Our All-Star Team (Offense)


  1. Michael Vick

 We chose him because even though he has had some troubles in the past, he is still a dominant player and he is very fun to watch. He is the fastest quarterback I have ever seen. His ability to avoid pass rushers and pass/scramble is outstanding.

  1. Tom Brady

I think Tom Brady is “the Elite Quarterback”. He and the Patriots have been a dominant team for the past decade. He suffered an injury 2 years ago but the next season he came back healthy. He was named come-back player of the year. He is a super passer.


  1. LeRon McClain

We chose LeRon McClain as the number one fullback because he is a nasty blocker and he can also run the ball effectively. He can also play tailback witch means he has great athleticism.

Tight end

  1. Antonio Gates

Antonio Gates was an easy decision. He is a star player and is one of Phillip Rivers’ favorite targets. He produces receiving yards and touchdowns like a wide receiver.


  1. Maurice Jones-Drew

We chose Maurice because he is not like other tailbacks. He is pretty small in height. But it doesn’t matter to him. He has the weight to go threw big tacklers. He has the power to not fall down and has the speed to go fast to the end zone.

  1. Chris Johnson

This guy is a speed star not just in the team, in NFL. He is so fast no one can catch him once he gets in the open. He is also very good on one on one. He can take out anyone.

Wide Receiver

  1. Brandon Lloyd

 He has superb hands and his body balance is so good he can catch any ball. His 2010 season was amazing. He led the NFL with receiving yards with 1,448 yards.

  1. Larry Fitzgerald

 Although he didn’t have a great 2010 season, half of the reason is because of the quarterback problems in Arizona. He is a beast, enough said.

  1. Chad Ochocinco

He is a crazy guy and he loves to entertain the fans. But he is also a good player. His touchdown performances are genius.

  1. Roddy White 

He had a fantastic 2010 season leading the NFC in receptions and receiving yards. His Hot-line with Matt Ryan was unstoppable.

Offensive Line

We Chose the offensive line from the pro-bowls and research.

Center: Nick Mangold

Right Guard: Jahri Evans

Left Guard: Steve Hutchinson

Right Tackle: Jordan Gross

Left Tackle: Joe Thomas


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