Just Like “Something” has Changed


The wind was blowing ferociously. The rain was falling like a waterfall. The noises which were coming into from the windows showed how strong the typhoon was. Today school was canceled because of this horrible weather. I had to kill time because there was nothing that I needed to do. All of the time was left free for me, so I decided to spend a calm and easy day. Sitting still for hours might look boring, but I did like it. I could do anything I wanted to do. I could stare at the rain drinking tea or just daydream, or I could read books. Listening to music made me feel good, too.

From the earphones my favorite song started. I started to hum along the song. The song was about dreams and wishes. It was about making your dreams true. The best part of the song came near, and I started to sing the lyrics. Oh, it felt awesome. However, as I sang I realized that the volume of the music was getting lower and lower. Then Poof! The song stopped.

“What the heck…? Huh? What happened? Why?” I muttered and asked myself. Did the earphone malfunction? “No, no. Don’t worry”, a voice echoed from somewhere. I don’t know why but, I did not surprise or perplex. I was incredibly calm for some reason. However, my body couldn’t move, even a bit. It was like I was being held by a giant and time was stopped.

“Hey, what will you wish if anything will come true?” the same voice echoed again in my brain. However, my head started to ache so badly that I couldn’t think anyone. I felt my sight going black too. The next thing I realized was that I was fainting away.

“What will you wish if anything will come true?” I remembered a the conversation I had with my friends the other day. I talked with my friends and looked for the best wish, but we weren’t able to find a perfect wish we could all agree on and convince that we all want it to come true. Even if we have a lot of wishes, it’s hard to pick only one. We have too many dreams, so it’s difficult to grant every single one. We usually forget about your wishes and dreams before we’re really able to have them granted.

In front of me, I found a great bright light shining and lighting me up. However, my body was the only thing which was lit by the light. Everything around me was dark black and made me feel anxious. The loneliness made me afraid, so I decided to walk to the light. My legs were heavy, but I couldn’t stand still. If I stood there forever, I think that I would die. When I was able to get to the light, I thought something might change. I walked and walked, but the light never came close to me. I felt something was empty in my heart because of this light, but I couldn’t figure out what that was.

I found myself lying on the sofa when I woke up. My head still ached, but it was a lot better. The earphone was still stuck in my ears and music was coming out of it. Was that a dream? No way, it was too realistic to be a dream. Then, what should I answer to the question? What should I wish? What was the light? Asking myself, I was reminded about the question I had been asked from somewhere. “What would you wish if anything will come true?” Maybe the light was be a symbol of “wishes”. Why? Of course, wishes are things which are hard to grant, like that light was hard and impossible to reach. And of course, you have to grant your wish by your own power, not being granted by some kind of big power like that light.

The rain was still severe outside. My favorite song started again. Did something happen? No, nothing has changed. It’s just a mysterious event meaning nothing.

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