball. This guy was a superman this year.

  1. Ray Lewis

Veteran Ray Lewis is a great player he is very strong which stops all the inside runs and the middle zone passes. Any team would hate to have this guy on the opponent team. Not just his plays, he has the leadership that is relied from a lot of people in the NFL.

  1. Brain Urlacher

    This guy is also a veteran. He is a big player that stands up in big games. That’s all I got say.

  1. DeMarcus Ware 

Ware is considered the best 3-4(a type of Defensive formation) outside linebacker and has been described as “the most dynamic defender in the league right now”.

Defensive line, Defense backs; we chose them out from watching video.


  1. Dwight Freeny 

2. Vince Wilfork

3. Julius Peppers


1. Charles Woodson

2. Adrian Wilson

3. Ed Reed

4. Nnamdi Asomugha

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