A Friendship Made by a Grasshopper

        “Stop doing that,” I said to him. He didn’t stop dusting sands at the grasshopper. “Hey, I just told you! Stop doing that!” He didn’t even look at me. So I kicked him. That was the first contact with him.

        The new term had started. We, Dubai Japanese School, welcomed new families. Our school was getting bigger and bigger every term recently. When I came to this school, which was six years ago, this school was half the size than now. Now we had at least 100 families. We had maybe ten newcomers this time. In those newcomers, I found a boy whose age was close to me. I watched him. I gazed at him to learn about him. I could know easily that he was a sportsman by looked just one time. His points didn’t go down in my mind. How about his personality or some other things? I paid attention to his self-introduction. From it, I would have known his name, hobby, what sport he liked, where he’s from, and so on. He started his self-introduction in front of us.

        “Hello.” I was so surprised from that one word, because he spoke in a gargle. He spoke in a voice a lot lower than me.

        “I came from Osaka, Japan.” Osaka!?! Yes!!!!! I had no friends who came from Osaka like me. Everyone around me came from, Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya, but not Osaka. This was good news for me. His points go up in my mind. He continued his introduction.  

        “I like fishing and I have been playing baseball in Japan. Nice to meet you.” Fishing! Baseball! So do I! I shouted in my mind. He would become a good friend of mine in the future, I thought.

        I didn’t have an opportunity to talk with him that day. I heard from my friend that he is not a bad person. I wanted to become his friend. But I found the situation he was trying to kill the grasshopper, and since then, I started to hate him.

        But we became friends. I forget how. But we stayed as friends until I returned to Japan. We went fishing together, we played baseball together, I stayed at his house, he stayed at my house, and I ate noodle at his house. We went swimming together, we went to the game center together. Just three months, just three months I could make really nice memories. I gave my mobile phone to him when I leave Dubai. I was so sad to leave Dubai, and also so sad to part from him. I had to leave Dubai.

        I met him in Japan two years after I left Dubai. I met with him at Doshisha International High School. He made an entrance into Doshisha this year. I said to him,

        “Welcome to Doshisha, Nakai. Long time no see.”

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6 Responses to A Friendship Made by a Grasshopper

  1. konominkirarin says:

    It was a cute story. 🙂
    I thought it has a good ending!

  2. konominkirarin says:

    I thought it was heart warming. 🙂
    It’s a really nice story!

  3. peacharoma says:

    It is interesting how you named this story .
    I think the title was the most important part when you write the story because many people decide whether they going to read it or not.
    I was attracted by the word “Grasshopper”in the title and I was intrested in reading the story.
    What you wrote was clear and I enjoyed the story very much.
    Thank you!!

  4. konominkirarin says:

    I thought it was a heart warming story. 😀
    I understand how it is with the friendships you had when you were little. 🙂
    It must be great that you got to meet him again!

  5. churasa says:

    This story is awesome. 🙂
    I liked it!!!

  6. dreaminventor says:

    Wow! It’s good to have someone you can share your experiences with!
    I could see lots of emotional feelings from your writing XD
    And the title!! It caught my eyes immediately!


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