Mail Delivery Fairy

Riley kept looking at the clear blue sky that spread forever in the space above her. She was just now thinking about how she could become more successful in the new job she started three months ago. Riley held up her right arm and tried to reach for the sky but she knew she couldn’t reach it because she didn’t have wings like her other friends who also work as a mail delivery fairy. She lives in a world where only fairies live, and it is very peaceful there. The houses that are shaped like mushrooms fill the whole area that Riley can see from the tree she is climbing. As a mail delivery fairy, Riley was slower than others and it was because she didn’t have the wings that she should have been born with. It was very abnormal, and she always felt complex because of that. However, she decided on becoming a deliverer, and she believed that she could do well like other fairies do, at least until now. Riley couldn’t decide whether she should change her job or not. She saw a fairy coming up to her and got off the tree.

“Hey, Riley! Can you deliver this letter to Honey Avenue?”

the head of the deliverers asked Riley for help and she waited for her to answer “Right away.” Riley thought for a minute about saying that she wants to quit, but before she could say a word, the chief handed her the letter and she said with an awfully scary smile, “Don’t let me down.”

Now that Riley had a job to finish, she sighed and grabbed her bright pink messenger bag. The only way for her to deliver was to run because there are no vehicles in the world of fairies. It is just too hard for her to run from one end of the town to the other, even though it is a small town that she is working for. Riley had always thanked the chief who hired her and that made her feel like she needed to work harder, but now, she cannot really get over the fact that she had no wings.

“It’s so not fair,” Riley mumbled and looked up at the sky. Then, a black shadow ran past her. It happened so sudden. It was the fairy, who was her rival. She came up to her and grabbed the letter Riley was holding.

“Well, you don’t seem like you want to work as a deliverer. I’ll deliver it for you so that you can just quit your job.”

She was also a slow deliverer but had wings, and she wanted to become a higher class deliverer.

“Give it back, Beth! I am going get fired if I can’t deliver it in time!”

Riley tried to grab the letter as Beth was trying to read the address, but Beth noticed and flew to the blue sky that Riley always wished to fly. Riley thought. What has she been wishing for that kept her thinking about quitting her job? Why was she now trying so hard to get the letter back if she wanted to quit a minute ago? She finally found the answer.


Riley yelled with all her might and looked up at Beth. Then, something unbelievable happened. A golden wing grew from Riley’s back.

“What? This can’t be happening!”

Beth gasped and before she knew it, Riley flew and took the letter from her hand. Riley couldn’t believe it herself. She didn’t know why it grew, but she had no time to lose.


After Riley delivered the letter, she found out that it happens once in thousand years that golden wings suddenly appear. Riley was so happy that she finally got what she wished for, but at the same time, she didn’t know if it was really her effort that made the wings appear. However, Riley knew to do one thing.


Later in the year, Riley was still working as a mail delivery fairy, but there was not a sight of her flying, only her running with her bright pink messenger bag on her shoulder. Looking at the clear blue sky, Riley had decided that she would live her life as the Riley she had always been.

“Well, it looks like a great new day!”

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