Amy’s Real Match

“Hey wait!” shouted Amy.

The bus had already left her and drove away without noticing her.

“Oh man! How am I going to get to tennis court since I have an important tennis tournament today!” she sighed out loud.

Today on the 24th April, there is tennis tournament and Amy who made it through to the championship match. But making a mistake as usual, she forgot to set the alarm clock and couldn’t wake up in the morning. So she ended up missing the bus to get to the tennis court.

“What if I have to forfeit the match because I’m late at the match” Amy thought sadly.

For this championship match, Amy was working so hard on tennis to be the winner. She even chipped away at her time to for school work. Amy is a strong tennis player. Everyone says that she will probably win the tournament.

She started playing tennis since she got in kindergarten to play. Now she is in the junior high school tennis club and practicing hard for today’s championship match. On a tennis court, she is always active and concentrates on tennis. But when it comes to life outside the tennis court she can be lazy and makes easy mistakes like today missing the bus on this important day for her. Since she couldn’t be on the bus, she decided to wait for another bus. But time was running out. In an hour the match will begin and the next bus won’t make it in time, so she thought of another way to the get to tennis court. What came up in her mind was an easy idea. JUST run to the tennis court. However this silly idea didn’t last forever. No matter how much higher her energy is than other people is, she got out of breath after running for about twenty minutes with a heavy tennis bag on her back. She bent her knees rested her hands on them, trying to catch her breath. But when she stopped, her eyes caught the mirror which stood right next to her.

“That’s it!!” she shouted out to herself with a surprised expression on her face.

On the mirror, there was a taxi on it and when she turned her face to opposite way, luckily there was a taxi and nobody was in it. So she caught a taxi and jumped into it.

“Please go to Taiyou-gaoka tennis court! Hurry!” Amy ordered to taxi driver. Then taxi moved.

“Why didn’t I think about taxi about before a bus?” Amy said to herself with wry smile on her face. When the taxi arrived at Taiyou_gaoka tennis court, Amy jumped out from the taxi and ran as fast as she could to information center for make an attendance.

“Amy! Hurry up! In five minutes you’ll be disqualified for coming late” Amy’s best friend Julia shouted out.

To Amy, she didn’t know what she was saying because of far distance between Amy and Julia. But Amy ran toward to Julian and said

“Hey everyone! Guess I made it in time!” said Amy with laughing.

“It’s not hey everyone! And stop laughing. In five minutes you’ll be disqualified. So hurry up to the information desk to make an attendance.” Julia warned her.

“Ok thanks! Just hold my tennis bag for me and spot an area for everyone to gather up” Amy said.

“We already did that. Anyway hurry up to the information desk.” Julia warned again.

“Really!? Ok I’ll be back in few minutes!” replied Amy.

She ran as fast as she could to information desk.

“Amy Houston, number 635” Amy said to information guide person.

“Ok Amy, today you were safe in time for an attendance, but please come earlier next time.”

Amy got another warning.

“Ok” Amy replied.

After she finished her check up. She stepped on the court where she always shines, with her tennis bag on her shoulder. There were almost a thousand people galleries.

“Ok this is it” Amy said in her mind.

Amy gripped her racket tight on her right hand with tennis ball in left hand. And looked straight at her opponent.

Her real match will begin from here.

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